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You must be joking? #1
It's brofficial. #2.2
Rage. Severely underrated title imo. Still hoping for a sequel. #1
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That's Crocodile Dundee, not jedi. Same same but. #4.2.1
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Weak list. I would put Floigan bros(DC) on there. That's a true hidden gem most people don't know about. #2
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Sonic Adventure has always been in 3D. This looks more like a continuation of the episodic Sonic 4 games. #4
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Judging from the beta it seems miles better. #4
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Yes. Badly. #6
From the demo on PSN it felt more like a 2/10 to me. It looks like an upscaled PS2 game and plays like crap. And this comes from someone who's been a huge Dynasty Warriors fan since the PS1 era. #1
They should revive the Xperia Play gaming mobile (see pic) and give it retractable analogue sticks that fold out when you open it. #48
Looks pretty good. Still not fully convinced about it though. #1
Oh ok. That's good to know. Thanks! #1.1.2
It's not free. If you own Dying Light you need to purchase the Season pass to get access to it. If not you can buy the standalone Enhanced edition which also includes Dying Light.

From what I've heard the expansion seems to offer as much or even more than the original title, so yes, probably worth it. I'll be getting it since I loved the original campaign. #1.1
It's shallow as f*ck...

Get BF4 instead if you haven't played it. Can be found for $10 and offers so much more. #2.1.1
The art direction and graphics are some of the most thought through and well executed I've ever seen. That alone is reason enough for me to get it, and all the Swedish easter eggs don't hurt either. :) #2
From what I've seen of this game my hopes aren't that high. Gameplay looked crap. #2
Same with Fallout 4. Incredibly boring box art that doesn't reflect the tone of the game at all. #3.2
Lol. Almost as bad as Fallout 4. #10
I have no idea. I love his games, and I loved Phil Fish's games as well. Even if he acts like an idiot he should get paid for his work. #3.1.1
Becuse they think the game is too good and are afraid the world will implode if Jonathan Blow gets to continue making games?

That and the fact that they are CHEAP, SELFISH A-HOLES. :) #3
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