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There goes the unnecesary pre-E3 rant...
I'm a Sony fanboy, yes.

Yet, seeing things like this week after week, I honestly think is getting to the point where praising Sony is the obvious and right thing to do for any gamer.
It seems no one remember how the poor fellas were pushed around and insulted, with all of their followers included, in the 2005-2008 period.And some of you hypocrites still have the guts to say N4G is a PS3 fanboy nest; go back to that era then, when you were so brave insulting and so... #16
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Sorry to say that...
The sega cd rendition of his music is so much better IMHO.And the graphics are now "clean" and sterile, it's like the Rocket Knight fiasco; worse by a mile, it looks like a theme park.

I'm sad & disappointed. #2
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Not That Much? gimme gimme gimme! I'm poor! Spare change please? about 1000$ of change please? /jk #5.1
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Can Squeenix get any more dull? #10
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Delusional or just plain uninformed(see:ignorant). #50.1
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What's the use?
Does unreal engine even supports the kind of deferred shading guerrilla's engine is able to?

Don't we know already 360's EDram will implement better AA?

How away in time are still this two games...? No use arguing...

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I have my reservations about the proximity with the old titles though, funniest thing is, Mercury Steam are Spanish[European], they were asked for trying to be loyal to the series original style despite the 3D, (hard to, for me classic castlevania ought to be in 2D per definition), hence the buzzword "reboot".Now they are told this.

So they are Westerns trying to be japanese trying to be Westerns; I`m from Spain, it makes the same sense that I'm worried about s... #3.1
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Stop it
Stop trying to be relatable, marketable, sellable, producers are always compromising overall quality and personality of games for a "potential" few more bucks, what a pity

Stop getting in the way of creators with the cultural uniformity sh**, we want variety for god's sake, not a homogeneous market where all games are the same #1
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Bam, there it is.
Given the recent Bravia deal it is quite plausible.

If they are currently surveying for feedback and reactions about this, YES, IT WOULD BE WIDELY ACCEPTED AND A GOOD MOVE.Damn, Sony seems to be so impervious to adopt good ideas sometimes...if only this was true... #14
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It's very hard to get excited with squeenix nowadays, they gave ilustrator tetsuya nomura too much power to design everything else since the bouncer, not that I dislike his work, but he has proven to be better ilustrator than game designer since, and kinda lost his way since 5 years ago, if that wasn't enough, Yoichi Wada & Phil Rogers are subnormal fenician executives a la Bobby Kotick style.

Come on; Last Remnant, Crystal Bearers, Nier...deeply mediocre, even fi... #12
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Your logic = My mother > Yours

Your arguments = None

Your picture = Wrong

Fratboy Troll < Everything Else #19.1
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Best list in this thread, some other people are mixing strawberry milkshake with bacon here.

and the article sucks IMO, Comparing Psychonauts's script & humor with Banjo's...such poor choice, they're not even properly analogue platformers. Psychonauts is a graphic adventure disguised as an action platformer, or so one could argue. #18.1
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VII and VI (III in the U.S.) I would say, then maybe IX and VIII.Then try some X and XII and don't forget to play final fantasy tactics for PS1 and/or PSP & Game boy advance, all of them different games with very similar strategy system and complementary story , still available on ebay probably.

Avoid at all costs Final Fantasy X-2 :D

edit: avoid XIII too, goes without saying #83.2
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I used to think when I was a child that a nice Dragon Ball RPG(the pc engine one does not count) would be tops, shame was, Bandai had the license rights, and since super nintendo's butouden 2 there hasnt been a decent game,(no, actually, I find the recent budokai series lackluster and simplistic, I want a JRPG)

Is obvious someone at S.E. is keeping FFVII as an ace in the sleeve, well, that someone has to realize, that in the future, when the ace is used, the audience migh... #62
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It's getting to the point where I'm not sure anymore if I want Squeenix to do THE remake.

They teased us at the beginning of this gen, yet they kept offering androginous emos dressed as clowns, mediocrity, broken dates, lies, unjustified pride...

Oh, and FFXIII was sh**, for real.After all that time.

There's something really wrong with Squeenix since a long time, for all I care they can burn in hell, in H E L L, I say.
... #58
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Sooo, you said you learned a lot since Heavenly Sword, from the technical point of view, and that "you're not afraid of the PS3 anymore" when it comes to programming.

Yet you choose an outdated engine with a taste for murky textures, bad multithreading abilities, and designed to shine on 360. What did you learn again? the path of the quick port+ cash in?, you are going to develop for 360 and make a quick port, ninja theory, you don't fool me.

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You Are or You're, no "your", and english isn't even my mother language, goes to show how deep you wii people are.He's mentioning good games, by the way.

By the way, what a plethora of motifs and arguments, truly astonishing reasons you got have an undeserved virtual console service, Nintendo got you the old castlevania licenses and you are not even going to download it. You wii fans feel butthurt because you couldn't understand te... #9.1.1
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Sadly blind
Ok, since you all attacked my opinion, I have some harsh words for you, guys, in the form of more opinion.

You all obviously never put any time in LBP, playing 4 players online is a blast, and playing, creating and sharing thousands of levels never gets old, you never even bothered looking for the good levels, as for controls, they are as good as a platformer gets and it goes to show you played the game few hours, with prejudice and tinted glasses on.You're not even able to... #5.4
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No Effin way
Mario Galaxy was way overrated, Little Big Planet wiped the floor with it.Over 2.000.000 levels, some of the greatest user generated content is there, calculators, vehicles, buildings, all kinds of fun and different things every time you browse for some levels, 4 players off/online, highly expressive creative and fun, highly underrated.

Yet, people still prefer the recognisable posh brand, as if Nintendo didn't have enough money, as if mario hasn't been milked enough.... #5
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It is unlikely that SCEE has reached its full potential too, mr. House, the store is not all it could be, using the kindest words I can find.

Stop with the PR blabblering and get to work with those legal issues, "localisation problems" and "target demographics has shown this won't sell in europe"; everytime something good is headed our way, there it is, SCEE will block it, pee on it, and make the worst excuses. #35
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