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You guys are f*cking paranoid lol. Go out a little.

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Good point lol! And the switch comes with a loading dock. A dock! That's unheard of in Apple territory.

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Nintendo taking cues from Apple...

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Watch dogs 2 is their crown jewel though. It has an amazing open world with tons of secrets and diverse activities.

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I actually prefer shaders being limited drops and the fact that you can combine them with different weapons and armor pieces. People bitch about anything these days.

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Exactly. Not many studios will put the same amount of resources into face capturing as L.A. Noire.

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Exactly! And the quality of that content.

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Destiny 2 is such a huge improvement over the first one. People that don't give it a chance are missing out. Amazing game, and hats off to Bungie.

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I don't know what is most embarrassing, this guy's lack of knowledge regarding his line of work or the people who pay him to be a gaming journalist?

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Unless it's COD, then it's shorter than half of that.

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Anything else would be communism!

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I know, right?

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Not a fair comparison. That's like demanding game journalists to be good at programming. But just like food or movie critics they need to have some knowledge about the craft.

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Should car reviewers be able to drive with a stick?

It kind of goes with the territory, if you write about games it's fair to assume you also play games. You don't need to be a pro gamer of course, nor do you need to be a pro racing driver to review cars. Considering the people you write for generally know their way around a controller they would expect you do too. Or you just won't be taken seriously, and you don't deserve to be.

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@Gh05t - "The Ferrari 458 is the Dark Souls of cars."

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It's obvious that he doesn't know how to handle a controller, and you can see that his reflexes are way off compared to someone who actually plays games.

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It's like reviewing a car without knowing how to drive properly.

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Their practice is disgusting any way you twist it.

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I'm not hating or anything, I was looking forward to it. But it just felt very uninspiring. You move between different areas through a corridor design with repetitive obstacles and fight enemies using bland combat mechanics. I hoped it would be more about platforming and that it would have more demanding obstacles than just beating the same enemies over and over. It felt empty.

I'd recommend everyone who hasn't played it to pick up Ratchet and Clank instead of t...

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Floigan Bros!

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