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You must be one of those 360 kids who are barely in their first generation and believe Halo invented gaming. LMAO.

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Incredible game. Deserves it. Can't wait for Ghost of Sparta!

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I honestly wonder how many copies this sold? I don't think it could have sold more than 5000.

EDIT: @Neckbear

Ouch... that must really suck for Tecmo. Then again, what the hell were they thinking!

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Pre-orders so far are outpacing MW2 so I'd say that it will outsell MW2. Especially since there's a lot of people who will buy it solely for the Zombies mode which MW2 didn't have.

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You should never mention Uncharted 2 in the same sentence as Xbox 360.

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I'd like to see a Halo FPS based on the time before Reach (the same time period as Halo Wars which was a great RTS imo).

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Yep, I'm one of those. Was hard as hell, but I pulled through. Took me hours to beat though. Still, a lot of fun.

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You can't really argue this. On a technical level, PS3 games are far ahead of anything on the 360. That's a fact. Now, you may like the art style in one game better than another, but the graphics are still superior on Ps3 exclusives. No way around that. KZ3 will be, by far, the best looking game next year on consoles.

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Move is just great. I'd give a 9/10 overall. The precision is amazing and I can't wait for Sorcery! It's gonna be epic.

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I really hope they keep it as hard as Demon's Souls was. I have a feeling their gonna make it easier to suit the 360 audience. Just like FFXIII has an easy mode on the 360. Unfortunately, most 360 owners are preteen whiny kids who don't like to try hard at anything.

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They will not sell 5 million by the end of the year. Not even 3 million. They'll be lucky if they reach a million. Fact is, the 360 is only relevant in the U.S. and I doubt 1/4 of the 360's American install base is gonna rush out to buy Kinect.

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MS needs to be careful. As popular as Halo is, I'm sure people will get tired of it if there's too much of it and if people get tired of Halo then that's the end for MS. They have not other game to fall back on.

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So you want a game to be ruined and completely gimped just so you can laugh at fanboys? That's really pathetic man.

I hope this stays exclusive. It's the only way the FF series can redeem itself.

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The 360's best game is now on the Ps3. There's absolutely no reason to own a 360 now.

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Dude, let's be realistic. Kinect is not going to shift that many units. Don't be delusional.

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Yes we will. It'll probably get another boost by then. My point is that the CURRENT boost it got is dying down. I didn't say it'd stay dead.

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Learn to write properly, and then learn to troll properly. You fail.

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Mostly yes, Move didn't have that many great games. But Sports champions is just awesome. Tumble and Echochrome ii are great. and Heavy Rain is really cool with Move support. The Move launch was FAR better than the Kinect launch.

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If I'm paying for XBL Gold there should be NO ads on the dashboard. It's one or the other, not both. Greedy M$

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