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Gravity_DoGG - The Racing setting won't be released until futher notice. xD

Had to, but man I want to give DriveClub a go. Might be able to try it out via SharePlay though. Awesome feature. #3.1.2
Steamworld Dig is a fantastic game. For those who haven't played it yet I highly recommend it. #13
You should. It's so much fun! Not as unforgiving as Dark Souls but definitely not easy. And the weapon and armor designs are incredible. Love the level design too. #1.1
I think it's more weird that there is a site called #1.3
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"The Graphics Suck."
"lighting is abyssmal"

To me the graphics are incredible in general, without even considering it's an open world game (which makes it even more incredible). In part due to the amazing lighting and use of incredibly smart use of colors throughout the world. Very sharp texture work as well. Did you miss the leaves in the "hiding spots"? Zoom in on them and tell me those are bad textures. :)

I'd... #1
My biggest fear is that it will be too difficult to be enjoyable. Besides this video I haven't seen many more of someone actually winning a race. I almost get frustrated just looking at the videos lol. And this is from a guy who's finished Dark Souls and thinks Shadow of Mordor is fairly easy. #9
Talk about tacky. Perhaps it's good compared to other J-Pop music? I don't know. Never understood why people listen to it. To me it sounds like some kind of overproduced 80's metal ballad, except the songwriting and execution is much worse. #4
Are you guys falling for their tricks again? They say the same thing every year in order to fool you into pre-ordering.

Their words should be meaningless by now. Judge the game for what it is when it comes out instead of buying into their PR talk. #7
The month? For me it will likely be the highlight of the coming 4-6 months judging from how good the beta was :) #2.1
What a bunch of dirty prostitutes. #6
Destroy my scrotum with a sledgehammer. Now. #2.1
Depends on the game and how well it's remade. I appreciate TLOU getting a facelift since I didn't play it the first time around. #2
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I played and actually enjoyed Ryse, but when it comes to graphics Infamous: Second Son is the game that should get the award.

Perhaps it got released too late to be nominated? #1.1.18
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@Palitera - Exactly how I feel. #1.2.2
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The digital version is much more expensive on PSN than the retail version. In Sweden at least. Digital is 709:- when retail is 549:-.

And you can't trade digital either. #1.2
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The Kinect is all but dropped so I don't get the value of getting it bundled? #2.2
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Because the Xbox One didn't deliver on my expectations and the PS4 did. I was a 360 only gamer last gen and very much appreciated the console. #23
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Xbox Two: Return of the Kinect. #6.4
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A straight to DVD movie lol. #4
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Tekken. Not Taken. #2.1
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