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I got stuck a lot. The puzzles can be a bit frustrating. #2.1
Despite some awkward controls, this game was fantastic #1
I'm not that familiar with Hustle Kings. The last pool game I put time into was Backyard Billiards on the 360. According to wikipedia Hustle Kings is coming soon and will be free-to-play. I suspect that Pure Pool is VooFoo studios' new pool game though. #1.2
It's fun but nothing really stands out about it. #1.1
The real question is - will enough people buy it? #1.2.1
Agreed. The future is now. #1.1.1
Any success for Wii U 3rd parties is good news. #1
Gotcha Force or bust! #2
I'd like to believe that the new CoD will be different but there's only so much they can change without upsetting their loyal fanbase. #1
It is but there are some walls you'll hit. #1.1
So apparently my extremely hyperbolic comment has been taken seriously. I'll clear my head by playing Rayman Legends...on my Wii U. #3.4
There are more games available than WiiUs sold. #3
It's my goty so far #3.1
We're just doing our part and rambling as best we can. #2.1
I'm playing it now and I think I'm stuck. #1
I could have used it and never did. I suspect I didn't miss out on much. #3
I played the PS3 version. Very creepy...and puzzly #2
This show is audible deliciousness. #1
I was all ready to use my move controller...for nothing. #1.1
Dare I call it edutainment? #1
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