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I'm thankful for the shear volume of choice in video games today. It's never been a better time to be a gamer. I'm also thankful for my hands... boy, do I love my hands. #79
I'm really hoping they bring back Rescue Mission and maybe even Sneaking Mission with Snake v Red v Blue, though I feel like it'd be really hard for Snake in this game. #1.1
Never actually played Peace Walker because I didn't own it on PSP. Got it on my Vita but the level design just felt so fragmented and, well... portable. That's not to say I don't enjoy the story of Peace Walker; I've watched it all the way through multiple times by people who live stream the entire MGS saga. It really is a crucial game to understanding the story of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. #1.1.1
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I think only games that you have installed from a disc transfer over if you choose to back up your hard drive before replacing it. Downloaded games from the store don't transfer, as far as I know. #3.1.1
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They just added them to my Gwent deck, and that's if you're missing the Havekar Healer cards (there are 3 of them). If you had every card up to that point and the trophy/achievement doesn't unlock, just play a game of Gwent with a random merchant and win, it unlocked for me as soon as I did that.

Finally have the plat for this game... it's been a long time coming with all of the Gwent card bugs I had to deal with. Looks like this update finally squashed all of... #9.1
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If anything, they're inadvertently giving Kojima almost all the credit for making this game (which he and his team deserve). By making a big deal out of his name being on the box, and trying to slyly remove it, they've brought a giant searchlight to them where one wasn't before. And since no one internally is talking about what actually happened between Kojima and Konami, the only thing people can do is speculate. All the evidence points to Kojima being wronged in some way, and Ko... #1.2
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"Players will now be able to complete the Card Collector achievement."

Praying that this means the multiple 'missable' Gwent cards will be available by other means once they've mysteriously disappeared from the world altogether. The only cards I need are all three Hav'caaren Medics or Healers or whatever they are in the actual game, as many guides I've seen aren't sure of their names or locations... #1
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I think it means comparatively... like, if you played through your first time on the hard difficulty, then when you play through again on hard with New Game +, then the enemies will be tougher than just normal game hard.

I mean, obviously if you go from hard to easy, even with New Game +, the enemies are likely to get easier than you're used to, not harder. #1.1
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I just felt like about two thirds of the way through the game, something happens that feels "final," followed by a "but wait, there's more!" Maybe that was just me?

And I'll admit that Ripley getting into cabinets and whatnot wasn't on the quiet side, but it seems strange that they'd make it so reckless. I mean, when you're being chased and your only option is to get into a contextual hiding spot, the rushed manner in which she enters... #2.1.1
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I feel like the game was just a tad bit long, or at least it felt like it on the hardest difficulty. Also, the Alien's AI was weird sometimes. For example, every time I would get into a contextual hiding spot like a cabinet or something, the Alien would suddenly start checking such places. Whereas before entering hiding places he would simply roam around, not checking them. Once I realized that the Alien only checked those places when I was hiding in them, I stopped using them altogether.... #2
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Not necessarily. It's just a matter of how badly I want the game. If I want it badly enough to pre-order, I go with Amazon because they don't charge me immediately. My examples just happen to be special editions because those are the most recent games I've pre-ordered. #2.2.2
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I pre-order special editions of games on Amazon because they don't charge you anything until a few days before the games come out. For example, I have both the Pipboy Edition of Fallout 4 and the Collector's Edition of The Phantom Pain pre-ordered, and it hasn't cost me anything yet, but it's reserved me items that are sold out at almost all locations, including Amazon now.

Obviously, these games have release dates. The only game that I've pre-ordered wit... #2.2
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From what I've seen/read/heard it's like, collect a variety of resources from a variety of different locations and trade those resources for currency. Discover locations/species/objects and sell that information for currency. Use the currency to upgrade your ship/armor/weapons so that you can make it to the center of the galaxy.

Also, there are AI traders, pirates, and other unknown factions that do things (apparently) and react to your existence (double apparently).... #3.2
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Graphics always matter, but not in the way that some people might think. I care about a game's graphical fidelity, but not whether said game's graphics are 'realistic' or not. I look for whether or not the graphics enhance the art style of the game, and if the game calls for realism, then the graphics should reflect that. A game like Cuphead certainly doesn't have realistic graphics, but it does look phenomenal.

As for Fallout 4, I think that the graphics... #3
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I disagree with all of this, except for the Japanese subtitles hanging awkwardly in the bottom portion of the letterbox. I'd rather just have an option to switch between English and Japanese audio.

The rest of the trailer was great though, and I really liked the voice over. I think it set the tone of the game really well, while also echoing the real life craving for this game. And the music was great too, the chimes at the end gave me chills, as that music is part of the... #3
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Most likely because Apple paid them to make it exclusive to Apple devices, at least for the time being. As an Android user, it's a bit annoying, but it's just business and I can understand why they'd have a timed-release window on Apple devices: money.

I hope it'll come to Android though, it looks like a lot of fun! #2.2
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Huh, I didn't know that. But I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I had been playing it for 8 days. The devs said that it would take about 200 hours to complete the game, and 8 days is just shy of that. Who knows though? All that really matters is that I played the hell out of this game and loved every second of it :^) #2.1.1
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This is the main reason I don't like scoring games on a number scale. People like to think that if a game gets a 10/10 then it's a 'perfect' game. Obviously, there will never be a perfect game because so many different types of games exist, with so many different criteria for what makes those specific games good.

I'd rather score a game with a letter or something. Saying a game is an 'A' game seems more appropriate to me, but even this has its flaw... #3.2.1
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Great review! This game really is a masterpiece. I've played it basically non-stop since the day it was released. Once it was all said and done, I checked my in-game time on the character stats menu... 8 days I'd been playing the game. That's more time than I spend with most multiplayer games, and I'm far from finished with it; still have many, MANY question marks left on the map.

I suppose my only complaint is that some of the bugs are trophy/achievement bre... #2
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this generation isn't holding itself back... people that think that every game should be consistent with PC Ultra settings for a <=$400 price tag are misguided.


this also has to do with my response about people's expectations of console games that are also developed for PC. It's about finding a balance; CDPR didn't develop The Witcher 3 for PS3/X360 because the game wouldn't have been technically... #1.2.6
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