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I just tried Toukiden Kiwami demo for vita. Looks like they upgrade the graphic a bit because it looks more sharper and detail compare to the original one.

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"Still waiting for Trails in the Sky 2, wondering if it will EVER come to the west though"

You can relax. From Xseed blog they said they are on track on releasing TitS 2 for this year. They will always update their blog / official site when they have more news about TitS 2.

I heard good things about Tokyo Ghost Hunters and planning on getting it as soon as i finish with my huge backlog.

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That's why lately i lower my visit for N4G, because i only seen half ass articles like this or the usual console wars.

I just want normal gaming news and respectful discussion without some troll barge in and posting crap. But i don't think i will see that in N4G.

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In the 1st place, big western devs such as EA, Activision, Ubisoft, R*, etc never put that much attention for handheld. You can compare how many NDS & PSP games comes from western devs VS japanese devs. I'm sure you will find out that japanese devs is the one who gave more support for NDS & PSP.

Now, you can do the same thing with 3DS and Vita. How many big western devs produce high quality title for 3DS and Vita compare to what japanese devs did with both handhel...

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Let them be...

Maybe by giving me disagrees can make those vita haters sleep well at night and having a beautifull dreams. Let them be.

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Lol than you still dumb to believe Sasha Hostyn as a female when in fact she's a trans. Just figures from people with the name "BABY" lol.

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I'm not a gaming journalist but i can put more than 3 vita games in that list:

- Danganronpa: Another Episode
- Danganronpa 3
- Tokyo Xanadu
- Saga 2015
- Senran Kagura Estival Versus
- Corpe Party: Blood Drive
- Steins;Gate
- Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 2nd chapter
- Ys 8
- Sword Art Online: Last Song
- Lost Dimension
- Ray Gigant
- Demon Gaze ...

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You really should grow up! I've heard some dumb comments but yours just seems soo stupid. Bubble down for stupidity :)

And FYI, Sasha Hostyn is not women. She's a trans.

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Not just you mate

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Well said. Bubs+

From this article we knew that feminazis / SJW didn't want gender equality in video games. Their true agenda is just want to shove the idea that "female was better than male" to everyone's throat :(

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Lol what a cute troll ^^

Last month PS4 owners already got The Order and i seen a lot of them enjoying the game.

Continue with this month, after the amazing Helldivers, PS4 owners need to prepare for another amazing exclusive such as Bloodborne, MLB 15, and Toukiden Kiwami. Also, i'm sure there are more JRPG fans that owns PS4 compare to X1 and decided on buying FF Type-0 HD over BF Hardline.

So i'm not sure why you need to troll when...

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"I read somewhere that the boss fights were too easy though compared to Demons souls"

Than you shouldn't believe it. Tons of people died a lot when they fought Cleric Beast and that's only the 1st boss in Bloodborne.

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"however I'm a little unnerved that there are no shields in the game"

They already confirmed there will be shield in Bloodborne, but the function will be limited unlike Demon / Dark Souls.

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I don't see a big group of PS4 users complaining about UC4 delay. Which mean PS4 users knew they still have a lot of fun and promosing games to play for this year alone ;)

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Gonna try it with my oled vita!

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Edge got 40 hours and they still didn't finish it. They even not touch the Chalice dungeon yet. So i take this 40 hours to complete from unknown gaming site as BS. They even didn't said is this including NG+, co-op, PvP, collecting all weapons, etc.

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You need to fix your logic

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"Not one game on that list comes close to a megaton AAA game like Uncharted"

You should add "IN MY OPINION" because i'm sure not everyone thinks Uncharted is more megaton than Persona, Disgaea, Dragon Quest, or Bloodborne and that's the beauty of Playstation. Every PS users are free to choose their megaton games.

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If they want my bubbles than go ahead.

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Yup. I could add Yakuza 0 and God Eater 2 Rage Burst on the list for PS4 users who can understand japanese.

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