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Same. From everything I've read, it seems that they are really going back to Blood Money roots with the style of levels and gameplay, and that's an amazing thing. And, I mean, you could always wait until all of the content is out and experience it as a full package (my will is too weak to wait, though). #1.1
If you don't want to experience this game in an episodic format, there's always the option to wait until December (or whenever all of the content is released) and play it as a full package... for the same price of a full game... while other people purchasing the pieces has no effect on you at all...

Other games (i.e. all Tell Tale games and a few others) do this, so why condemn another developer for doing it without evening seeing the results first? Who knows?! It ju... #2.1
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Playing on the harder difficulty, I thought the runes were really useful. Having constantly enhanced weapons/armor, and not having to cast Quen upon entering battle really makes life easier on Death March. Some of the other runes looked useful too, depending on the player's character build. #1.1
I think this is supposed to be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, not Ground Zeroes... #1
I feel like I've been hearing about this game since... forever? #5
I doubt Fassbender's read every Marvel comic that features Magneto either, but he seems to play that role really well. The character that he's playing in this film should be enough of a character to stand on its own, and if it isn't then the movie is doomed either way, regardless of whether or not he's played the games. This needs to be a good movie, not just a good "video game" movie. #11
I'm with DarkOcelet; games released in the summer months are nice because it gives people something to play, rather than waiting for all of the fall releases. Some recent summer successes: Arkham Knight, The Last of Us, and The Witcher 3 (late May), just to name a few.

The only thing that I think will hurt FFXV coming out around June is that I am pretty sure Persona 5 is slotted for the same time. I'll buy both anyway, but two (probably massive) JRPGs coming out in t... #1.3.2
I haven't used VR of any kind yet, but I am extremely hopeful for its implications, especially in cock-pit style games. Flying through space in a game like Elite: Dangerous or EVE would be awesome. Same thing with playing a racing sim.

Features outside of gaming also seem promising (virtual tours and whatnot). Really excited to try one of these headsets ASAP! #3
I am concerned about gaming, but shouting at Sony to lower the prices on games isn't going to make it happen. Especially when the games are (most likely) selling well. If you're so concerned with the price tag of $15 on an optional purchase, the only thing you can do is not buy it and try to come up with a compelling argument as to why others shouldn't as well. Insulting me on the Internet and claiming I don't care about games is no way to do that, but that's your prerogat... #6.3.1
"trophy support doesn't make a game worth $10 more than it should... They are over priced."

Then... then don't buy them? What's the problem here? Obviously some people think they're fairly priced, and it'll stay that way so long as people are buying them... of their own free will... with their own money... probably having fun with their purchase. #9.1.7
@AntsPai, neither is my PS4? No where in the PS4's marketing was there the claim that games from the PS2 would be playable on the system. And now, with these downloadable PS2 games, they aren't claiming backwards comparability either. Rather, they're providing an option to play PS2 games that can be purchased directly from the PS Store... and this is an option. Not forced. They could have not done it at all, yet here we are: entitled, whining gamers with a plethora of gaming optio... #8.1.5
Instead of just insulting me, how about you try and make a compelling argument that can make me understand? I haven't even purchased any of these PS2 games on the PS4 because, guess what, I own them already and have a functioning PS2. If I want to play them I'll just plug in the machine they were made for. But say someone just got into gaming and wants to try out some of the PS2 era GTA games? The option is there for them on the PS4... I don't understand why people like you just w... #6.1.1
If you wanna play the "PS2 disc you already have and bought years ago" then why don't you play those games on the PS2 you probably bought with them?

Why do people feel entitled that a machine that came out in 2013 should play discs that ran on a machine that came out in 2000? My iPod doesn't play cassette tapes, my blu-ray player doesn't play VHS tapes... but I can go on my iPod and BUY those songs again, or I can access Amazon on my blu-ray player and... #8.1
I don't understand the frustration with these price points. If you are upset that Sony's asking $15 to play a PS2 game on the PS4 then the solution is simple: don't buy the game. If you own the game already on the original PS2 disc, then the solution is also simple: bust out your PS2 and play the damn game. I mean, you can't shove a GameCube disc into the Wii U and have it work, yet no one is outraged about that? You also can't shove an Xbox disc into and Xbox One and have... #6
@Hoffmann, if you don't want to pay for the PS2 games on the PS4 because you already own them physically, have you thought about plugging in your PS2 and playing them?

Just a thought. #1.1.7
I'm thankful for the shear volume of choice in video games today. It's never been a better time to be a gamer. I'm also thankful for my hands... boy, do I love my hands. #79
I'm really hoping they bring back Rescue Mission and maybe even Sneaking Mission with Snake v Red v Blue, though I feel like it'd be really hard for Snake in this game. #1.1
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Never actually played Peace Walker because I didn't own it on PSP. Got it on my Vita but the level design just felt so fragmented and, well... portable. That's not to say I don't enjoy the story of Peace Walker; I've watched it all the way through multiple times by people who live stream the entire MGS saga. It really is a crucial game to understanding the story of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. #1.1.1
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I think only games that you have installed from a disc transfer over if you choose to back up your hard drive before replacing it. Downloaded games from the store don't transfer, as far as I know. #3.1.1
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They just added them to my Gwent deck, and that's if you're missing the Havekar Healer cards (there are 3 of them). If you had every card up to that point and the trophy/achievement doesn't unlock, just play a game of Gwent with a random merchant and win, it unlocked for me as soon as I did that.

Finally have the plat for this game... it's been a long time coming with all of the Gwent card bugs I had to deal with. Looks like this update finally squashed all of... #9.1
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