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I want some deets on multiplayer...

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Since when did new engine = next generation graphics? New engine on CURRENT GEN consoles, this a current gen game optimized specifically to run best on current gen because that is where the market is. No one wants to play with the million player user base (or however many units it'll sell in the first month) of the Xbox One come November; its all about the 70 million 360s out there. New engines aren't just about the technical graphics, they deal with a multitude of other technical fea...

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There is no experience quite like the Call of Duty experience, it starts with the speculation about the next one, the rumors, the announcement, the reveal, the leaks, the massive marketing campaigns, the preorder bonuses, midnight launches, the major connectivity issues during the first couple weeks, the race through the prestiges etc. Whatever good and bad has come from it, its an unmatched phenomenon that should be enjoyed if you're into it. Or u can avoid it altogether but regurgitatin...

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Did anyone else really see the trailer, its literally BF3 with graphics that are marginally better. Thats it lads, so although BF3 took a small portion of COD, the fact of the matter remains there is still nothing that even remotely comes close to taking CODs beaten up/milked down crown. And of course we're taking strictly sales, who enjoys what is strictly objective.

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Looks sweet!

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This video could have been done better using some of the original soundtrack instead of heavy electronic music. Nevertheless, one of the greatest franchises out there.

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It means the merchandise ties into the the game which will finally has a release date...on the PS4. Its inevitable now.

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I wouldn't called the game overhyped, I mean the game is ridiculously ambitious so naturally the hype is going to be through the roof. MMO/FPS on consoles, made by one of the greatest developers, a game that will be supported over the course of 10 years, its all a massive undertaking.

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I wouldn't called the game overhyped, I mean the game is ridiculously ambitious so naturally the hype is going to be through the roof. MMO/FPS on consoles, made by one of the greatest developers, a game that will be supported over the course of 10 years, it all a massive undertaking.

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This is one of those ideas that sounded great on paper but doesn't translate well from a replay value perspective. I can't see this game being successful in today's gaming industry.

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Crysis always feels like a game without a soul, an achievement in the technical graphics part but something always feels terribly bland and boring about the franchise.

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Some of mine:

MGS4 Microwave hallway sequence
MGS4 the return to Shadow Moses Island
MGS4 Raiden vs Vamp
Uncharted 2 the train sequence
Uncharted 2 the Nepal and helicopter/tank attack
Uncharted 3 the plane sequence
Dragon Age: Origins the ending choice
Elder Scrolls V: Skryim's stunning atmosphere and detail
COD4 the nuke sequence
COD4 assassination mission
COD: MW2 No Russian mission

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You are not an investor if you BUY the Playstation 4, you are simply a consumer/customer. Investors tend to INVEST in the company rather than their products. Secondly, I'd like to know based on what do you assume the PS4 will in any shape or form follow the Dreamcast?

Sony-although struggling mightily-remains a giant in electronics. Playstation regardless of it breaking even so late in the cycle is a cash cow for Sony considering its life cycle.

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can someone post to what he is responding too?

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Number 1 is disturbing as hell, but personally the one that had the most profound effect on me was the return to the ishimura. You enter that godforsaken ship knowing full well what went down in Dead Space 1; the whole moment is setup with anticipation as you enter the ship and then....nothing. For the next 10 minutes as you walk through that ship, nothing pops out, no one tries to kill you, nothing happens...and that precisely is whats so brilliant about that moment. The tension created by y...

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It's like blaming Hot Wheels for vehicular accidents and mishaps.

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Naturally a $300 graphics card has its perks. But rest assured, a stable 30 fps on a ps3 or 360 is more than enough to enjoy DmC.

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My main problem with this game: the checkered floors, they are awful. Jokes aside, I don't know why Square Enix is adamant on shoving a one dimensional character like Lightening and her solo narrative that will most likely lack any kind of consistency or depth down our throats. I thought XIII-2 was damage control, it might turn out that they're moving towards a trilogy.

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In North America? Are you serious? That would be awesome!

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If you pass judgement on a game based on how much it sells....well then I don't know what to say to that.

But if you want the game to fail in the sales department because you don't like the direction that NT took, that is a respectable opinion, minus the fact you want a great game to fail.

The game is good, in fact, I'm going to be brave here and say it's actually faithful to what DMC is. You see there is a consensus, not just among the publi...

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