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green expect the same. im telling you, if you guys dont learn your lesson on this yearly drops they will tread on you.....

just saying it looked nothing more then a shiny bf3.

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people dont get it, this indie developers are like local singers / wannabes, they will try to impress with most innovative game, this is why this will be huge for sony-

maybe one of this indie developers will be drawn into the PLAYSTATION FAMILY?

seriously, i have funny feeling this the only reason sony change its plan on this indie developers, studios and first party will be crucial next gen, most of us will grow tired of the bs activiton and ea throw at us.

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i agree art, the slick graphics are the only thing ii was amazed with, the gameplay seems the same really but who im i kidding i wish socom was launch title for ps3 with confrontation game plus next gen graphics, off topic sorry.

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im not portable gamer. but this good news for the fans of vita, i will be grabbing few of this titles, especially puzzle games, those settles kids down.. trust me lol

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ea has the greatest marketing team in the world.

one word impressed, but unlucky me im not big on first person shooters, surelly ill get this game if the next rainbow six series doesnt do me any justice.

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is soo hard for me to decide

i hate fps games, but love shooters games third person guy <<<

i love racing games but but kinda want to try out watchdogs instead of race club....

would be nice if i could get em all on launch but ill most likely play with only 2 titles for the first 6 months.

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chances of sony getting them is 0, loook at what happen to zipper, one fatal mistake and they crumble.

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the color yellow always hypes me up, hopefully, they have mode on ther where it changes color constantly... turn my rooom into techno herb

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ok i agree the fox engine looks great looking at the mgs latest trailer, but come on, the quantic dream engine looks sooo good at night campared to that mgs latest trailer, and this was current gen.

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even if this true, i still think microsoft fans will buy it anyways, i mean if people buy brand new phone every 6 month, what makes ya think they won't go for always online gaming console?

most humans are morons and whatever the trend is, " the whats cool to get next " type of consumers will be the first to get it.

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well, for me the only reason i don't like always online"

i have younger siblings and i always log out of the network when they are playing on the ps3, i dont want them to get stuck in the virtual world.

this a no go for me,and what is the point of throwing 65 dollar or 75 dollars for a disk only to be digital after the first insert?

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yuh i kinda miss the fact that with the first two they were serious about taking on gta, they good start, but sadly they are just self defeating themselfs know, i know is different game then gta- over the top kinda went over the clouds lolll

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this game will be the last nail to my ps3® coffin.

sad to say but i think this game proves there is more to the ps3 then what we know......


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i seriously love the infamous games, abvious reasons, but i would skip this as launch title and go with kz3/ drive club or fifa 14 if ea-comes with it.

i always buy shooting game / racing game...

i still have formulaa 1 racing game ps3 launch title lol....

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i dont understand? but 360 doesnt have blueray player, i dont think people have right to say 360 is more of entertainment then the playstation 3 is, ps3 has way better navigation for the casual etc etc.....

truth is - his fanboy.

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i think is even it out, uncharted made what lara croft should have been and know lara is what lara should have been.... is win win for tomb raider.

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is ignorant to try to explain something you don't understand.

as a regular game and high school drop out- i like to say this good news - i love graphical leap


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the 6th pic is insane? omg....... the lighting looks amazing. holy hell.

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im really surprised fifa is not on ther, is the playstations biggest seller in europe.

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uhhh i remember day me and couple of my friends drove around nashville searching for that sexy 60g ps3 lol.... i still have the box

i learned my listen tho, this time i will surely pre order.

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