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Monster Master Chief? #4.1.1
"We've been pretty upfront about saying Gjallarhorn isn't coming back this year. But in a world where [Gjallarhorn creator] Feizel Crux's great creation returns it won't be slayer of gods that it once was."

Sounds like Bungie's career after halo #3
Opening up my presents on Christmas and find MGS1 and a (then)brand new dualshock controller. #6
Pc issues with amd hardware yet both consoles are running off amd hardware. I'm confused #5
My favorite intro #4
That's already out, it's called Dirty bomb #6.1
Look at all dat juiiccee! #6.1
Judgement wasn't made by epic that's what happened to it #1.1.1
I have like 400+ hours spent on it but I wouldn't recommend it anymore. Nowadays there aren't that many games to find, especially for players just starting out. #1.2
I'm in the preview program and right now the way it works is you go to my games & apps and you can scroll all the way to the right. If it's a game that's on the BC list you can send it to the queue from there #2.2.2
I've seen that couple on twitch streaming halo reach years ago and his wife still streams every now and then. #1.1.1
Alyson Court better be voicing Claire and not whoever the hell it is in Revelations 2. #1.1
Where did I say 28% of the people are playing above 4k? #2.5.2
If you look at the hardware survey that's linked in that article it showed that only 30% play under 1080p. It shows people who play in 1080p is 34.72% and people who play in 4k is 28.90%. That's 70% of people who play at 1080p or higher, and 28.90% 4k is better than the 0% on consoles.


And another thing to think about is back in February there were 125 mi... #2.5
Remember when everyone was all like "lol da powah of da cloud?" and "yeah that's not possible and it's fake until they show me proof?"

well...MS showed it's real and now everyone is singing a different tune saying it's possible for everyone but until I see Sony or Nintendo doing it or show me proof then it's just not possible on any other platform at this point.

You can link any website you want explaining the cloud or... #2.6
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It's actually a reboot and not a prequel #4.2
Man that reminds me. The one from goldeneye source that basstronix made of song when you pause the game was pretty epic #2
It already convinced a friend of mine. Around Decemeber he told me he was gonna get a ps4 if they announced an ff7 remake, which was announced. He then said he changed his mind about the ps4 after E3 because of backwards compatibility #3.1.7
It's probably e-honda and not akuma because of the face paint #1.4
I already knew something was wrong when I saw this article like 4 days before release #1.1.6
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