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it would be pretty awesome if i can hear other people thro my controller, but not my tv?

like i love sound, i have 7.2 speakers since the ps3 launch, w

i hope is bluetooth campatible? #15
do it microsoft, i dare you ahahahahahha


his hype hype hype.....

GEARS looked like average game campare to some playstation exclusives, only xbox fans make him out to be beast looking retarded at e3 walking on the stage with a video gun. #32
yuh because microsoft is flawless, if the rrod happen to sony, the enite american media would eat them up.

i gave them a chance in 2008 wth a brand new 360 to try out forza, guess what? it lasted less then a 3 months. im done.

you are delusional if you think microsoft can change the spec on the entire next box just to match the playstATION¬ć®4 gddr5 8g

the entire network would shutdown and be delayed, this isnt thing of adding hardrive is recreating the entire processor. #25
pachter mention that unnlucky number 4 might hurt sony... but my response to him was it was created by american...architectually #68
for all you tech bosses.....someone at work mention that the system might be bigger then the ps3 because of gdddr5?

is it true? #55
this sounds like when sony first announced mag. lol bunch of pr talk, the game is first person shooter............... that killed it for me.. nothing special here.

this will be another let down. #41
yuh but they have done uncharted in the snow ... sand ..little modern with the recent one? #17.1
dont you love sony?

wish they could have acquired kojima productions in the ps2 days. would have been immense. #19
dogging it? like you know is a 10/10 game already?

is dumb to say anything about the game based on cool shaded concept art, wait till you see the actual game maybe? #27.1
looks great but what is it?

a fps game is no go for me.

hope is third person adventure game. #28
i payed 600 when i was 17. ill pay 600 if im 24 and wealthy #37
is it that serious? really a kinect is a must?

did we forget this just a gaming system and not a necessity? #39
next gen will be great i can't wait to hit the ballboy or crash into the logos on fifa 15 lollllllllllllllllllll

physics my friends.. #18
i agree digital is almost a cheat, because you really don't own it. #4
see what some of you don't understand is, not everyone buys games on launch?

so when when little charlie walks into game store with his mom and sees game wall with ps4 and wii u?

what is the chance of gamestop even carrying xbox new games if used games are blocked? #18
xmb 2.0?

would love it if they improve on it, cuz i think is the best thing about the ps3.

keep the trophy and names?

i highly doubt it, im not trophy whore, but most people would love it.

make voice chat/ text seemlessly run in game. like it is know. but plus voice chat. #20
this kinect stuff and ps eye hd, will most likely be choice to use in every game, i can't see sony enforcing developers to use it, i think both sony and microsoft will try use kinect and ps eye hd more for the apps on the system then actually games.

i just hope this time around they are both accurate in this motion controll or w.e war. #21
Dear sony...


i don;t like first person shooters all of them are too casual for my liking to be honest, killzone graphics are good, but the call of duty scenerio makes almost every fps game irrelevent. #82
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