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So there not going to finish the story after that massive cliffhanger at the end of part 2. I dont know how I feel about this . still probably a day one buy, but now i'm cautiously optimistic. #4
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Omg...God of war without the jaggies it's going to look glorious! #40
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Another article with people bitching about a said feature that doesn't work right to them on ps4...smh, I could write how x1 party system is broken and ms needs to fix it. But how pointless will dat be. Playgo is fine move on. #10
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Well I bought a FC4 key from g2a and was like 10 hours into the game, stop playing for a week and come back to find my key banned. I went through the process of contacting ubi and g2a support and gave g2a all the info they asked me to provide. Its been 2 weeks and g2a still hasn't resolved my issue...smh. #12
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You should be able to hi ultra every game but at that budget range I would go for a gtx 970 best bang for the buck atm. #3.1
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With Fable legends being DX12 game and it coming out day and date with the pc version I expect it to come out Q4 holiday. Don't you realize micro soft saves there exclusives for the holidays. #6.3
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I have a 780ti but I don't think I can ultra this game at 1440p... I guess well see. #10
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The devils This game looks awful. #8
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I was playing the game and my mom walks into my room saw me playing and instantly asked me if it was LA. My jaw dropped I was like wtf how do you know. Mind you my Mom is 60 and doesn't know a thing about video games. #3
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Its probably that people dont know you have to sign in to rockstar social club. All they have to do is press home on your keyboard and follow the rest of the instructions. #6
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Haven't tried multiplayer yet but the campaign has a weird bug, where the resume game doesn't work its annoying as hell when u can't continue where u left off so u have to restart the chapter. #5
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Yea clearly, ot, I noticed the framerate is more stable while driving even on single player its alot smoother. Good work Rockstar. #1.1
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3 drivers in the last month wow. Not to mention a bunch of glitchy games fixed, I am loving the pace Nvidia is optimizing they not playing around. #3
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I hope u realize that when your isp says your upload speed is 5 mb it means up to 5 mb an you will be under that 5 mb most of the time. Check your speed test. #2.1.1
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Messing wit Ubi it probably won't if judging optimization from there lastfew titles...smh. These high requirements reek of bad optimization. #1.2.1
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Its alot more technical than that. Using those 2 cores and ram the OS uses doesnt automatically get you 1080P/60 fps. Fps and res has more to do with the GPU than anything else. #7.4
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Is it me or could this be another kickstarter scam idk it just seems really fishy for me imo. #8
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Im running the game wit my gtx 780ti 3gb vram on ultra with the texture pack and on a 1440p screen and get 50 to 60 fps with no issues. #2
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Me personally like how volkam said last gen took to long I couldn't wait for next gen. So around tax time I built $1200 dollar pc and I have never looked back. I didn't think I would be gaming more on pc but now the consoles are exclusives and netflix. #6.1.2
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6gigs for 1080p? So how much am I going to need for 1440p? I don't mind lowering settings but this vram issue over the latest games is starting to get out of hand. Smh #13
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