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ND & Guerilla have a shared patent for sorcery, so it's all in order.

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I waited 3 weeks and got Watchdogs 2 for £19.99.

Bought For Honor full price day 1 and got a great game with greatly broken matchmaking. :D

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Or just make Forza Motorsport of War, followed by the more arcadey spin-off Gears of Horizon.

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This must mean that the game is really short! NO BUY!!! /S

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Not chance. This is Nintendo.

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Imo It's deeper, more expansive and much more fun than classic fighting games.

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Warlord makes quick work of the Orochi, but their revenge boost can be way too quick sometimes. I tend to have most trouble with the Shugoki (fatty). I play the Warden and the Warlord a lot.

I actually prefer modes like Dominion and Elimination because they require teamwork. Also, fighting 1 vs 2 (or 3) is awesome when you pull out the upset and win. It requires a different approach than Duel for sure, but it still requires skill.

Try taking a break with ...

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A lot of their games suck but I enjoy For Honor and Watchdogs 2. And the Rayman games of course.

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Unlike the rest of you (assuming by your comments) I actually played the alpha and both betas and this game has been amazing from the get-go.

Been playing it nonstop since tuesday and imo it could very well be the best online game this gen. It's incredibly deep and rewarding and it takes lots of time to master each class. I'm glad Ubisoft didn't compromise with this title. They really nailed it this time and I recommend people giving it a try, even if it takes s...

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I bought this cheap. Great game and seems sadly overlooked.

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Halo, Forza, Gears, vomit.

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I have Glacier White...stains on my pants after seeing this!

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Buy it in store, stupid. Buying games that aren't on sale digitally is retarded.

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Unlike Battlefront this game requires lots of skill to be successful, and it's much more rewarding to put hours into.

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Playing it right now and so far the campaign is fantastic, and has lots of replay value. There are tons of stuff to unlock in SP by replaying on harder difficulties, and there's also co-op.

I would buy it just based on my experiences with the multiplayer but the sp campaign is icing on an already tasty cake. :)

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Came here to watch paint dry. 100% satisfied.

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"So, with them being a little behind on current gaming"

They're obviously a little behind in more ways than that...huehuehue.

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Good pick. I have one myself.

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I really liked it. Above all it was tons of FUN to play. Especially in coop but I also enjoyed it in SP. Love the open world they've created, and the many different mission types were good also.

I liked The Division until the end game and Wildlands feels kinda similar but much more diverse and fleshed out imo.

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No, since I've already played it to death. I'd rather buy games that I haven't played.

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