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It would be cool if they're using 2D sprite again and i hope the story would continue after SF III. I mean, Ken already had a successor (Sean) and it's about time Ryu have his own successor. #10
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Bloodborne ranked 30??? Sigh, come on japan you can do better than that :/

But yeah games like Demon / Dark Souls never gain a lot of attention on there. #5
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German deserve the title. They always show great football as a team and scored a lot of goals. On the other hand, Argentina play too defensive, rely too much on Messi, and they had very rough tackles. They deserve to lose. #8
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Yeah 200k+ is a good number for a new IP in japan and cmiiw this numbers only retail copy. We don't know how much japanese player bought it from PSN. So i think it's safe to say the game can reach 500k (more or less) in a couple of month. Hopefully western players can help the game reach 1 million copies. Sony said they will make it as a series if the game can reach that number... #12.1
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Great game and so far one of the best i played on this year. I hope Ubisoft make a sequel with WW II story. #3
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My personal top ten list:

1) Patapon
2) Crisis Core
3) Jeanne D'Arc
4) Lunar Silver Star Harmony
5) GoW: Chains of Olympus
6) MGS Peace Walker
7) FF Tactics: War of the Lion
8) Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
9) YS 7
10) Wild Arms XF #6
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One of the best FF i ever played, along with FF IV, VI, VII, X, and Tactics. #2
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Yeah, back in the old days fighting games is a staple of every console. Capcom, Arc Sys, SNK, Hudson, SEGA, even Square had their own fighting games. But far we only seen FPS >.< #12.2.1
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Both games are awesome. I played Star Gladiator on arcade and Toshinden on PS1 with my friends. Damn, i missed the old days... #12.1.1
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Looking good. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. #2
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Ken Kutaragi, the coolest and handsome man in the world! #8
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"a lot of the magic in FF was lost when they started using voice actors and being overly cinematic"

Nope, it's nothing to do with putting voice actors or cinematic cutscenes. FF was lost because:

1) SE doesn't knew how to manage their development schedule and focused their very best talent on one big FF project.

2) They lack visionary like Sakaguchi who knew how to make Final Fantasy games. Nomura is good, but imho his not o... #25.1
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I only wait for XV and after that...i think i should stop my journey with FF series.

I mean, i've waited like 3-4 years for FF XIII and the result is dissapointing. And when i decided to wait for Versus because it looks more promising compare to XIII than here i am. 8-9 years later i still can't play Versus / XV.

But on the other hand SE can make two sequel for XIII. My other self said: "Ok f* this SE. I don't want to wait another 8 years f... #22
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A big fans of Tales and already followed the series from Destiny on PS1. So yeah, i'm excited for Xillia 2 & Hearts R. #8
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The majority of gaming journalist this days are crap. The old days still much much better. #12.1.1
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Dear author: it have a lot of individual games, please do your research. #12
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"PSP only sold alot due to piracy"

Are you kidding me???

A lot of people bought it because it has a lot of amazing game. Crisis Core, KH BBS, GTA liberty & vice city, Jeanne D'Arc, Patapon, etc. Not to mention it can play PS1 classic too.

And obviously PSP isn' a failure. It sold 80+ million worldwide. N64, GC, and original Xbox can't even reach that number! #1.1.5
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Bloody Roar
Power Stone
Rival School
Fighting Viper
Star Gladiator
Art of Fighting
Fatal Fury
Samurai Shodown
Battle Arena Toshinden

Oh man there's a lot of fighting games that needs a revival. I even worried that Sega will forget Virtua Fighter, since they still silence about VF6 >.< #12
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I enjoy Leon and Ada campaign. But if only they scrap Jake & Chris campaign, remove Helena and put Sherry / Ada / Claire / maybe Jill as Leon partner, cut the ammount of QTE, put some good puzzles, than i think it will be better than RE 5. #3
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And you will miss a lot of gameplay element like social link, search and creating new Persona, fighting tough enemies, etc. #3.2.2
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