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Graphics always matter, but not in the way that some people might think. I care about a game's graphical fidelity, but not whether said game's graphics are 'realistic' or not. I look for whether or not the graphics enhance the art style of the game, and if the game calls for realism, then the graphics should reflect that. A game like Cuphead certainly doesn't have realistic graphics, but it does look phenomenal.

As for Fallout 4, I think that the graphics... #3
I disagree with all of this, except for the Japanese subtitles hanging awkwardly in the bottom portion of the letterbox. I'd rather just have an option to switch between English and Japanese audio.

The rest of the trailer was great though, and I really liked the voice over. I think it set the tone of the game really well, while also echoing the real life craving for this game. And the music was great too, the chimes at the end gave me chills, as that music is part of the... #3
Most likely because Apple paid them to make it exclusive to Apple devices, at least for the time being. As an Android user, it's a bit annoying, but it's just business and I can understand why they'd have a timed-release window on Apple devices: money.

I hope it'll come to Android though, it looks like a lot of fun! #2.2
Huh, I didn't know that. But I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I had been playing it for 8 days. The devs said that it would take about 200 hours to complete the game, and 8 days is just shy of that. Who knows though? All that really matters is that I played the hell out of this game and loved every second of it :^) #2.1.1
This is the main reason I don't like scoring games on a number scale. People like to think that if a game gets a 10/10 then it's a 'perfect' game. Obviously, there will never be a perfect game because so many different types of games exist, with so many different criteria for what makes those specific games good.

I'd rather score a game with a letter or something. Saying a game is an 'A' game seems more appropriate to me, but even this has its flaw... #3.2.1
Great review! This game really is a masterpiece. I've played it basically non-stop since the day it was released. Once it was all said and done, I checked my in-game time on the character stats menu... 8 days I'd been playing the game. That's more time than I spend with most multiplayer games, and I'm far from finished with it; still have many, MANY question marks left on the map.

I suppose my only complaint is that some of the bugs are trophy/achievement bre... #2

this generation isn't holding itself back... people that think that every game should be consistent with PC Ultra settings for a <=$400 price tag are misguided.


this also has to do with my response about people's expectations of console games that are also developed for PC. It's about finding a balance; CDPR didn't develop The Witcher 3 for PS3/X360 because the game wouldn't have been technically... #1.2.6
If it's cross-gen, then it will inevitably hold current-gen back, in one way or another. The only thing that being cross-gen allows the developers/publishers to do is throw more money at the project because they're hitting a larger audience, but that doesn't change the fact that last-gen is severely outdated. #1.2
If you're talking about the woman innkeeper in White Orchard disappearing, then it's a bummer that they're not looking into the problem. For me, she's completely absent from the game well before the credits roll. I planned on getting the Gwent cards near or around the end of the game, but her not being there puts that on an indefinite hold. Like you, I might just have to get the Gwent cards my second time around.

Oh well, at least Gwent (and the entire game)... #8.1
PSN usually updates on Tuesday afternoons on the East Coast of the US, around 6 pm or so; though I don't think that affects when individual game updates gets pushed through. #1.1.1
So, Dragon Age: Inquisition should get the same points knocked off for it's big zones? From what I've seen, the 'zones' in The Witcher 3 are enormous; much bigger than most open-world games and their entire maps. I guess I'll see for myself in a week. #1.2.1
Being anymore excited about this would not be healthy for me. #1
I don't know what to be more excited for: the fact that this game is almost here and it'll probably be the definitive fantasy RPG for quite some time, or the fact, now that CD Projekt is done with the Witcher series, they can finally start talking about, and showing off, Cyberpunk 2077. #5.1
I know that people reviewing the game already have their hands on it, and that CD Projekt said the embargo lifts a week before release. I'm expecting to see reviews go up on the morning of Tuesday. And I'm also expecting extremely high scores; any dev that allows a game to be reviewed that far before release (which I think any dev that's proud of their game should do) has nothing to worry about from the critics. #2.1
The Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS trailer looked really awful. I've played the actual game recently and I'd say it looks a lot better than that trailer. More realistic animations, better overall lighting, etc. MGS4 was one of the first games on the PS3 that really blew me away in the graphical department. #6
I am disappoint. #4
Lights out till release. Too much info flooding in on this game; I want some things to surprise me while I play. Though, nothing in terms of story has really been spoiled for me, so that's great. #2
The last couple chapters of Bravely Default were ridiculous. One of the few JRPGs where I actually had to get to max level to beat it, though I played on Hard. I probably spent a good 15+ hours grinding in that game... #1.1
Can't wait to play Team Sneak again... I regret not taking advantage of the last couple weeks MGO2 was still online. #1
Laughing at someone for wanting to create meaningful characters in video games? The height of comedy... /s #3
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