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Haven't had to turn it upside down yet like with my PS1. :) #8
@boodi - It's really fun once you get into it and level up a bit. #12
Shenmue 1 had a budget of approx $70 million, which is still much but was INSANE at the time.

Still think publishers should embrace his visions more. Shenmue 1 & 2 were groundbreaking and genre-defying games which moved things forward drastically. #5
I'm having really fun with it. It has the Volvo 242! :D

I just wish they had learned and skip the cinematic cut-scenes. It's some of the most horrible acting & writing I've ever come across. Everyone drinks Monster, says things like "bae", and the bro-fist count is over 9000. #5
I'm a PS4 only owner and I'd much rather have Forza 6 or Horizon 2 than Driveclub. How come? They are much more fun to play. Driveclub is a crap game with nice visuals. #30
Yes. You need to use the iDroid in order to utilize her skills efficiently. I usually set her to 'Scout' first then 'Attack' after she's done. #1.1
I doubt most of us have even finished 30% of the game yet. It's one of the most content packed games released this gen, and on top of that the completely free online component isn't even out yet.

In the other corner there's games, I mean schemes, like Destiny: The Taken King which are completely disgraceful. And you have the audacity to b*tch over some costumes after everything MGS 5 gave you in comparison? #1.1.3
Sounds like his issues are that there is too much variety and content in MGS5 for him to finish it quickly. Seems like the issues lie with him and not the game.

I for one appreciate that Kojima made a game that you are not supposed to be done with in a week or two, and look forward to spending months and months with it. For me it's not a problem to put it down for a while and play other titles inbetween, and then get back to it again.

And how can you say... #10
I've been following this closely and can't wait to play it! #2
So basically it is what we were promised when we bought the game, but didn't receive. And now they want us to pay full price again(!) to get what should have been there from the start. Bungie can take their 'vision' and shove it... #5
Should rename it Tween Hero. #3
It's more of a grind than Destiny, imo.

Also playing MGS V. Can't wait for the online component to release. #1.1.1
You still spend more time watching loading screens than actually playing the game. #1
Dat clickbait. #1
For me it's one of the best games I've ever played, and I've been gaming for almost 30 years. Not exaggerating either. I've completed 17% and it feels like I've just gotten started. Lots of incentives to replay story missions as well. And the online part isn't even released yet.

Kojima is a genius and the craftsmanship displayed in MGS 5 deserves all the praise it can get. #21
In this case it's factual evidence. ;) #1.1.2
Have you played MGS 5: The Phantom Pain? It looks way better than that. #1.1
Pro tip: Get MGS 5 instead. #1.2
Because click bait? #3
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