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The PT demo in itself is the best horror game I've ever played. This is a f*cking disgrace. #2
One of the most sad cancellations ever if true. #4
Previews of this game will lead people to believe it will be an improvement over last year's iteration. Judging by history the likelihood of this is close to zero.

The rational thing to do would be to sit back and wait until 1-2 weeks after the game has been released to read user comments on how the game actually plays.

That's what I'm going to do. I haven't bought a COD game since Black Ops 1. #6
Probably nice for diehard racing fans, but I can't really see the fun in it.

Generally I find it hard to get interested in racing games that don't offer deeper ways to customize your cars looks and performance. I'm a sucker for when you can use the same car in different race classes by tuning it. Making it your own, kind of. #4
Didn't last year's COD also do all this? Reinvented = the exo suit. #8
My absolute favourite racing series. Can't wait for this to be announced! #7
Or Valiant Hearts, which is about WWI. #2.1
Heathen! Shadow of the beast is legendary. #15.1
Not to mention SOTB and Turrican have some of the most awesome soundtracks ever!


Turrican: #4.1.4
Give us the DLC instead. #2
That would be too smart for them. Like making a first person light saber game for the Wii or Kinect. #2.1
Because dem clicks... #3
#3 was disturbing as hell. #5
Nawww! #1
And even if you didn't like them they do not belong in a worst games list. #2.2
Why all the disagrees? It looks like sh*t. #3.1
Did he say it's crossbuy for PS3/PS4? Three games for the PS4 in that case. I think all of them look interesting. #18.1
The support for it wasn't what I was expecting. Bungie dropped the ball on a game that had wild potential.

I'm playing Bloodborne. #9
Woah Dave looks worse than #IDARB. I hope the rest of the games are better. #11
"While you're complaining about gameplay, why don't you actually list a problem with it that they should have addressed instead?"

The gameplay has been the same for the last 10 years. Last progressive fighting game I played was Bushido Blade 1+2 on the PS1. Since then the genre has stagnated and is more about boob physics than bringing something fresh to the table. #6.1.1
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