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I love the fact that Dragon Age: Inquisition is on sale for less than Watch_Dogs; a game that came out far before Dragon Age and, if I'm comparing apples to oranges (which I am, in this case), a game that I consider to be inferior to Inquisition.

I guess that just shows you how much more popular open-world shooters are when compared to fantasy RPGs. #4
It's worth every penny. #2.1
I know the combat system is reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts, or at least it was when Nomura was still directing it. The icons on the bottom right of the screen sort of remind me of the action menu in KH, but they look like health bars or something in this idk I don't read Japanese.

Regardless, if it plays like Kingdom Hearts II, I won't be disappointed. Obviously with some tweaks that improve upon that system. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. #5.1.1
Hype for what looks like a female Cid! This game really does look incredible. Love the feel of the town and the automobile designs. I'm just curious to see more of the battle system, as the HUD seems minimal and I have no idea what buttons are being pressed to perform some of the complicated looking combos.

I'm just glad we're getting info on this game at a steady pace now. #5
I started with Metal Gear Solid 4 because I had never heard of the series before but my friend was really into it. I didn't understand the story at all, but the gameplay hooked me. From there I went and played the original Metal Gear Solid, then Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, Peace Walker, and Ground Zeroes. It's turned into one of my favorite series of all time, and The Phantom Pain is easily my most anticipated game of... ever? It's up there lol #2.2
What I wouldn't give to spend a day walking around that studio... #1
I thought it looked fantastic, like almost every other trailer/gameplay of this game. I mean, it's a gigantic, open world game people; it's not going to look like The Order 1886 or other corridor-like games. Cut CDPR some slack, they haven't let us down before, I think they've earned our trust. #9
Next month for you? Do you live in a place that completely skips January and goes straight into February? I want to live there... #5.1
If you've played Ground Zeroes, then you can probably expect the controls to be almost exactly like that. The movements and animations all suggest it'll play like The Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes. #6.1
I'm pretty sure it was PvP, but obviously the match was scripted so that it would show off key features/tension. The enemy team just seems stupid because they're job for this trailer was to stand around and let the enemy team kill them, essentially. #5.1
This has me more excited than any other game announcement... other than MGSV itself. #3
lol #19.1
*drools* #7
Ugh, this "Between Shu Ferns" thing really makes me cringe... I'd rather just have straight up interviews with these devs instead of copying (and poorly, I might add) Between Two Ferns. #6
They were really just glorified loading screens. Sure, they had some background lore of the world and whatnot, but none of it hooked me because I had no context with what any of the characters were saying. "I plan on going back to *nondescript planet A* after we kill this thing. Maybe go back to *nondescript job A* too."

I don't know how they will do a story in this game, but I'm not sure it needs one. The gameplay was fun enough, and hopefully with more ga... #2.1
While I do agree with you that there should be an option for the Japanese voice actors (for those who prefer them), I would never use the option for one reason: most characters in the game either speak English as their native tongue (like Big Boss) or are multilingual (like Kaz). So it doesn't really bother me that they aren't speaking Japanese because most of the characters aren't Japanese. Just because Kojima is, and the game is made in Japan, doesn't mean that they have to,... #1.4
It sounds like Troy Baker to me. Almost the exact same tone as Delsin from Infamous Second Son. #6.1
I really want Survival to be brought back. The only thing that spoiled it on occasion were those who exploited glitches and whatnot, but near the end of the games life cycle I felt like less people did that. Logging on every Wednesday and playing Survival was so much fun, even if I didn't win that often. Glad that there are those who love MGO (and MGS for that matter) as much as I do :) #2.1
Games like Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us, games which I consider to be masterpieces, are worth remastering. I paid full price for both when they released, not because I'm a sucker or something, but because they are two of my favorite games of all time, and I want to support the developers in full, so that they might continue to make phenomenal games. #3.1
The same reason that people still play games like Super Mario 64, Metal Gear Solid, Ocarina of Time, and many other games that came out more than a decade ago. They are brilliant games that, for some people, never get old. #1.1
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