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Don't know for other people but this year is one of the best year for me. Lots of exciting gaming news from Bloodborne, Wild, Tomorrow Children, Persona 5, Tales of Zestiria, new Ys, new Zelda, Fatal Frame 5, Silent Hills, Phantom Pain looks awesome, etc.

I also played a lot of great games such as Bravely Default, Tales of Xillia 2, Deception 4, Drakengard 3, SMT IV, Danganronpa, Strider, etc. But there still 3 months left where i need to play games like Alien Isolation,... #4
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"The Tekken 7 roster just keeps growing bigger"
*looks at Catalina*
yeah...the roster...keeps...getting...big ger...emmmm :3 #7
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I bet one bucks that one of Noctis friends will betray him. My money is on Ignis.

Anyway, i craved a medieval / dark knight characters in main FF (not the online number) like Kain from FF IV or the judges from FF XII. Their armor always looks cool compare to boring standard clothes like this one. I wonder if SE will return to medieval setting for FF XVI and hiring Yoshitaka Amano or Akihiko Yoshida as character designers. #11
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The revival of survival horror ^^

We've got Alien Isolation, Until Dawn, Evil Within, RE Remaster + Revelations 2, Fatal Frame 5, Silent Hills, Dying Light, Soma, Alone in the Dark: Illumination, and now this. But hopefully, capcom considering to make Clock Tower 4. The series got MIA on last gen. #4
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New Tenchu and Armored Core pleaseeee >.< #7
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That means we can expect Disgaea 5 english on sept / oct 2015? #1
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This game always reminds me of Nightmare Creatures, which is one of my favourite game on PS1. I hope there will be other enemies beside human and that half breed werewolf. #14
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So...not a single tester in TGS can beat the cleric beast?

Anyway, in this demo we can choose 4 job/character compare to E3/Gamescom who only had 2. The scythe, axe, giant hammer, and dual sword guy. I wonder how many job/character we can have in the retail ver. #8
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"I was referring to the western market more then the eastern one."

For western market i still found a decent amount of exclusives on vita. But you need to remember:

- 3DS got one year head start compare to vita
- PSP more or less in the same position like vita in their 2nd/3rd year

"Most people who want Monster Hunter should have a 3DS by now, that is true. But simply having Psp Monster Hunter titles on Ps Vita does not... #9.3
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I'm watching the 2nd season and so far i quite enjoy it compare to the half (eps 15-25) of the 1st season. If this new game using the Gun Gale Online setting than maybe i will buy it. #8
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"The list of Ps Vita exclusive games is painfully small"

Are you talking vita exclusive from western devs, japanese devs, or both of them?

If you mean from western devs than i agreed it's not much. But if we're talking from japanese devs than i fully disagree.

"For those who do more research, they will see that almost none of the big upcoming third-party games ranging from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to NBA2k15 are comin... #9.2
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- Graphic with 2D style ala Dragon's Crown? check

- Epic music by Hitoshi Sakimoto (Vagrant Story, Tactics Ogre, FF 12, Valkyria Chronicles, Odin Sphere, Dragon's Crown)? check

- Scenario by Kazushige Nojima (FF 7-8-10-15, KH)? check

- Turn based RPG? check

- Single player offline? check

- Will it be localize? hopefully, because the trailer showed english dialogue

Okay i'm sold an... #10
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Yeah, games like Freedom Wars, Oreshika, SAO, Danganronpa, Ys Celceta, Tales of Hearts R, etc are not exist. I'm not even sure when right now i just played some of those games on my vita. But people keep telling me vita has no games over and over again.

/S #6
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Arc Sys made Guilty Gear 2 Overture for 360 and it's a full 3D hack & slash game. So i think this is the 2nd attempt for them to use full 3D, cmiiw. #1.2
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Sigh, this is sad and ridicilous, because i never seen this case when i followed Tales series back in the PS1 era.

Back in PS1 era, Tales fans are very happy if Namco localized the series and not a single one who said "Meh, no english dubs than i'm not buying it!". All fans decided to buy every Tales that got localized so Namco can continue to bring Tales games in the west.

That's why i hope you Lucreto will buy Hearts R and help other Tales... #2.6
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If you want turn-based than you should stop playing FF and start buying Bravely Default and the sequel. #11.2
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It's funny how people like foxtrot who complaint sooo much and saying he will not buying the game, but in every news for Revelations 2 we saw him as the 1st commenter.

Anyway, i'm glad we can switch between Claire and Moira in the fly just like Rebecca & Billy in RE Zero, one of classic RE that got praised a lot by RE fans. #1.3.1
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"its a AI character what you can't control"

Nope, you can switch between Claire and Moira in the fly, just like Rebecca and Billy in RE Zero.

"story is kind of a rip off of code Veronica's prison island"

Classic fans DEMAND a setting like code veronica and capcom fulfill it. But now someone complaining it's a rip-off of classic RE, LMAO.

"I seriously give up with this now"
<... #5.2
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As long as they release the retail version with all episode than i don't have problem. #19
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I'm not worried for graphics. It looks awesome.

But i'm a bit cautious for gameplay. The combat looks good but it a bit slower from the previous trailer. Also, i still don't know why they're not showing interaction with NPC, towns, or mini games. A couple things that i hated from FF XIII are in towns we didn't interact with NPC and it lacks mini games. I hope SE release more info about that. #16
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