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All I can say is that I haven't bought a PS4 game in nearly 3 months and I certainly don't have the time or money to waste on games that I already own and played extensively, just because they have a new coat of paint this time around.

I would rather see the resources that they apply on these remasters being used to accelerate development of Uncharted 4 or on new franchises and experiences. I did not buy a PS4 to play PS3 games! #1.1.8
Agreed. I would buy a MGS remake with updated graphics, controls and camera in a heartbeat, as long as they didn't change anything else in the game.

Sadly, if they did it today, not only would the game be open world, but they would change the soundtrack, replace the voice actors and who knows what else. Basically it wouldn't be MGS anymore.

I am seriously burned out on open world games along with re-releases of PS3/XB360 games that had no need to be r... #1.1
If you're referring to Ad-Block Plus, that extension is available in Chrome too.

Firefox was my browser of choice for years, until Mozilla decided to downgrade the user interface with version 29. Then I figured "if it looks like I'm using Google Chrome, might as well use Google Chrome", which in my experience turned out to be faster and more stable than Firefox. It also has its little perks like not needing a stand-alone flash plugin installation and now 60... #1.3.4
They should release a Bioshock complete collection on PS4/XBO, featuring all 3 games + all DLC in 1080p60.

It's surprising that it hasn't been done yet, considering how everyone's "remastering" previous generation games left and right, yet one of the biggest franchises of said generation is apparently undeserving. #2.2
Adblock software might be part of the problem, but excessive and/or intrusive advertising is the root of the problem.

I wouldn't be using adblock if I didn't have to deal with 3 advertising pop-up windows for every page of the actual content I'm interested in.

Maybe content providers should exert some moderation before blaming it all on the consumers. #1.1.2
Yeah, that's why it is the worst seller in the franchise, because it's just THAT much better than the previous games... /s

Get a grip, the game is hated for a reason. DmC is the textbook definition of a mediocre title that got a free pass because the media is just in love with the developer.

I am curious though, as to what exactly was DmC's contribution to make the franchise interesting. Was it the unresponsive controls, the atrocious art directio... #1.3.1
I think Sega's "Saturnday", Microsoft's RROD or Sony's PSN hack of 2011 were much bigger gaming PR nightmares than the restructuring of Naughty Dog.

The author must have a short attention span. #2
TheRatedD has a point.

Naughty Dog has been working on the game since they released the PS3 version, and they waited for people to spend their money on that version instead of offering them the choice to hold out for the superior PS4 version. If that isn't a betrayal of consumer confidence, I don't know what is. And it's twice as bad for those who purchased the DLC.

Stuff like this just sends a bad message to gamers. In the future, I'll surely... #1.6.6
You might be reading a little too much into a simple picture... I mean, just slightly... Nothing major...

Returning to more concrete matters, the tower is missing the scph-90000 PS2 model, which stylistically is the most direct predecessor to the PS4. #4.2
"No chance of losing it." - FALSE
Your account can get stolen, you can get banned from the service for completely arbitrary reasons, or the service may be discontinued altogether. In any of these situations, you will lose your entire collection in the blink of an eye.

"Whatever system you sign in to you can download your games." - FALSE
That may be the case with smartphones and *most* PC digital distribution platforms, but not so much on co... #2.1.2
More like typical SEGA mismanagement. It's almost as if they are actively trying NOT to make money. Was it really that hard to release a Shenmue I and II HD Collection on a single Blu-ray for PS4 and XB1? Considering how well Shenmue upscales in PC emulators, it would be cheap to develop and it would sell millions on nostalgia and hype alone.

I don't know the first thing about business, but I could turn SEGA into one of the most profitable publishers in the industry i... #2.1
I have no problem with Ken Levine wanting to focus on simpler games, but was it really necessary to destroy a very talented studio in order to do so? I think this was a bad decision. He should have just left the studio and started a new one, like other famous developers have done before. That way everyone would be happy - Levine, his former staff and the gamers. #6.1
Gears was published by Microsoft, Titanfall isn't. The situation for Titanfall has more similarities with Bioshock and Mass Effect than it has with Gears of War.

I still remember people on the internet being absolutely 100% positive that Bioshock would never be on PS3. #3.2
DmC might even be a great hack and slash game in its own right, but it simply doesn't play like Devil May Cry, it doesn't look like Devil May Cry, it doesn't sound like Devil May Cry, it just isn't Devil May Cry. It feels like a completely new IP that got slapped with the DmC name in the late stages of development. It's not about which version of DMC is better, it's just that the new game strays too far off from the traditional formula. That's probably why most of... #1.1.1
Backwards compatibility means being able to use your old existing software on a new platform. If you're required to buy a new version of the software you already own, then it's just a re-release. And do keep in mind that because of licensing or technical issues, only a selection of PS1/PS2 games will be made available through this method (I'm still waiting for a PSN release of Omega Boost).

That's the way I see things, and if that is the way Sony is planning t... #1.1.13
@ovoxo - Just because people don't share your opinion, that doesn't mean you're right and they're wrong. It certainly doesn't mean that anyone with a different perspective from yours is a fanboy.

If you think that Forza is the better game, more power to you! But coming to a story about GT6, arrogantly proclaiming the superiority of Forza and acting as if that is the indisputable scientific truth instead of an opinion, while accusing other people of being S... #1.1.5
How's the night racing in Forza? Is the weather system working nicely? No? Oh well... There's always DLC, amirite?

On topic: We all knew this was coming. GT5 had its fair share of troll reviews as well. 5/10 is the kind of score you give to a game with serious technical issues. Doing it just because it's not your type of game or it doesn't "innovate" (innovation = media excuse for double standards) is just plain unprofessional. #1.1.1
You do realize you can get the car with the same amount of effort as you did in GT5, right? You don't have to pay $120 unless you want to cheat your way through it. #10.1
There's a slight but absolutely crucial difference between designing your game around microtransactions and offering them as an alternative to the still present traditional structure of the game.

You can get the cars in GT6 exactly as you did in GT5. It wasn't disgusting back then, so I don't see why it should be now.

If anything is disgusting in the way GT deals with micro-transactions, it's that now you have to pay for single use cheat code... #1.4
I see better shadows in GT5 and better motion blur in GT6. That's about it. I really don't think this is anything to write home about.

@ Army_of_Darkness - You can point that criticism to most racing games and nearly all sports titles out in the market. I'm not saying it's not a valid observation, but these games usually build upon the previous iteration, so it's only natural to find some shared content. You can take the exact same Honda NSX for a few laps... #1.1.10
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