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No it doesn't void your warranty at all.

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I'm sorry I know people are gonna say but having the option to sli is best but, sli is such a pain enthusiast or not it just isn't worth it at all. Trust me I've had 3 different sli setups in the last 5 years (660, 680, 980) and it's more trouble than its worth. From my 1St hard experience I do not recommend sli or crossfire, it's so much better to just buy the highest end single gpu you can afford.

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What, I stopped playing hoping for this.

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This game looks amazing, some next level walking sim, this would probably be insane in vr.

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It's kinda weird to see the amd advantage on lower end hardware but see Nvidia blow past them with the 980ti vs furyx, could it be the additional 2 gb of vram? Hmm very interesting.

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I play at 4k.

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I did follow it, maybe I missed it,care to share link from that, cause I had absolutely no idea.

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You gotta be kidding me, I preorder the game on Xbox to have both versions since it was a nice deal, but now your forcing me to play the inferior version because you can't get the windows 10 codes on time...smh.

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The thing I wanna know is, I have season 1 combo breaker pack on x1 and I know I can transfer to win 10 but, I wanna know can I just upgrade to get season 2 and 3 for cheaper or am I going to have to buy the whole package?

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I can afford it.

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And how many pc physical copy you think sold like 10 lol. Cmon man we all know almost nobody buys physical on pc anymore...smh

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Please fix the corrupt save bug and the endless loading loop. The game is unplayable for me atm. I'm 40 hours in and I don't want to have to restart the game.

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It was a little fixed for me before,far from perfect but working after the last patch. Now with this new patch the game won't even boot up at all for me...smh

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$30 really damm, I just cracked and got for $41 on cdkeys. lol

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There is no dx11 comparison because this game is exclusive to dx12 and win 10. So there's no way of knowing how it performs on dx11.

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Why do these dudes feel the need to want all of the same type of games from all over the world. Let the Japanese do what they do and enjoy the different game types. The last thing I want is more western games coming from the east.

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They say we sharing pc specs with no pc specs in sight geezer...smh

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Man I couldn't agree with you more. To me it's the biggest flaw the game has imo. David Halter was a much more enjoyable snake.

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I don't care as the game is terrible anyway, tried the beta and it sux, I think they need to go back to the single player fable 2 style not 3 my god what a mess. I expected this to be a lot better but as it stands I won't even waste my time.

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I bought a far cry 4 key from them, played for about a month and ubi deactivated it. I went through ubi and g2a customer support, ubi says g2a responsible for my refund it's been about 8 months and they still haven't responded to my support ticket. Buyer beware if you have any issues with your key forget about a refund, it's not happening and oh do not buy any ubi games from them at all.

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