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gamestop don't have to die more like the xbox will, honestly if this the case and say sony will not follow suit?

when a kid walks around gamestop all he sees is wii u and ps4 games, more money for the man in japan.

i can't see this happening, microsoft don't want to shoot themselfs or even sony....

if if this no second game trend kicks in, prepare for lower new game cost? ill be very happy with 40 dollar price tag for new game?

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is crysis on console even as good looking as halo4 or uncharted?

i didnt see nothing special about that game, blown out of proportion comments.

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i pay 599 us dollars for it,,,

i just have to push karts harder and ask for more hours at walmart...

if you want something special you have to work for it.

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dual generation? ps4 here i come.

seriously im more excited about the next red dead then gta5

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ao basically this mean developers are free to do whatever they want?

sounds good, but didnt sony have this problem with the cell?

where multiplatform titles had really slow xmb load up then sony games itself?

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because you own xbox? maybe thas why?

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if you think microsoft and sony hasnt held meeting about this second hand gaming rejection your kidding yourself...

the only i see this happening is if microsoft and sony agreed on this?

kind of hypocritical of microsoft using blueray this time around, couldnt they go to toshiba and rebrand hddvd?

seems like a horrible business move ?

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thnk god for the next gen, aside from sony exclusive, no other games are improving, i want next gen fifa asap.

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1. psn revamp - we outdue xbox live ..what it is know..

2. keep psn free

3. gaikai part of playstation plus?

4. make it sexy as the 60g ps3 was


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xbox has just as many as fanboys as sony does tho, we were argueing at work on what console " 8 of us store clerks should buy - so we can game together and so far im winning the ps4 fight lol... i let everyone borrow my ps3 and play uncharted so far i got 5 of those guys ps4 next gen...

know the other too " fable is not on playstation... i was amazed.

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it looks like the ps4 theme is " see the future " im serious, play beyond wasnt bad but the price was for ps3.

either way is day 1 buy for me lolll

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xbox podcast.. dont listen to it... is less

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everytime someone type " get both system " or best of both world...."

it grinds my gear, everyone has a preference doesnt have time for two consoles, if you like your the coolest guy on the planet having " both consoles " then be it.. stop typing it like your getting wanked by a model.

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this is good news, everyone stock clerk im working with right know is trying to figure out what next gen console we all should get?

know i will go to work today and tell them ... feb. 20th

this what sony dont want again " friends pushing friends into next gen console.. it has big parts.

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then why comment if is not fear?

microsoft will announce the next xbox before 20th, then short term hype will include after sony announce the


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this is exactly what sony wants, fear from competition, trust me fellas PLAYSTATION learned alot from the ps3, this time around they will deliver, microsoft is going into next gen like sony did with the ps3 big no no...

kinect did sell good, but did it really prove to be good for microsoft thinking?

kinect 2.0 will destroy microsoft, i know what im getting and it has x in it.

the X in it ment the x in the controller//// silly fanboys relax.

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what i notice

at 00:04 - you can almost see the whole system

it looks glossy like the edges on the sony bravia and lg tvs you see know n days.... more...

you can see blue line in the middle of the 4 secon pause screeen that is blue... the system is not a solid color but glossy black and glass look to most likely

at 11 second-

it looks like a classy ps2 look to it with shade on the edge meaning it has the bravia e...

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what will it look like?

what will the online be like?

how will the controller look?

does sony have gamestreaming plan after buying gaikai?

will we be able to keep out psn history?

this are the questions im asking myself right know.

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nuh nuh, i just want to see what ea will do with ther sport titles with ps4 and 720, im soo excited, this might the longest year in my life lol

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rest in peace. may allah put you where you belong.

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