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Looks like they really pushed Unreal Engine 4. /s

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I'm not from the US but I find this SJW term intriguing. If an SJW is someone who is for social justice, then what is the opposite? A bigot who wants to revoke women's voting rights and reintroduce slavery? Lol.

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F*kn "game" journalists telling us how we do or should feel. No reason at all to worry about this.

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Trump 2016!

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Uncharted 4. It's the best game this gen and in a league of its own.

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Has anal been confirmed?

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Good for YOU!

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In the words of Donald Trump, "China".

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Looks awesome!

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Ok, I saw that they patched it yesterday so maybe it's fixed now.

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I played it for a couple of hours but didn't like it at all. Boring world, boring missions, boring combat. And although I agree graphics matter less in MMORPGs, the way this game performs is not acceptable on the PS4.

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Loved this game!

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No, it's a pretty new Panasonic.

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Bethesda are more and more starting to remind me of Capcom.

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Lots of irony in this one. :)

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If you prefer having 20 times less songs to choose from Pandora is great. :)

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Sure, you could do that. I just wish it either had all the functionality of the mobile or PC apps, or that it was built around being used as custom soundtracks. Like how it worked on the Xbox 360. That would be cool in GTA 5, for example.

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It's kind of useless to be honest. I use Spotify a lot in my mobile phone and PC and the PS version lacks a lot of the features you have there. It doesn't have a graphical equalizer either, so if you own a plasma TV the image will burn...

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I like the Shadow of the Beast theme better. Love the retro parallax graphics. And it's free!

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