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serious gamers expected this particular game to make no use of Move whatsoever, independently of opinions about the general functionality of the device.

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you probably saw a 2D to 3D upconverted source, like clash of the titans or alice in wonderland, or arkham asylum w/polarized.

Try Super Stardust or Wipeout for serious inmersive awe, not debating your opinion, just making a recommendation.

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Still too expensive, overpriced for the cost of manufacturing.

I prefer to have the option anyway so yeah, in favour of 3D, and I'll be getting a high range Sony this holidays.

Some people still will argue the difference between native 3D and upconverted 2D, like it happened with the HD wars not very long ago. And guess what? Native 3D looks miles better, of course.Yet some collective will say otherwise.

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By "strategy" you mean bribing the media.

This goes for all the undercover PR boys in N4G: Kinect is awful, cope with it.

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What's with this plethora of articles popping up lately anyway!? "Kinect is wonderful", "Kinect is better than XXXX"
"Kinect is pretty and marvelous"

Did they not see E3? are they hoping that people who haven't saw E3 can find these lame-o pieces of opinion and relate them to facts?

How can anyone with a sane mind and a minimum experience in gaming find Kinect "Wonderful", for crying out loud!?

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TBH, I was slightly underwhelmed with both.
Carmack has big shoes to fill, and killzone 2 raised the bar too, so I probably expected too much.

Anyway, they are not comparable IMHO, and it goes without saying,(`cause has been said zillions of times) a sensationalistic clash of the titans like this would make much more sense if both pieces of software were already finished & released.

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your writing is garbage as well; you need your mind, eyes, fingers, and probably anus to be checked by a doctor.

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Pathetic and immature chauvinist attempt of debasing one great game.

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Kinect is just dreadful.You truly have to be braindead or in denial to think is better than "anything out there".

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I want to be an analyst too...I mean, I can be right sometimes too, y'know? /sarcasm

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I want a 3D Snatcher remake and/or sequel, using the move as a dynamic camera...

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You are insulting with an uninformed opinion.

PS:your avatar does not help the cause /jk

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totally unimpressed by rage and crysis 2. I might add, that I expected killzone 3 to look a bit better too.

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I'm (non sarcastically) sorry for those gamers who lost their console.By the way, I know lots of people who BOUGHT their second and third 360, is just logical after all, if you've invested in games and got used to the interface I guess.

That said, I find the headline hilarious.

I hope in the future consoles are even more reliable and with less moving parts.

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a waste of everyone's time"- Valve founder Gabe Newell

never say never ;D

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Poncho Meltdown.
I feel sorry for the cirque du soleil staff doing their best, being part of something like this, as George Stobbart might say "aesthetically, like a baseball cap on an ancient statue"

If I were sony, I would cater the hardcore now with move, just for contrast.
Some RTS's and graphic adventures can be enough.

Snatcher remake (drool) sorry for the off topic

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Can microsoft steal miracles now? /jk

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Worthy seventh generation competitor, yet five years into the cycle they still got no style. Oh well, they are Still ahead in overall sales, and they might market this like hell in nickelodeon, mtv, and all that casual ignorant media.

You'll be the richest company with the most shameful resume yet, Microsoft! and your followers will be proud of it as always!

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Also known as the Sectarian Baroque Poncho Debacle.

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lol Yu-gi-oh is doomed, Magic the gath-...I mean Pokemon, Naruto and other absurd posh pseudoanime shi** already has that market.

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