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... a particular jump in [Pencil Pentathlon]...And later on, you may remember [Space mama's crater] which is a boss that...

Ok, ok I kid [Theonik], I said enough to cause a nervous meltdown already, I'll shuddup now lol

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I'm about to have an's hoping it's not crazy expensive, and a summer release.

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let the bigger boys have some nostalgic fun, man, they surely will make another 3D Rayman in the future, give a try to the first one, I dare you to finish it.

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yes, yes, a thousand times yes, Rayman belongs in 2D, the first one was awesome and fiercely difficult for all the right reasons.

The art style is awesome, I just hope they don't overdoit with too much powers just for the sake of it, make it just as challenging and pure as ever guys.

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Helluva luck they need if you ask me, considering how impressive the 3DS GPU is, they would have to aim for a custom high range PowerVR series, as rumoured.

It's funny though, that vertex power seems to be still lagging behind PSP in some aspects,(33m polygons/s against 15.4m polygons/s) but it almost does not matter in this case, the modern power of the rest of things in its GPU is just astounding.

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That was a rumour, partially based on fact.Very partially.

You see for example, shaders are a graphic tech applied in seventh generation machines like PS3/360, PSP and of course DS can't even dream of doing that, but there's lots of factors to weigh in when measuring hardware power, for instance, pixel fill rate is mildly important, PSP has 664, 3DS has 800.

Even taking all data in consideration, you have to be aware that PSP was also a custom beast f...

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I'll tell you what [Soda], you get one bubble for being funny, and one disagree for defending a subpar product. :D

By the way, Kinect represents a horrendous meltdown in the eyes of most gamers, though you don't have to admit it, I understand.

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Sorry, I think it looks awful, generic and boring.

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Please, oh please, keep that tapes for yourself.

No need to get so defensive, I recognize the 360 as a worthy console.And I didn't exactly say they can't be enjoying those kinect games... even a fly enjoying a cow dung does not mean the rest of humanity has to acknowledge that "dung is delicious"

Kinect, as lots of people can see, is casual garbage.

Don't be in denial,[Bigpappy]

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Those are not facts I state, but opinion made out of observation, because Nintendo keeps officially "mum" this generation about tech specs.

RAM is costly, considering Nintendo's medium-low cost approach, and the looks of its games, it won't be much different from PSP's amount of RAM, it CAN'T be.(between 48 and 96, psp 3000 has 64Mb)

As for the CPU, It PROBABLY is an advanced iteration of an ARM, a low power reduced instruction set,...

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The use of shaders, AA and possibly normal maps put some of its special effects in seventh generation league, but the processing power and RAM are in the PSP range.

Edit:The Pope beat me to it :D
Edit2: Also, per pixel lighting is a truly surprising and mildly advanced feature.

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Thanks for the info! it seems to be an extremely original GPU custom design, just as I enjoy it, might bite this time.

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As much as I Hate the Wii itself and Nintendo as a whole this generation, I love that kirby game! (and tatsunoko vs capcom, the dragon ball rpg, bit.trip, mad world and several other Wii titles...)

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please, tell that too to the people making gazillions of articles like "Kinect is WONDERFUL" when it clearly is not.

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As a professional chef, I'm truly interested in seeing a hat made out of chocolate, could you try and make one, even if microsoft does not use that phrase as a slogan?/jk

bubble up!

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ooh, hoho!, how imaginative! touched a fiber there, eh? facepalm much during the Skittles E3 prerecorded promo mmh?

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You know what Squeenix? you can keep XIV to yourself.

In fact, don't waste any money marketing this, take your resources and buy a huge cake that says "Sorry, you were right about the merger", then send it to Hironobu Sakaguchi.

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haha, made me laugh despite lack of humorous intention, bubz.

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1st: Eat Sleep & Play are independent

2nd: Would you particularly use Kinect to play an RPG?

3rd: People using more that 3 exclamation/question signs just for the sake of emphasis and visibility make me sick./jk

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