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Well, they got to put something on the box right? LOL.

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You do realize the 360's flagship title just launched right? It was obviously going to get a sales boost, since last since there was nothing big back in Sept. 09.

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So you'd rather believe the numbers given out by a bias website? LMAO.

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And yet, it'll never be as good as GT. LMAO. GT5 has many times the content any Forza could ever have. Not to mention the fact that on a technical level, GT is far, far superior.

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I've personally enjoyed the game a lot.

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Ugh.. I hate Multi-player achievements.

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I'm kinda happy. For one, it means that it can only better. And second, I will most definitely be buying it now since there's absolutely nothing in December! A few extra weeks won't kill us after waiting for 5 years.

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EXACTLY. Same thing happened with Move.

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I don't think they would release near COD. That's just not smart. As big as GT is, it simply cannot compete with COD (at least not here in NA). I'm guessing it'll be a December launch which is great since there's nothing in December other than Epic Mickey.

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This is the first official delay since it's never had a release date before now. Tell me how a game with no release date could possibly be delayed? LMAO. Anyways, it's still coming out this year, we've waited for years so waiting a few extra weeks won't kill us.

And LMAO @Cold. The only good game the 360 had was Reach. Everything else was either disappointing or also on PC. PS3, on the other hand, has had a great year with Yakuza 3, GOW3, Heavy Rain, MAG, 3D ...

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As long as it's not IE, it's cool.

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Ah dude, Ender's Game is an awesome read. I highly recommend.

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Dude, it doesn't matter how much it sells, look at the damn video! It doesn't even work! How the heck can you be defending something that's over 100 bucks and DOES NOT WORK?

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MS wouldn't underestimate Kinect. They've openly said they expect to sell millions while Sony specifically said that Move was a long term affair and that they didn't expect a huge launch.

My guess, is that MS did indeed send out limited supplies so that pre-orders could run out and create hype. Once release day comes, I'm sure they'll send the rest of their shipments

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Both the Ps3 and Wii have some awesome games coming out. 360, not so much. Other than Gears 3 next year, there's absolutely nothing worthwhile.

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I'm a big Kinect hater, but I must admit this is the only game I've seen so far that looks like it could be fun. Still, I personally would not pay $150 just for this one game; however, I'm not a complete fanboy.

Yes, I hate on Kinect now, but if MS actually releases some good core games for it that work, then I'm all for it. Show me the games and I'll buy it. As of now, it's nowhere near my buy list.

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Can I borrow your time machine plzzz?

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WTF are you smoking dude. LMAO.

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Alan Wake and Limbo were both on the wrong console. 360 gamers (at least, the large majority of them) do not appreciate games that are not mindless shooters.

On Ps3, niche games like Valkyria Chronicles, Heavy Rain, etc. enjoy success which would be near impossible to have on the 360. If Alan Wake had released on PS3/PC, it would have been technically far impressive and sold a lot more.

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The 360's flagship title launched in Sept. OF COURSE it was gonna sell a lot. What moron would say it wouldn't? Sure, Reach didn't have as big an impact as Halo 3, but we all knew it'd have some sort of impact.

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