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It's been confirmed that you can turn off that effect. #2.2
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Either you have it or you don't. :p #7.1.1
They will deny it forever. #7
I found the game to be incredibly boring, with poor graphics, lots of bugs (it crashes) and just an overall cheap feeling to it. And I thought I would love it. #7
"...but we are getting close!" #4
I didn't know that it was people from the Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong games who were making this. That changes everything. #4.1.1
Yes, I thought both Portal 1&2 were fairly easy but struggled with Braid and The Swapper. Portal 2 was one of my favourite games of last gen. #3.1.2
Or on any platform really. But that wouldn't get as many clicks... #5
It's nice that they are making a Banjo Kazooie type platformer, but from what I've seen I don't think it looks very promising. Hope they prove me wrong. #4
Ezio? You mean Token Italian Guy, who speak-a like-a this-eh? lol. #2.1
Trevor in GTA 5 is one of the most interesting playable characters since I can remember.

Would be nice to have more anti-hero type of characters, with questionable morals etc. #5.1
I'm a PS4 owner only. If I had to choose one game I'd want from the Xbox One it would be Forza Horizon 2.

I like being able to customize the cars, and in my opinion the driving and AI in Forza games is the most fun around. And the career mode is great, especially in Horizon 2.

Driveclub and Project Cars don't do anything for me. Nice graphics but really boring gameplay. And Gran Turismo hasn't evolved since the PS2 days.

Also... #8
The puzzles in Portal were childish in comparison. I liked The Swapper but got stuck pretty quickly. It's really challenging. #3.1
My mother makes more than that. #1.1
PotatoCamâ„¢ #1.1.3
How about instead of apologizing and giving empty promises, sell the game at half the price to people (including myself) who bought Unity? #2
Ubivision. Or is it Actisoft? #26
If they were manufactured by Ford that would make sense. #10.1.1
Hey Ubisoft! Stop trying to milk the cow. It's been dead for years... #1.1.3
Indie game? I don't even... #4.2
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