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Bloodborne : 1 million sold trough in 10 days (PS4)

Dark Souls II : 1.2 million shipped in 3 weeks (PS3, 360, PC)

Also Neil Druckmann beat Bloodborne :

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Looks like MK X is 900p on Xbone :

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Well done, Bloodborne!

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So, sales in UK are that bad???

Anyway, in UK it's been available for closer to £250 from major retailers for months!!!

Tesco 220£, GAME 299£, Simply Games £235.

So, with that prices, Xbone didn't do shit in UK!

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Quote :

"I prefer FH2 look and lighting but this can be debated"

DC has the most advanced lightning tech in racing games to date. It's not even debatable. Sorry.


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You know that Capcom didn't had enough money to make SF5 ( Ono says 2 years ago there's no budget for Street Fighter V and that's before Sony came in Tomb Raider is another story.


Quote :

"So what are you saying? Tomb Raider is suppose to be a timed exclusive....

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Pretty big difference if it is true!

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Quote :

Sorry what developers do you speak of? I have only seen an Naughty dog dev downplay dx12 and a dev comment on dx12 that Microsoft would need something more than dx12 to get witcher 3 to 1080p on xb1 (anyway we found out he worked for Sony for 4 years so we don't know what agenda he has he could be pushing support for PS4 at CDPROJECT

God damn, what a LOL! Is it matter where he worked before? He is developer, not you. You're just troll here l...

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Quote :

It's also interesting how another high ranking tech head says that DX12 will benefit Xbox One games. Good to hear.

I heard that the Witcher 3 devs said the opposite!

or Phil Spencer :

Phil Spencer

"On the DX12 question, I was asked early on by peopl...

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Probably Sony has a marketing deal for this game. I only saw PS4 box art for now. Best solution is that PC is the lead platform.

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Misleading headline is some way.

Phil Spencer didn't say DX12 is needed to make it faster, he said making UI faster is high on their list, after they talked about DX12.

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Why not for PS4 cuz it is a BETTER version???

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Quote :

my PS4 can't even do all the things my PS3 did.

Did PS3 do many things since launch????

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How in the whole world you have 7 bubbles???? Around 10 days ago you were at 1 bubble!!! Now you have 7. And in the last 7 days you get JUST ONE "WELL SAID" vote!!!

I will ask mods here what's going on here.

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LOL! E3, Gamescom and TGS have not even started yet and GameInformer already talk about Christmas.

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GaiKai tech was ALWAYS better than OnLive's tech. Did you ever streamed a game from both service?

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Those DX12 excuses becomes damn hilarious! Femto got a point, but hey, he gets a disagree votes.

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Quote :

Like Sony, MS need something to bolster its lineup in 2015...

What 'like Sony'? Do you know Sony's line-up for 2016, beside Uncharted 4?

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Quote from tweet :

"i think any resolution changes would require a much bigger change from Microsoft than dx12 upgrade to be honest."

Well, there it is!

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I understand that they are indie developers. Very small team, small budget... Magnetic isn't graphical demanding game. I mean WTF? Really weird.

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