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You talk from ignorance, say what you will, "you have played it" you will say now, blahblahblah, you just barely saw it in a friends house, and probably even immaturely mocked him.

Heavy Rain is a TRUE game in its own right.Period.

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Yes they are./jk

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Is your avatar supposed to be laughing?, or is that a man with his anus full of kinect devices?

on topic:

gran tursimo? really?

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Refresh rate from plasmas means squat.Their best advantage for videogaming is their response time, always inferior to 1ms and its greater contrast ratio, apart from that they are power hungry, generate heat, and are way more fragile (and dangerous if broken) than leds.

600Hz just means that there are more false subfields being created to smooth the image, since no image is recorded at that frame rate, by the way.

100-200Hz is just fine for us humans, you plas...

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It is a custom UFS2(Unix based), HEAVILY encrypted

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Whatever floats your boat guys, call it X-FS for all I care; is a FS compatible with FAT32 and that's that, bigger archives are in several packets.

I may be wrong, then again, I would love to hear what is the nearest FS relatable/compatible to the custom FS of PS3.

It sure is not NTFS of course, perhaps ExFat?

Enlighten me, really, not trying to be a moron here.

Edit: Perhaps it's only removable devices the ones that ...

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Your PSU may be in danger even when you may not have a problem ever which I wish, no trolling here, please believe me.

guys, please, do not go over 5400rpm for the PS3 HDD, it MAY cause decrease of lifespan, using an euphemism.

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of course it would benefit, main problem is, PS3's filesystem is FAT32, not very appropriate for an SSD.

Thing is, choose very wisely your SSD, and improvements will be much more dramatic than this video shows.

Main improvements are:

-Mainly in reading data, not so much for writing

-Dramatic decrease of temperature & zero vibration = longer life for the console and data.

-Dramatic decrease in power ne...

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Not since the Dreamcast demise, sadly.

There's still a small ray of hope for Sega itself too though, mainly in things like Valkyria Chronicles.

Funny comment, bubble up

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I was bashing Kudo's PR ability this time, not Kinect which is very bashable too, and rightfully so. I'm not the one getting defensive neither, babylon is falling for itself, with its elephants, ponchos, and its circus, and I'm quite relaxed about it I might add. Kudo is the only thing getting on my nerves about this subject.

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Having the guts of saying those things, after seeing what Kinect is about, you and Jonah are either in plain denial, or just microsoft PR.

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I would gladly believe more in kinect if it wasn't because of kudo, no kidding. There has to be some magic deep down those titles, indeed, Magic with a capital M to make up for this man's words, who seems to be oblivious of the fact that, sometimes, he is damaging the image of its own product.

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I can't tell you apart from a chinese spammer.

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Blasphemy, arrogance from a shovelware producer.

disgusting pompous chatterbox, excuse for a man...

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Sorry about the offtopic, but you show a quite biased and uninformed "opinion", when you say things like MGS4<MGS3 which is absurd, say "hell no boring and dull" about U1/2, you pass on GT5, and even dismiss the next fumito ueda game, for crying out loud, did you ever played ICO or SotC?

And WTH is wrong with twisted metal??

Are you even a gamer? why do you bring up that list? were you under a rock during the sixth generation of console...

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"Don't let the fanboyism blind you"


I'll say it again: I love the art direction so much more than XIII

Example: As much a I respect Final Fantasy X, I hate its art direction, and XIII is clearly reminiscent of that.I prefer the Ivalice saga style(tactics,XII,vagrant)And ffVII style, I PREFER a dark & cyberpunk setup.What's so fanboyish about that?

The mere fact that you are not even aware that ...

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It clearly looks a lot better than anything on XIII, and those are merely fuzzy scans from a magazine...

Why deflate the hype when is more than justified this time?

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I love the art direction so much more than XIII...Here's hoping that Wada does not *UCK it this time around trying to go for the extra money at the expenses of the final quality of this.

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Oh my god, Apple fanboys, even when they are not competing in the same market with real console handhelds, they claim to own it.Imagine when Apple releases a console then!; fanboy webmasters gathering IP's of people talking unfavorable about Apple, going to their houses and burning them.

N4G would literally explode with Apple fanboys roaming the place, stubborn is an euphemism with this people, shi*, we 360, Wii and ps3 fanboys are *ucking Mother Teresa in comparison.

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let me guess, talon stands for talented.../s

well, the psp2 will probably have a high range PowerVR, with 4 or 8 cores, shaders, programable ROP's, so yeah, in the 360 league and way ahead of 3DS. Let's bet TGS 2010 or E3 2011.

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