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Both the Paris and Sapienza levels are among the best in the Hitman franchise. And, being a busy college student (though, the semester has just ended), the episodic format works out for the most part; gives me something to look forward to each month, and considering that each level is really replayable, there's a lot to be excited about.

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The boss fights were pretty bad... but in the Director's Cut of Human Revolution they added more options to take them out before the fights actually happened. Made all of them a lot better.

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Definitely. The gameplay is quite good, and Metal Gear Online is a fun distraction for a while (yes, it's a free update, though the Cloaked in Silence DLC is, well, DLC). If you're in Metal Gear solely for the story, however, then this one might not be up your alley. It's focused almost entirely on gameplay, with story bits here and there, and a lot of them somewhat unsatisfying.

But it's a great game, regardless. Super fun to play, and totally worth that pri...

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Those blue skies... can't wait for this!

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I've been playing the first episode for probably about 20 hours now and I have to say, I think this might be the best Hitman level in ages (maybe ever). It's extremely dense, with a lot of variability when it comes to taking down the targets. The player is really rewarded with taking their time and planning a great hit. If the rest of the episodes are anything like this one, 2016's Hitman might be the best one yet.

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This is one of the first UE4 "recreations" that I actually like... this looks really good and it's apparent that the creator put in a lot of effort making this. Awesome job!

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I'm not sure this is something they can necessarily "fix." From what I've heard, and the brief time I've spent with VR, it seems that either you get motion sick or you don't (though, with some games it may have to do with the FOV, but that seems easy to remedy). Some people will have a higher tolerance for motion sickness, others will need to build a tolerance, and unfortunately some may never be able to play some VR games because of motion sickness. It's a new t...

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They obviously learned *a lot*! The melee in Uncharted 4, from the gameplay shown, looks much more impactful; definitely along the lines of The Last of Us'... which has some of the most brutal and hard-hitting hand-to-hand combat in any game.

Also, it seems like they've put in areas that can be cleared or bypassed without killing every enemy (this is from like the earliest gameplay footage in the jungle). I could be wrong here, but the level design seems to be much mo...

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I think it depends on which difficulty you played on. Playing on the hardest difficulty, I had to grind quite a bit, but with the ability to speed up battles, it didn't really feel all that heavy.

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One of my most anticipated games this year! The sooner, the better. I have no doubt this expansion will be amazing.

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Really looking forward to this game. Love the Hitman series, even Absolution (for different reason than Blood Money or the previous games).

I think that seven episodes will be pretty good, considering that they're bringing back Contracts mode and adding Elusive Targets, which seems really cool/challenging. Not to mention the in-game challenges within each level.

Should be fun.

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Just recently got to try the Vive. It was pretty cool, considering it was my first VR experience.

One complaint (and it's pretty minor): the resolution seemed a little low, like I could see pixels at first but gradually it became less of a problem the more I used it. I mean, this is to be expected because my face is literally right in front of a screen.

As for the video, of the demos they're trying here, I played the Whale one and it was actually rea...

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Don't hold R1?

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I wanna beta key ya feel?

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Same. From everything I've read, it seems that they are really going back to Blood Money roots with the style of levels and gameplay, and that's an amazing thing. And, I mean, you could always wait until all of the content is out and experience it as a full package (my will is too weak to wait, though).

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If you don't want to experience this game in an episodic format, there's always the option to wait until December (or whenever all of the content is released) and play it as a full package... for the same price of a full game... while other people purchasing the pieces has no effect on you at all...

Other games (i.e. all Tell Tale games and a few others) do this, so why condemn another developer for doing it without evening seeing the results first? Who knows?! It ju...

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Playing on the harder difficulty, I thought the runes were really useful. Having constantly enhanced weapons/armor, and not having to cast Quen upon entering battle really makes life easier on Death March. Some of the other runes looked useful too, depending on the player's character build.

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I think this is supposed to be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, not Ground Zeroes...

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I feel like I've been hearing about this game since... forever?

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I doubt Fassbender's read every Marvel comic that features Magneto either, but he seems to play that role really well. The character that he's playing in this film should be enough of a character to stand on its own, and if it isn't then the movie is doomed either way, regardless of whether or not he's played the games. This needs to be a good movie, not just a good "video game" movie.

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