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O_O #6
I disagree. Having never tried VR, I can't speak from personal experience, but from what I've seen it seems as though games with cockpit positions, such as racing games and flight/space sims, are where VR thrives. I believe that these types of games would be the most enjoyable because when I'm driving a car or (hypothetically) flying a plane, the only thing that's really moving is my head.

In a first person game, say Skyrim, the VR would probably look very nic... #1.1
If it's interesting to at least one person and gets approved, then I don't see why not. #3.1.2
Hitman Absolution is a video game. #3.1
If it's late 2014 I will cry many tears of happiness. #2.2.1
I feel like the groups name, The Lizard Squad, could be more easily related to a different Spiderman villain. He goes by the name of Lizard... I don't know, maybe that's just me. ;) #3.2
But those reasons are irrelevant because they are different from person to person, and some might disagree that their reasons are more justified than other reasons. So, when it comes down to it, people should just buy the things they want to buy based on their own reasons, not some authors or some articles reasons. #5.1.1
You should only need one reason: because you want to. #5
Were they ever not cool? I think it depends on who you ask, and what card game you're talking about. #1
The guard that Big Boss holds up while on top of a shipping container is wearing a Diamond Dogs arm patch, not a Roughneck Raven patch. I hope that this is just something that hasn't been ironed out yet and will be fixed or changed in the final game, because it doesn't make sense for enemy soldiers to be wearing MY singleplayer armies insignia before I've captured and defected them. #19
I seriously just stood in P.T. and looked at the cigarettes and knickknacks on the dresser because it looked like I was just staring at a picture lol #3.1
The Batman Arkham Knight gameplay is testament to that. Easily one of the most gorgeous looking games I've seen... #2.1
Both western and Japanese RPGs can coexist in harmony though! I wouldn't like the world as much if it didn't have the likes of Persona or Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. Same with Elder Scrolls and Deus Ex and Fallout. RPGs of any kind are okay with me :) #6.2
That's what I was thinking. Whenever I see a video of this on Youtube and the like, it's pretty choppy. But I would recommend downloading some direct-feed gameplay from gamersyde or something if you want to see what the game truly looks like. No choppiness in those, and I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best looking games I've ever seen. #3.2.2
Yeah, lol. I saw the leaked video, but I was just wondering if this article had something exclusive or whatever. I really don't understand why I can't load this stupid website... #3.2.2
Videogamer's website never loads for my ISP... it's irritating. Anyone else with a similar problem, and maybe even a solution?

OT: If someone could summarize what this article is about, that'd be much appreciated. #3
That's why you invest in security to stop them from stealing a lot of resources and alerting you to their presence. Or, if it's annoying for you either way, you could always just play offline. #1.3.2
I think that the Big Boss fighting Big Boss thing *could* be cool, but only if there's some sort of cosmetic customization the player can do to Big Boss. Like, maybe my Big Boss is wearing his infiltration suit when I'm sneaking into another players Mother Base because I want to be less noticeable, but their Big Boss is in more casual clothes like a CQC Training outfit or something (an outfit he'd only wear at Mother Base or whatever). I think that something like this could make i... #1.1.3
Unfortunately, I think the leaked video is what's being planned for reveal on Thursday. But, honestly, I think what's leaked looks really interesting. I can't wait to infiltrate other players bases to steal their resources and whatnot, only to strengthen my own defenses of Mother Base.

As for MGO3, I think it'll be revealed later on, maybe at the VGAs or something? Can't wait for more news on that, either. #1.1
This actually looks really cool. It's like a 1v1 against another player with all the odds stacked against you, but if you can manage to steal a lot of their stuff it's totally worth it. The tension will be real!

Easily my most anticipated game. #1
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