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@Jmanzare - *retarded*...... #1.1.7
@Lenns - Sorry. I kind of did since actual remakes are few and far between these days. :)

@KryptoniteTail - Exactly. It's those kind of re-releases I'm getting sick of. I bought TLOU though, and will be buying the Uncharted Trilogy. But that's only because I didn't play them last gen. Only owned a 360. #5.1.3
Cause what we need are more remakes... #5.1
Good point! What I was getting at is that if I wasn't deterred by it in an F2P game I hopefully will be ok with it in a full priced retail game. I'm hoping to be able to play MGS 5 for a long long time to come.

Overall I think the whole microtransaction thing, and most DLC as well, is a pitiful practice. Remember when it was called expansions and actually expanded the games content instead of cutting it out? :)

To give credit though, MGS 5 seems to be... #3.1.1
...but you do need fake money, which cost real money to buy.

Jokes aside, I'm not that worried about this. I intend to put way too many hours into it anyways. And unless it's a complete grindfest unless you buy "accelerators" then I'll probably be fine with it.

Played WarFrame a lot and had no big issues with the microtransactions there so. #3
COD especially doesn't need much of anything at all to get high scores. "New cover art! 10/10!"... #2.1.2
I really enjoyed The Order. Really good game and imo the best looking game ever created thus far. #1
Fair enough. But it shouldn't retail for $39.99. Kinda steep imo. #13.2.1
I didn't have high expectations for this game, to be honest. Was expecting lots of 6's and 7's. I hope the positive trend so far keeps delivering.

Will definitely give it a go anyhow. Big fan of horror and horror games so for me it's a no brainer. #8
Someone at NeoGaf described it as a mix between Resident Evil and Heavy Rain. #7.5
Storywise yes, but the co-op in Gears 3 was really good. I especially loved the Horde mode 2.0.

I just think it would make more sense to release it as a trilogy. #13.1.1
Dem graffiks... :o #4
Why didn't they make a trilogy of it instead? #13
Give it at least 50 minutes and do it properly. I have no idea who these ADD games media outlets nowadays cater to.

Anyways, 1 more week then BOOM! #4
Because she speaks too fast... #3.1.1
I've lived in Dublin. Still didn't get it lol. #4.2.1
Lol! She's reaching Busta Rhymes and Twista levels in that video. #5.1
Such a waste of a good video article. I wonder what they were thinking? #4.1
Well...that was unbearable to watch.

Here's an ADD free version of the MGS story: #3
Thanks! Will give it another go in the weekend. There was an update recently so want to check that out. #5.1.1
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