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Woah Dave looks worse than #IDARB. I hope the rest of the games are better. #11
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"While you're complaining about gameplay, why don't you actually list a problem with it that they should have addressed instead?"

The gameplay has been the same for the last 10 years. Last progressive fighting game I played was Bushido Blade 1+2 on the PS1. Since then the genre has stagnated and is more about boob physics than bringing something fresh to the table. #6.1.1
I'm pretty sure Sony will announce big games that are coming out during the holiday season. We haven't even had E3 yet. #10
Look at those crappy visuals. The devs should focus more on gameplay than catering to the deranged pervs who are into underaged school girls etc. Pathetic really. #6
Infamous Second Son is what made me buy a PS4. #1.1.4
To be fair Ori and the blind forest garnered similar scores. Two great exclusives that people should be happy about. #6.3
Wrong post. Supposed to reply further up.

I'll just use this to say BLOODBORNE BABY YEAH!!! #13
I think it would've helped if they had released the free trial version at launch, and set a lower upgrade price for PS+ members. #12
F*ck UE4 and CryEngine, SquareEnix shows how it's done! Most epic thing that's come out of this gen so far. #2.3
A life insurance? #1
Because you have given up on developers and lack imagination? #8
Very long and rewarding missions. At the later stages alarming the enemies and having to run away and then back again becomes somewhat tedious, but overall it's a great game worth checking out. #1.2
"I was thinking about selling my PS4 because this isometric cops and robbers game is so unbelievably good."

Give Helldivers a look before you decide. ;) #1.1.2
Former Creative director of Kinect. He did a horrible job at that. It had huge potential that was not realized by devs at all. #6
I spent lots of time with Warframe when I first got my PS4, and once you get an understanding of how it works, and upgrade a couple of warframes and weapons it is incredible.

I still enjoy Destiny but I agree with schn0dd3r that Warframe is better in every way. And free. #14.2
Or make new games that are better? #16
I remember both of them as well. Very original, and graphical marvels of their time (when released on PC). The second game was even weirder, but also very fun. #1.1
This is one of my hidden gems of last gen. I loved the gameplay (takedowns feel incredibly rewarding) and I thought the level design was great as well. The mixed in driving levels also felt refreshing and fun.

For when it was working the multiplayer was really good as well.

I would urge anyone with a PS3 or 360 to give it a go. #1
Is racism the same as satire? I don't get the article. #8
Probably one of few who know about some of these but here goes:

Bushido Blade
Poy Poy
Legacy of Kain
Second Sight #7
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