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this made my regret selling my vita, but i made 8 year old happier, im not a portable gamer at all. #19
only if cows fly. #1.1.7
europa league is sony #1
it won't be that crucial for me, i have ps3 that plays ps1 ps2, but guess what? i never use any of those older games the last i used ps2 game on ps3 was fifa 07.

don;t get me wrong it would be nice to have it but to what extend ?

ps1 ps2 ps3? i think it would be awesome but is going to be little harder then last time...if thers no cell processor.. then.... #41
that has to be the most close minded bs i have ever read on this site, i never said any of those games sell more then call of duty neither did i boast socom, i simply said those main games overall are my favorite and playstation has them.

call of duty is not triple AAA game bro, in your case then fifa is also and madden...... i think you get the scenerio

quality over quanity #26.3.2
ignorant article, of course it is, world wide is what matters #5
i think sony could live without agent on the ps3, might have been changed of plan and go ps4 only, as jack said, i think sony owns the agent property.

this deal was made between rockstar and sony is contract, is not a kid choice, huge companies usually settle this very hardly #9
i don't know why all disagree xbox super fans thinks call of duty is triple a game, will let me tell you is not.

i already made up my mind about the next gen and sony is the only way to go for me

heres the 3 reasons



i hope is huge, i wish sony success and i will get one on lunch day, playstation will live #37
street racing in gta 5 will be awesome #50
playstation 4 live in your world get owned in ours #34
unreal tournament, one of the worst game i bought in the history of my wallet. #84
i want the original ps3 look to it with the playstation logo lighting up everytime you turn the system on.

and please sony bring this back


will if the reports are true none of the console are exciting because in power ther equal, i expected sony to push over the edge again in the technical area, but saying that isn't a bad thing, because at the end of the day, multiplatform developers won;t do anything special for anyone " our fans deserve equal game " i didn't like that clashe about this gen, where the ps3 power was irrelevent and only first party took advantage of this/ #49
i don't want the ps4 controllerto change seriously, i love the ds3 all they need to do is make the r2/l2 pointy -inner to outer - god please don't put no lcd screens on ps4, imagine how much they will cost? 90 dollar controller replacement says hi.

for hardcore users is bad idea, for casual market is cool because is used once in blue moon #45
i call online gamer only usually i play socom or other games that arent easy walkthrough, nothing on the plus attracts me, i haven't subscribed since my first year, sure the game the give are fun and all but not my flavor.

hope sony extends plus to gaikai #10
the only plus for me is, sony is keeping the name ps4

i can't see them being successful with orbis or w.e because even today, people at work call it psp 2 #21
man stop the hate
all you racist white kids on here is lame.. get a life. square... #54
nice job sony
good reponse. #36
hahhaah @ this fanboys sites thought they had a edge on sony!!
sony came to report the issue on sunday, i can't thank them enough, know my little brother can get his slim back lmfaoo i stole it from him!! back to my 60g!!!

ON topic, you guys with corrupted theme/ dynamic theme did it go back to nortmal? or do we have to redownloaded? cuz i lost my hR Dtheme. #98
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