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This is one of my hidden gems of last gen. I loved the gameplay (takedowns feel incredibly rewarding) and I thought the level design was great as well. The mixed in driving levels also felt refreshing and fun.

For when it was working the multiplayer was really good as well.

I would urge anyone with a PS3 or 360 to give it a go. #1
Is racism the same as satire? I don't get the article. #8
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Probably one of few who know about some of these but here goes:

Bushido Blade
Poy Poy
Legacy of Kain
Second Sight #7
Yes, sorry. I meant to write the Nightfall strikes.

If it's a co-op type Horde mode that sounds awesome. #4.1.1
White Night has my attention! As well as Zombie Army Trilogy. Lol. #8
Add a Horde mode to Crucible.

Add match-making to Weekly heroic strikes.

But yeah, I agree with Eajanaika above. It needs a complete overhaul. #4
Warframe and World of Tanks imo. #1
lol. #4.1
Ph4nTuM 4-eva bro! #2.1
Dear Bungie, please introduce more EVERYTHING in Destiny. #7
1/5 is something given to games that are practically unplayable. The Order isn't in that category. #7
I would add 007: Bloodstone to the list. That game was criminally underrated. #3
I was hoping for more events than ONLY Iron Banner. They had the Queens Wrath close to launch but since then haven't had any new events. Sucks. #2
As long as it's a nice experience I'm fine with that. It's not an MMORPG, and I wouldn't want it to be either. #1.9.1
This is getting a bit old, don't you think? #2
I wish they could focus more on how the game plays and what you get to experience, instead of speculating about its length.

This is one of the few games I've ever pre-ordered, and I still can't wait to play it. It looks like Ready At Dawn really poured their souls into making this game and it feels kind of shitty that this is the way the media repays them. #7
I remember when Alan Wake was bashed for not being open-world. It's one of my favourite games of last gen. #2.3
Who are you to decide? Write something worth reading instead of this do this/do that garbage. #7
Swedish beast car. A work of art. #1
The classic conquest mode is in the beta.

The map they give you feels a bit cramped compared to prior games, but it is there nonetheless. #4.1
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