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the horror...the horror...

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It reminds me of the movie "Raising Arizona" lol

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Fifa games every year means there's less time for improving the formula, so yeah, maybe they should stop at least for a while. I doubt people want squeenix to further worsen its games releasing one every year.

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Squeenix's last hope is VersusXIII IMHO.

I hate this target diversification thingy, and I really doubt people who use a phone to play games are interested in this, unless they are newcomers who want to say "I played a final fantasy" for the sake of it.

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[@Mikeslemonade]PSN IS full of shovelware too...
[@Disagrees] I don't get why so many disagrees to some people who are just stating quotes from the article.

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Oh boy how I hate point-by-point comments


2)If you don't care about what company sells the most, then I guess you were in this thread doing frakin' TOURISM?

3)You are right, you didn't attack anyone, you just left a cocky righteous point, where none was needed, excluding yourself of the fanboy bag, as if you were some kind of magic leprechaun impervious to bias.I can admit I'm a PS3 fanboy, same can't be said abo...

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Anyone CAN SEE this articles are nothing more than PR damage control.

Is chauvinist pricks like you, who bark about SDF, Wait B3yond, how arrogant are those japs, and how superior is the 360's memory pool and the fraking Kinect

YOU are the kind of s*it YOU are talking about, best thing about it: you don't even realize it.

After a couple of years of sales dominance, and sardonic unnecesary humilliation from people like you on this site...

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Sakaguchi formed his own studio when he left in 2004.

I too hope that he reunites with Nomura again someday.

off topic: Has Squeenix considered remastering Vagrant Story? I mean from the ground up, not just the GoW collection treatment.

That was a really breathtaking JRPG

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While I find your 2.2 post unfair on the basis that Squeenix really deserves all the uneducated flak is getting,(and that's because final fantasy XIII is IMO truly unworthy and shallow), I agree with your 2.4 comment.

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Agreed with the rest of your post but IMHO, NOBODY except pussy shareholders, PR people, and marketing department asked for it.No fan of final fantasy that I know likes the path the games are taking.

They became too big in about 2002 or so, and started to declare themselves things like "We want to appeal the western audience" CONSTANTLY.

And people saying "No!" and Squeenix saying "You'll like it"

Aaaaand her...

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you mean, once again? Who asked for the generic linear characters & plot of XIII anyway? that is a soulless clusterf*ck of a game to me, with a disgrace of a battle system, nothing more nothing less.

I'll say the same thing people are saying about Activision; change your ways or resign and die in oblivion in the mid term.

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You need to correct a whole corporate attitude, video gaming is a younger industry than other media, if you *itch people around like in the film or music industry, you're in for a surprise in the mid-term.

Guess your executive guys are still scratching its head about why games like Avatar the game, Dj hero or Lego shi*, didn't have much stronger sales.

If Activision were to act strictly accordingly to its CEO philosophy of sales, they should be focusi...

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Right on.

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That's funny isn't it? the thick line between two very different things, yet some people fall for it and pretend its 1:1 body recognition.

I guess without a mirror, anyone could think they're good dancers, and feel motivated thinking that the moves showed on screen belong to them.

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Keep your cookie, you might need it to feed Skittles or make Milo giggle.

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You are not right Omega, you never were to begin with, where everybody is seeing the emperor naked for a couple of years now, you're not only seeing its clothes, you are seeing a tetris tie a flying pizza and a troupe of dancing poodles.

you're so in denial about the box rise and fall, so powerless to hurt any ps3 user, that you're at the same time funny and sad.

cope with it, babylon has fallen.Nobody is "fearful" of kinect, to think ot...

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Microsoft PR:"lag?" "We don't know what we're talking about here exactly, we might be dealing with a camera, input lag? in an optical electronic device? impossible,err whoever heard of it, I mean...If it's bad it's not related to Kinect,no...,oh forget it, we have 52, hemorrhoids and 3 kids, we'll give some money to the media and they'll reassure the people with all that technical mumbo-jumbo we don't have"

Then Again, Of course...

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Kudo Tsunoda: "Baldur's Gate was a Simple game"
" " : "Kinect Adventures = Super Mario"
" " : "You're all assholes, I have a medical condition, its simptomps are, I'm too cool for this world and you're not."

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You frontally dismissed it as a game.
That's why you were called ignorant, and were attacked.

If you were a classic gamer, you would appreciate a nice graphic adventure, and never question it as a real game.Alas, you may be a gamer, you may be a joke; we will never know, yet people like you enjoy getting on the nerves of others more than playing.

I just know for sure one thing when reading you: that I would surely get nauseated of hearing you and ...

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You, sad preposterous brat, stop telling people what to like or dislike, you are clearly a shallow prick with a *ucking closed, weak mind.

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