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Well that's you're own choice man, becuase there are plenty of great games on the PSP. You're just limiting yourself.

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Need a tissue? LOL, dude you sound like you're breaking down there.

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Don't act like you care man. Anyways, this game is only 40 bucks, so I'll be picking it up eventually.

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Giving the Nav controller a 5/10 is a little too extreme. It's an optional accessory, it works as intended. Period. No reason to give it a 5/10.

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So, what are YOU (if you are a gamer) going to play? Why does Kinect's success make you happy even though it's literally killing core gaming on the 360?

That's just ridiculous man, open your eyes!

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No, they need to start pumping out some core games. As of now they haven't announced anything other than useless crap that any sane gamer would avoid

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Yes, RE5, HR, Tumble, Echochrome ii, and Sports Champions are all "sad". LOL.

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Dude, the Wii has a lot of great games. I never thought I'd say this but, there's more games for the core audience coming to the Wii than the 360 in the next few months.

Sure, it may not be HD, but give it a chance. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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GreenRingofLife, imo, is a parody of delusional 360 fanboys and if you look at it that way, he's comments are quite funny. Shows you exactly how 360 kids think.

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We just have to wait for all these old dinosaurs to die off. Once new generation politicians take control, I don't think there will be as much hate on gaming.

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It's more Fallout 3, basically a MASSIVE expansion pack that's worth money. And really, it's exactly what I wanted. More Fallout 3!!!! That's all I want!

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If it hadn't been for UC2, AC2 would have been my GOTY. I'm looking forward to AC:B

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Karma's a b#tch no ain't it NT? How about next time you don't bad mouth you're own games? I'll be picking up Enslaved in the bargain bin (if at all).

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lmao, then go play em on PS2. I'd rather play a vastly improved version of it and it's not like they're asking for full price. In fact, they're selling 2-3 remastered games for just 40 bucks. If you don't like it, stick to the Ps2. Besides, if I'm not mistaken you're a 360 fanboy so you're opinion means nothing.

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I wonder why people disagreed when you're stating a fact.

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It's an add man. If they show all the crap you need to do for Kinect, it wouldn't sell at all. Fact is, this nothing but pure smoke and mirrors trying to lure in the uninformed customers.

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SE NEEDS to get rid of wada. That guy is just ruining the games and bringing less and less money in.

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Personally, Fallout 3 froze on me around 4 times (in the 150hrs+ that I played it); however, the first time I turned Vegas on, it froze.

Now, all I want is more Fallout 3 so I'm happy with New Vegas, but goddamn, can't they fix this crap? I hope it's not as frequent as I've been hearing.

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Didn't Gears 3 get pushed back? What about Alan Wake, SCC? Too Human? All consoles have delays, but he point is that PS3 owners will actually be getting games. You, on the other hand, will have to put up with shovelware crap on Kinect.

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After so much money on Kinect, do you think they really intend to release a new console soon? LMAO.

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