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I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the Zelda formula, because I do. But the recent console iterations just haven't really resonated with me as much as A Link Between Worlds did. To each his own, I suppose. :P #2.2.1
That's what I liked about A Link Between Worlds. They gave you the tools to do anything right off the bat. I wasn't forced to go the "Forest Dungeon" or something first, find the Slingshot, then beat the boss with that item. I decided where I wanted to go, in whatever order I wanted, and with whatever items I wanted. I didn't know if I was doing it in the "right" order, and that's what made it feel like I was actually discovering things, not just going thro... #2.1.1
Recent console Zelda titles have, but A Link Between Worlds brought the sense of discovery back in full force. #2
I actually feel like it'll drop on the PS4 the same time as Reign of Giants, but I don't think that people will have to pay for the multiplayer portion. Just like, an update that installs the files for Reign of Giants and multiplayer simultaneously. The multiplayer will be unlocked without the purchase of Reign of Giants, but RoG won't be unlocked until purchased... if that makes sense. I just think that it'd be silly for them to charge for a multiplayer that will most likely... #5.1.1
Don't Starve multiplayer; making a great game even better, if you ask me! #4
If you have a PS3, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a pretty good Zelda "clone." It's like classic Zelda; so top-down gameplay and whatnot. It's really good though, solid gameplay and I found it's writing to be pretty clever and humorous. #3.2
You should try A Link Between Worlds if you have a 3DS or 2DS. It's really great. #3.1
I thought the Rent/Buy system in A Link Between Worlds was great.

Almost all of the Zelda games are "open-world," especially the 3D ones. But really they were quite linear. You'd go to an area of the map and see a dungeon or somewhere that you couldn't get into and instead of trying to figure out a way to get in, Zelda's play style just trained you to go to the dungeon you could get into until you got the item that was obviously made for the other dungeo... #2.1
Good god, if I get into this I will be so happy I might cry. #1
Why would I hate to admit that I loved these games? Most of them are really fun, and just because they aren't Call of Duty or something doesn't mean that I'm embarrassed to say that I like them. That's just ridiculous. #3
Pretty much everything about this gameplay footage looks like the quintessential Metal Gear Solid experience. Can't wait to plan my own infiltration's, explore the environments for secrets, and build up my own Mother Base! Not to mention experiencing Big Boss's transformation, which I think will be one of the most interesting plot elements of any Metal Gear game. Really excited for this! #3
I think that, considering the scope of GTA V and the fact that it's a last gen game, the graphics of it were extremely impressive. I still think's one of the best looking open-world games.

On-topic: I really liked L.A. Noire when I played it. Loved the facial capture that essentially drove the whole experience forward. A truly unique game. Personally, I might have scored it a little higher (mostly because I thought the graphics were far above average for their time),... #2.1.1
Personally, I'd love to see The Last Guardian with either a demo or gameplay trailer. Demon's Souls II would be huge! Then, obviously, Uncharted and whatever Sony Santa Monica is working on.

Resurgences of old titles like Crash and Jak would also probably make the crowd (and myself) go nuts. Less than a week now! Can't wait... #6
I've been asking for a Bully 2 since I finished the original. Easily one of my favorite Playstation 2 games ever made. #2.1.1
The Karting game I've played the most is either Mario Kart 64 or ModNation Racers. Mario Kart 64 was basically my competitive racer as a child, and ModNation had amazing editing tools. I spent so many hours building and designing tracks, then sharing them with my friends. Really great games. #6
I would agree with this score completely. The gameplay, overall, is really fun and engaging. My only complaint with the gameplay is the driving bits. I like the driving; it feels more grounded than GTA V or IV. The cars handle nicely and are undeniably quick. But having to "Takedown" other car adversaries is extremely tedious, especially in Pawnee or other suburban areas where the hacks are fewer than those in the city. I never knew that I'd miss shooting while driving so much.... #1
Of Tomb Raider? No. I'm just saying that the PC and Definitive Editions of the game are great. It's graphical fidelity is really amazing I thought, even for a "cross-gen" title. So the new one should have no problems pushing those boundaries even farther, given the new technology is much less limiting.

I originally played the game on PS3, and I thought it was fantastic then too. #4.2.1
I would be extremely excited if either of these games got announced at E3.

Tomb Raider, especially the PC and Definitive versions, was such a great game. In the new one, I'd like a lot more tomb/puzzle elements, as I felt that those were few and far between in the most recent iteration.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was, and still is, one of my favorite stealth games of last generation. The Director's Cut really cleaned up the sloppy boss fights from the... #4
If you have an Xbox 360 or a capable PC, I highly recommend The Witcher 2. Fantastic RPG, not to mention it goes on sale almost every month on either GOG, Steam, or Amazon for about $5. #2.1.1
GTA V is a great looking game, probably one of the best on last-gen, but I don't think it looks better than Watch_Dogs on next-gen or PC. This is why I wanted a last-gen comparison, because I haven't seen much last-gen Watch_Dogs. I have seen Watch_Dogs on PC with my own eyes, however, and I can say that it easily tops GTA V in almost all areas on High settings. Ubisoft has stated that Watch_Dogs on the next-gen consoles is the equivalent of PC High settings, just with 900p/792p resol... #15.1.1
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