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lol why would they delete his post?

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xbot can eat big fat krock

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get a life kid, i see that halo avatar i didn't expect you to say anything postive about the guy!!

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his talking about the amazon top 10.... i wish sony was on the top we would have had more games with the amount of income going in that just imagine..

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wtf... who cares //

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that belt do look silly but doesn;t change a single thing he said, johnny i bet your the type cracker that loved bush as a president, and your country is the greatest.....mainstream media loves white people.

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EFF you crackers!!!

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except your mom clixx

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im ps3 only owner, and i can careless, who cares about sales. We are getting the best gaming expierence this gen, this is no news.

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im guessing the update its coming.

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bro i only gotta ps3 and psp... your that fkn stupid, im day 1 ps3 owner, and i have never played another system in my life, im just saying xboxlive is the reason alot of this RROD victims go back.

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they are both priced the same, you saying is not because of live no loyalist your fkn moron.

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all because of DVD, im sure most will agree with me but storage has stunted this gen multiplatform titles. you guys remember when sony said" bluray will make developers take the playstation alittle more serious." will what happen was!! all this multiplatform developers are just not giving a crap and they want the game to do exact the same.

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thanks to live. you guys can't deny that.

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microsoft has alot of loyal fans, i think is xboxlive its what keep this customers going back!! even tho sony has great gaming lineup there online is not as universal as live.

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9.5.... is that a joke? it only deserves 7.5 =mediocre @ best

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oh wait...horrible game with good name

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should have be called " shiny rocks and wars.

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omg, turn 10....karma is btch

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got mine pre ordered.

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