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At least he won't be blowing $150 on a useless piece of crap.

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The only thing missing from PSN is cross game chat. That's it. Everything else is the same. So tell me, how exactly is XBL better? When I play a game online it's exactly the same on both consoles.

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So being in third means getting the best and most exclusives, the best motion controls, the most powerful console, bluray, free online etc, etc? If that's the case then I LOVE being in third place!!!

I hope you enjoy you're sales numbers... and Kinect becuase that's all you got till late next year.

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Why would people disagree with you? The 360 is the ONLY place where you're charged for online. And come on, let's face it, PSN is on par with XbL and anything on PC is FAR superior.

MS should not be charging for online play PERIOD. They should keep online free and offer all that other useless crap for Gold. If you disagree with this, you're a fanboy plain and simple. No logical person would disagree with this fact.

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GOTY right there people. xD

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Try FO3 first and then New Vegas. Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games, and New Vegas is pretty awesome so far. Really, they're both great games, but you can find FO3 cheaper so go with that and by the time you're finished with it, New Vegas may be cheaper.

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Knowing MS they'll probably bring out Halo 1 and 2 separately for 60 bucks each. Unlike Sony which is releasing packs of games for only 40 bucks. MS will milk it as much as possible.

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But why would you support Kinect when you know that it'll bring about the end of core gaming on the 360? How can any self-respecting gamer support this thing?

Think about it man, the ONLY game worth getting next year is gonna be Gears 3 in Fall, that's it. Why? Becuase MS is so focused on Kinect! Stop being blind man.

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Rising is not a true MGS game. Even the director said he wasn't focusing on Story which is one of the main draws of the MGS series. This is just a cheap cash-in on the MGS name.

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@shadow flare

Uh, you're one lucky guy. Bieber is everywhere over here in the U.S. It disgusts me.

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LoL, obviously, however, you do know VGchartz is known to bump up 360 numbers and lower PS3 numbers. So logically, that would lead to the assumption that the 360 effect has indeed died down.

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Looks like the 360 effect finally died down.

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@Mr. Anonymous

Lmao, who'd be stupid enough to say something like that? Anyone with a brain would know Reach would impact sales. Maybe not as much as Halo 3, but still. I do remember seeing those comments.

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Simple question, are you a stockholder? If not, then it shouldn't really matter to you. The games will be awesome regardless of sales so as a gamer, this shouldn't matter to you. Right?

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Is there going to be a complete edition with all the episodes in it? I think I'll just wait and see what happens.

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Indeed. Zombies alone will be awesome.

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Other than Reach, all the numbers for both Ps3 and 360 are pretty similar.

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360 fanboys are utterly hopeless. How the hell can you support a company that just ditched it's entire fanbase just to try and cash in on the casual market? THINK ABOUT IT! With all the money MS poured into Kinect, they could have made more first party studios that would push the 360 forward. But No, all the 360 has now is Gears 3 late next year.

How can you guys be so blind??? And don't just disagree, I'd really like to know why you take this delusion so far. Tru...

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Dude, NSMB Wii sold like 18 million, Nintendogs sold over 20 million, all Pokemon games sell a lot, Mario Kart Wii sold over 20 million, Wii Play also sold more than 15 million. Sales don't determine quality, but like I said, Halo is nowhere near as big as the big Nintendo franchises.

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Sure, Halo is nothing compared to the huge Nintendo franchises (Mario, Wii Sports, Pokemon etc). But it's pretty damn good for what it is. Great game imo.

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