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I know right :(

When I read the title I immediately felt like

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I wish they wouldn't focus so much on the 4k and improve the framerate, or at least have an option to play at 4k 30fps or 1080p 60fps.

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How is that 1080 btw? I'm still on a 980 and was waiting for a 1080Ti if there is one.

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I agree Super Metroid had an awesome soundtrack but this one is my favorite track from the game

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They've had X events since 2001 so no, more like 13 years ahead of sony

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Lol I remember him looking confused about the mouse and keyboard at e3 during the battlefield 1 gameplay. That's probably what made him want a PC

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I miss going around Carentan with a Kar98 and just letting loose on enemies :(, this game was so much fun

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Symphony of the night mainly used swords so I'm guessing that's the direction he's going with this game.

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Some VR gameplay

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That was my reaction as well. This isn't even RE anymore, they should've just made a new IP instead of ruining the RE franchise even more. I thought 5 and 6 were bad but this is a whole new level of bad. I have no faith in the RE2 remake

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Look so sick!!

I just had to make this after watching the EA conference

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If they did a better port there would've been better sales. MK9 and MKX were horrible ports at launch and they did get a little better and Arkham Knight was a disaster. It took them almost a year to get Arkham Knight to be playable even on a system with a 980Ti/Titan X. That's more likely the reason they're not doing a PC port, they suck at it so instead of getting backlash again they're just gonna avoid it altogether

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Sigh... Again there's nothing metroid related. It's like the only Nintendo franchise I care about. I don't understand why they neglect it so much

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Well since Pharah's abilities have her hovering above her enemies alot this would prolly affect her more than anyone.

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3d dot heroes on ps3 was zelda-like and a more recent one is hyper light drifter

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I think Tasha's tracer was a little better

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Dat EVGA Classy <3

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"It will literally take hundreds of hours to earn the items you want."

Isn't that the point of the rewards? To have someone keep playing the game or to give them an incentive to keep playing? I'm not defending their business model and I don't agree with it either. I'm just wondering you're complaining about something people don't NEED to do.

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But.....that doesn't make sense for overwatch. You can get loot boxes just by leveling up, you don't NEED to buy it.

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Lol I was thinking the same thing. If it's not it's gonna be a game just like dynasty warriors in a different skin just like all their other lame games.

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