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Ever heard Demon's Souls, From Software, Sony Japan Studio, and Hidetaka Miyazaki? #3.4
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1) Persona 5 already far in development for PS3 before Sony distribute PS4 dev kits to Atlus. So it's impossible to make it as PS4 exclusive. Except, you want Atlus to scrapt Persona 5 and delay it for a couple more years just like SE did with FF XV.

2) With cross gen for PS3 + PS4, Sony along with Atlus/Sega still gain a lot of benefit. They can satisfy people who own PS3 but not ready to make a jump for PS4, people who own both PS3 & PS4, a... #1.2
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The author desrcibe it CRYSTAL CLEAR in the article that The Order using the same system like Gears. That's why he thinks the game is Gears clone, but not as good as Gears.

Seriously, english isn't my 1st language but how the hell i'm missing something like that? ROTFL.

"You may find you actually like it more than the reviewer and that is what mattered"

You make it like all reviewer will gave bad review to The Order. Bu... #17.1.1
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Why this journalist act like Gears of War is the 1st game who invented the cover system and all games who used the cover system means Gears clone?

Did they never play Kill Switch, MGS, Time Crisis, or games before Gears that used cover system? #17
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"If it can happen to Final Fantasy, it can happen to any series"

Yes it could happen to any series. But sorry mate i disagree. If FF hold that power to influence all JRPG of how they should took the action-RPG route, than why i still don't see that happening to series such as Legend of Heroes, Etrian Odyssey, SMT/Persona, Atelier, Disgaea, or Fire Emblem series? Even the latest title for Sakura Wars, Wild Arms, Growlanser, or Lunar still not touching the action-... #3.5
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What makes you think sony didn't heavily advertised Bloodborne? Did you not see that giant booth that sony made for Bloodborne in TGS?

"they really should have aimed to release this game at November or December"

The game not finish yet and i don't want to... #3.3
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Yeah, i hope MM making 'mature' games like CoD where kids swearing each other, dropping F-bomb, and comparing their e-penis...oh wait. #2.6
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@Dark Ocelot

Just buy what Namdai can localize right now such as Graces f, Xillia 1 & 2, Symphonia Chronicles, Hearts R, and Zestiria, and maybe we will have Vesperia for PS4/Vita in english. #1.1.2
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It still playable and the reason why the localization isn't that good because Namdai had little time to localize Hollow Fragment when they want to release the game closely with SAO 2nd season.

But Tales series always have good translation. If you play the latest Tales, Xillia 2, than you can expect Hearts R will have good translation too. #1.1
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Not all people have a lot of money like you all_consoles.

Supporting 3 video game console + 2 handheld while you still need to pay all your daily life such as food, gas, electrictiy, etc is very hard, especially when the economy not very good like this days. #8.1.3
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To make that happen, Konami should hire Yoshitaka Murayama again or atleast put him as a supervisor for Suikoden VI. #17.1
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Just make an HD remaster collection consists of I,II,III,IV,V, and Tactics and if it's a success than they should make Suikoden VI for PS4/Vita. But please don't messed up like they did with SH HD collection or ZoE :( #18
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Likely for mobile/handheld but i doubt they will change it into action-RPG. 6 man party is Suikoden trademark and ARPG not suitable for that. That's why the latest Suikoden for PSP still retain 6 man party and turn based gameplay. The least Konami will do is to make it tactical-RPG like Suikoden Tactics. #3.4
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Yeah and after 8 years SE will removed nomura from KH 3 before the project finished, because nomura want to focused on that new project. Meanwhile the new KH 3 director will make the game more casual. Lol i see the pattern here. #17
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"the PSOn would have not been as successful as it was if it had not been for piracy"


You can pirate a video game console. But if it doesn't have great games to play than no one buy the console. So PS1 succes are all thanks to great games such as GT, RE, FF, MGS, Crash, etc and sony huge support for the console that made a lot of people choose and bought PS1. #3.3
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They did find a way to keep Tidus X-2. But for me what SE did with X-2 is destroying X beautifull ending and that memorable speech from Yuna about people always live in our heart and memories even after they died.

After X, SE can't make the same memorable story like they did with X. I even doubt XV will have memorable story like X or classic FF before X. #3.1
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I got three free games (RE 1, Twisted Metal, & Warhawk) from home and sometimes it's fun to just walking around and see what other people do. I hope sony will make another home with PS4. #31
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Let's see if they can do that with FF XVI or maybe they should bring Bravely series on consoles. But i'm crossing my fingers. #10.1.1
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Clickbait article

I agreed with XIII but Shadow of the Collossus and Arkham City are awesome. Both deserverd those high scores. #18
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Nah. Like godmars said: seven at best. If it's a new IP than i can understand an eight or nine. #4.4
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