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The main difference was the xbox was unknown at the time, this time is different so who know's what'll happen. They can either gain steam or lose it all. Even a recognized brand isn't enough, Vita was destroyed by the 3ds for lacking software so if MS doesn't knock this out of the ballpark then the scorpio will be a lost cause.

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I wasn't disagreeing with you, I was just saying BF 1942 did WW2 before CoD even if it didn't have a story since it seemed like you were saying CoD did it before BF. I think what mogwaii was trying to say was that CoD is going back in time because they saw the reactions to BF1 and with infinite warfare videos having as many dislikes as it had. Activision knows the brand is losing steam especially with the CoD4 remaster not being sold seperately and them pretty much saying they messed ...

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And Battlefield did WW2 with Battlefield 1942 which came out in 2002

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Can't wait till this finally hits pc :D

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They ended up making gears of War 4 instead :/

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3D Dot heroes was one of my favorite Zelda-like games last gen. Okami was also another good one that got an HD remaster on ps3. As far as a more recent game, Hyper light drifter is a pretty good Zelda-like game as well.

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They'll probably have a nice Thanksgiving/black friday-cyber monday deal as well

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I want one but I probably won't get it day 1. Nintendo still hasn't announced anything about a metroid game, the only Nintendo franchise I really care about. If they announce something better than that federation force insult I'll happily get one. Till then I'm sticking with their handhelds for now

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Thank you Nintendo for thinking of us people who like to game while we take a s**t :3. The switch to the bathroom will be glorious

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Same, I have like 400+ hours on both KF1 and KF2 xD

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So what's for late dinner?

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I'll be so happy if they can bring OG xbox games to the BC list. I'd love to play Brute Force, Conflict Vietnam and the Otogi games again

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Thanks I didn't see the demo button. I'm definitely gonna check them out to see if I like it or not

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Is Bravely Second worth getting? I've been looking at it for a while and tempted to get it but I never played Bravely Default. I need something else to play along with Monster Hunter Generations lol.

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Yeah it's one of the best PC ports I've played in a while, I was actually surprised at how well it ran since I was expecting it to be horrible based on previous UWP games

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If the PSP was able to do it with multidisc PS1 games like Resident Evil 2 or Final Fantasy VII there's gotta be a way for them to do it with the Xbox One and digital downloads.

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I play on PC and VS Modes DO have cross-play just not competitive VS

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Is there a mirror somewhere? Too many people trying to dl the game and the link is down

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I know right :(

When I read the title I immediately felt like

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I wish they wouldn't focus so much on the 4k and improve the framerate, or at least have an option to play at 4k 30fps or 1080p 60fps.

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