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I just built a $600 G3258 rig paired with a r9 280, cpu OC to 4.3 and it runs almost everything on high with respectable framerates, ultimate budget build. #5
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Its not that hardly anyone has a Mic, its that everyone is in a party. #2.1.2
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I can't agree with you. Infamous may be a graphics demo but anybody who knows a little about game development would know open world games are cpu heavy period. Destiny might be more cpu heavy due to its social nature but I dont think it pushed the consoles to the limit. I could be wrong though. #4.1.1
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Idk why people act like pc gamers dont use the extra grunt in their gpu with any game. 1440p, 4k say hello. They obviously haven't seen metro 'LL, witcher 2 or crysis 3 maxed out at a res higher than 1080p. #12
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I had a situation where a friend wanted to borrow money of me to buy watch dogs except we where in a chat and to lazy to go anywhere. So I bought a digital version on game and sent him the code via psn message. Also if you like me have a credit from trading stuff at gamestop you can use it in the online gamestop. Its very convenient for lazy people like me. #6
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Damm it just bought a 780ti...880 with 8 gigs of ram s**t. #9
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Definitely would like to know how much? Already have a beast gaming pc but, just out of curiosity. #4
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I just bought this in the steam summer sale and blew right through the 4 episodes. Loved it can't wait for ep5. #2
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For digital psn they took my money as soon as I preorder. Btw, I'm in the US. #1.1.1
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Really is this confirmed to have both games if so sweet since I never played it and recently saw theanime and loved it. #1.1.1
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I'll be honest I have the beta and it works like a charm doesn't lag very much and its night and day compared to on live. Its not perfect there was noticeable lag in sniper and also I have a 50 mb cobjection and most games on there now work great, lots of potential there. #7
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Man I do not understand why people are actually hyped for this game, it looks horrible, niche crap. This reminds me of deadly premonition (not how it plays) how people actually liked that crappy mess of a game. I dont get it smh. #6
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For anybody interested in doubling your DS4 battery life try this. #28
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I don't think I'll get anymore early access games. So far I have dayz (cause of hype) and I have lichdom which I couldn't wait to play and delivers a true fps rpg. That said I like that I can help with development and not have to pay more later when it releases, but if it never makes it out I will be totally pissed off knowing I can't get my money back. #6
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I definitely can't put the game down, the minute I do an hour or so later I'm right back on it. Love this game great work ubi. #11
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I had no problems downloaded it at 12:30 last night.Btw this game downloads 3.5 gigs b4 you can start playing so I was playing in 15 min. (50mb connection) #16
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Yea what if you game at 1440p or 4k fps ain't everything a high end video card does. Yea I game at 1440p and I got a 780ti that I payed $550 for and its worth every penny. #4.1
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I thought it was just me with those bad framedips while driving. #2
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This is really dumb, as a nvidia user i can say this happens all the time on both sides. When tomb raider came out it ran like crap for NV systems compared to amd systems, same thing with thief, crysis 3 and many others. It eventually got fixed, so there's no reason to believe WD wont get fixed. It sucks but this is nothing new. Just enjoy the game on your hardware im sure both companys will fix many of the issues in due time. #25
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I have a 3770k and a 780ti with 8 gigs of ram. I'm guessing ultra at 1440p hopefully. Idk about 60 fps though maybe. #10
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