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Zero_Suit_Samus - The graphics are horrible. The skybox is the worst I've seen this gen. And the controls are clunky and unintuitive. Why didn't they just copy Dragon's Dogma more? It had much better controls.

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Lol. Why the downvotes?

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Horizon Zero Dawn was probably also pretty costly to develop. And GT Sport, considering how many years it took to get released.

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Didn't see your comment. :D :D

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It's just PR b*llsh*t. Their agents instruct them to tell the media that they are "hardcore gamers" and namedrop a few games like COD or whatnot, in order to give neckbeards and basement dwellers a boner.

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You should. It's really really good. Much better than the first one and one of my favourite games from last gen.

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Microtransactions wasn't a big problem before. The grind was far more fair than games like Destiny 2 etc. These fixes make the MTA's and the 'roulette wheel' for parts redundant. Now you make tons of money real easy and the parts you buy are better than the ones you spin for. One of the most underrated games this gen alongside Mad Max and a couple of others.

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@BLow - It kind of blows my mind that IGN gave NFS Payback a 5.9/10 and then gave Sonic Forces a 6.9/10 - a game that a lot of other reviewers say is a broken mess. They nitpicked the hell out of the story and the MTs and hardly even mentioned the awesome driving physics, open world or wealth of customization options. The story races are just there to progress you through the game and open up more races, cars, events etc.

I just wish more people "looking for the old NF...

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What is an Underground approach? Payback lets you tune and customize cars like the 2000' Civic Type R until they are barely recognizable and drift through tight city streets like a maniac. But I guess that's nothing like the old Underground games...

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This is like a mix of Underground, Paradise and Forza Horizon. The customization is way better as well.

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@USMC_POLICE - You sound like someone who's actually played it, like myself. The driving mechanics are incredibly tight and the drifting is probably the best to date, for any racing game. Severely underrated title that is tons of fun to play and incredibly hard to put down. The speed card spins are just one way out of many to level up and in no way game breaking as in SWBF 2.

My only issue with it so far is that the AI difficulty sometimes feels random, from incredibly ...

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They were all pretty weak and forgettable characters imo. The fake italian accent of Ezio was extremely cringeworthy.

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I'm having a blast with this game and don't understand the low scores it's been getting. Its RNG system is far from as bad as say Destiny 2. It's not game breaking by any stretch.

The story does not have huge impact on the game overall, it's just there to slowly open up more races and features. I don't get why the reviewers put so much focus on it. And the story races are actually quite entertaining.

The driving mechanics are some ...

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ACG is my go to guy for reviews. Always on point and goes into great detail while still being entertaining. Will be interesting to see what he thinks of SWBF 2.

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I feel sorry for the devs. The craftsmanship is always top notch with DICE. It's a shame they chose to go with EA as a publisher. It especially sucks when you know that there's a great game underneath all the shortsighted monetization design choices.

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Lootboxes? Check. Graphical downgrades? Check. Less features than the last game? Check.

This game looks to be a perfect 10, if you are IGN.

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Imo Forza Horizon 3 is more fun than PGR4 and Motorstorm ever were. NFS Payback looks fun also.

But yeah, everything that was then is better than now, right?

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I'm hoping for NFS Payback to satisfy some of that urge. Aside from the cringey story the racing and customization looks pretty good imo.

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Sucks. Hob is said to be a really good game, and Torchlight was great too.

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