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Destroy my scrotum with a sledgehammer. Now. #2.1
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Depends on the game and how well it's remade. I appreciate TLOU getting a facelift since I didn't play it the first time around. #2
I played and actually enjoyed Ryse, but when it comes to graphics Infamous: Second Son is the game that should get the award.

Perhaps it got released too late to be nominated? #1.1.18
@Palitera - Exactly how I feel. #1.2.2
The digital version is much more expensive on PSN than the retail version. In Sweden at least. Digital is 709:- when retail is 549:-.

And you can't trade digital either. #1.2
The Kinect is all but dropped so I don't get the value of getting it bundled? #2.2
Because the Xbox One didn't deliver on my expectations and the PS4 did. I was a 360 only gamer last gen and very much appreciated the console. #23
Xbox Two: Return of the Kinect. #6.4
A straight to DVD movie lol. #4
Tekken. Not Taken. #2.1
Yeah. I remember Fatal Frame also. That one made me jump! :) #1.1.2
Have you tried Outlast? #1.1
Exactly! That's one of the reasons I took vacation during July. Can't wait! #10.1
I liked the idea of Homefront where they make up a fictional, yet somewhat believable scenario. The execution was flawed but I'd love to see more games using fictive war settings. #5
It was a test to see our reaction. They are trying to get us used to the idea of paying for demos. #4
EA UFC has women. Rhonda Rousey is one of it's biggest stars. Why not include that in the article? #15
The Godfather part 2 and Mafia 2 would be in my top 10 spots. Along with the original Mercenaries and Red Faction Guerrilla. #11
In 7-10 years perhaps. #11
Publishers look to fill slots in the market window. It doesn't matter how good the games are, for example if there are 4 military FPS games releasing in 2014 it makes it hard for them to publish a 5th. They need to secure investments in order not to keep their jobs.

All in all I'm happy that we're seeing such a boom in indie games currently. Scorn looks awesome and I hope they find a way to prove the publishers wrong :) #2.4
I'm all for diversity in video games, as well as in real life. #5
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