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Stopped reading after he said about the raids being too hard its not a game for casual players you gotta find a bunch of regular players love the grind and accept that the rng wont hand you the gear like other games._.

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he was trying to cheat... He deserves no sympathy!

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Can't believe they did a big reveal for it at psx tho!

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street fighter but no fallout 3 or minecraft guess they got confused which gen the list was for

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from the comments on this I'm guessing some of you have never played or seen minecraft on pc... a sequal would only be worthwhile on console so I'm guessing texture/resource packs and mods will all come as dlc so if the sale goes down modders might be able to get some cash for their work I also don't see any way ms themselves will improve this game

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This would be the perfect multiplat machine! for the price of a new console game you can usually get the game and the season pass... but then theres ubisoft and ea games which use their own stuff on pc so not all multiplats. I was exited when these were first announced but kinda don't see a place for them

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rush was easier to do this on especially as i was on the older consoles with a lower player count 1st set def has the hilltop which normally has sniper friends to shoot in the face

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the class is fine its just the actual rifles! i go shotgun recon alot :D if people used carbines and stuck with thier squad putting down tugs and beacons rather than get virtual bed sores sitting on a hill in spawn it would be amazing!

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my favourie players are static snipers on conquest and the 500 point heroes who must think the flags have germs not moved to the new gen but ps3 patch didn't do too much still freezing and still getting killed by the 1 bullet headshot glitch still love the game tho

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mag was my favourite shooter this gen but the learning curve made it difficult for noobs! acq/dom were amazing and proxy chat needs to be added to all competitive game imo it deserves sequel no matter what the cod babies say... the hit detection clan setup and lobby system put most fps' to shame

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Screw this petty console war crap and think about what this could do... it could breed new tv channels or give all of us region free tv no more waiting streaming or torrenting shows! if there were a montly package with this and something like netflix there wouldn't be any reason to have cable (obvious downside is a reliable connection) will be interesting to see how it does

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don't know why they aint made black and white 3 and used kinect for the gestures

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go and have a look at gta and skrim mods on pc now that the consoles are a bit more beastly maybe were eventually get games looking like that ill be happy with a solid framerate tbh

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I'm guessing the controller speaker (if it even is one) will be used for certain sound effects like gun reloads or turning on a flashlight just little things like the weird little noises the original borderlands had if you played with a headset

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it'll probably go nowhere they've got to have a ton of stuff in their terms and services about it... on greenman gaming you can trade in certain digital downloaded games never understood how that works tho do they just reset the key or something?

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people get a case of the I wants new tech makes people a bit crazy so ps4 releasing first could be a good move I know thats why alotta my mates got the 360 cause it was out first

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if they've given it any thought there will be at least 2 options at launch with/without b/c but theres no know what the price difference would be...

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wtf did i just read pointless crap getting attention again...

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it could have a hadron collider inside without games it won't make a difference

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Theres tvs that run at 200hz but if your brain can tell its 200fps you might not be human

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