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Bury them in the desert? ;D

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Right behind Nier: Automata. That soundtrack is untouchable.

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I like the premise of it a lot but the gameplay I've seen looked kind of sketchy.

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We need a remaster of this excellent game!

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Loco Roco 2!

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The One X is gonna bomb hard.

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Not in capitalist U.S.A. where nickle & dimeing citizens is a sport. Unlimited bandwidth would be considered as crazy as free health care. Communism!

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Destroying their competitors would be a loss for them business wise.

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Looks like I just stepped into a filter bubble. Nevermind me guys, keep focusing your hate at that liberal 'threat' that is only real in your heads. Us against them, being played instead of looking up. It's what they want you to do.

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They're basically like gingers with aspergers.

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Getting a bit OT, please stay on the scene.

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Perhaps it was the CGI sequence he was thanking them for lol.

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Then why the hell was Michel Ancel on stage thanking his team etc? Crazy stuff...

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No one really cares is the game is good.

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They didn't even demo GT Sport.

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This won't sit well with the neo-conservative "God hates fags" N4G community.

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No worries, this will be followed up by a "Stone the women" event to 'spread more hate and ignorance', for the sake of balance.

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There are females driving cars in the game, whilst speaking.

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Yes, they mostly don't do well outside of Japan.

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Wouldn't mind seeing as NFS and The Crew aren't exactly stiff competition. Only Forza Horizon does open world arcade style racing right imo. The PS4 needs a good open world racing game.

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