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Impressive PS3 numbers, but what's even more impressive is the PS2. Wow, only 1 million behind the 360. If the Ps3 sells this well for another 6 years (like the PS2 has), I'm sure Sony will have a third 100 million seller on their hands.

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The 360 Slim's and Halo's effect are gone. If Kinect doesn't move consoles, it's over for MS and we can expect either a new console or MS completely leaves the gaming arena.

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I still remember when People said the PS3 would fail and wouldn't even sell 10 million. Oh, how I laugh at those people. PS3 is in it's fourth year and it's at over 40 million. With a 10 year cycle, and only good things ahead (especially GT5), I'm sure it'll sell close to 100 million. Just watch and see, the hater will once more be owned, just like they have many, many times before.

And look at VG failes, they've got the 360 at 44 million, but the PS3...

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That is simply a fact. PS3 fans defend quality exclusives, good hardware, and complain whenever Sony does anything wrong.

360 fans play sales, support MS going casual, and keep buying faulty products.

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Dude, it's completely different. These games we've already played EXACTLY as they are. The HD remakes are both cheaper (plus it's bundles of 2-3 games each) and remastered. Why wouldn't you want that? You get to play some of the best games from last generation with new life in them. And it's pretty cheap as well.

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@Jason 360

And we, the GAMERS, should care why? PS3 is still getting the most and best exclusives next year so I could really care less what sells more.

You can't have fun with sales... unless you're a 360 fanboy.

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The only people who though Halo Reach would not sell consoles are those hardcore fanboys. Of COURSE the 360's flagship title (the game that literally made the xbox) would sell consoles! And I'm also willing to bet that Kinect will sell very well. Point is, it's crap (Kinect).

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Lol, PC/360/Kinect/xpad exclusives, haahaha, you do know exclusive means 1 right?

And anyways, wtf are you smoking man? Must be some good stuff. LoL.

Now, I'll ask you a question. What games will you be playing next year other than Gears 3 and, of course, sales? Huh? Come on, try to answer that.

I'm not a Ps3 fanboys, but I do hate on Kinect and I admit it. But I hate on it becuase supporting it is supporting t...

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Seriously, why is this site not banned? They ALWAYS underestimate Sony numbers and overestimate MS numbers. Just 20% right? haha, That WAY too much of "underestimation."

VGchartz is all bs, and, honestly, it's not news. It's rumors at best. Then again I could say the 360 will sell 420,000 and the PS3 will sell 380,000 in NA for Oct. My numbers are as reliable as those presented by VGchartz.

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But you still gotta get up and dance like a fool. And you can't play Kinect sitting down, so what exactly is your point man? Are you seriously gonna pay $150 for casual games when you could use that money to buy any of the many games coming out or even buying a PS3 and getting all the great games coming out in 2011 along with the dozens of great exclusives it already has.

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They review it as if it's a full priced game. it' s just a $40 that's meant to be picked up and played whenever you feel like it.

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I don't understand. Sales can't increase if the Product is not yet out. Per-Orders can increase, but then again, it's so easy to pre-order stuff on Amazon and cancel whenever you feel like it, so what's the point?

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Epic! Is this the PSP Phone or is this also the PSP2?

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The MGS series has never been exclusives to PS, but when you think about Snake you think about PlayStation.

And Metal Gear Rising is not a MGS game. It just Konami throwing 360 owners a bone and cashing in on the name. Fact is, MGS4 is still, and will always be Ps3 exclusive.

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My god are you blind Big Pappy? He's not saying it's a commercial failure, he's saying it's a TECHNICAL failure. The damn thing doesn't even work right! The tech does not function. You get that now?

And why does it selling make YOU happy? Unless you're a stock holder, it's the last thing you should think about.

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Wow, so many amazing games!!! I'm so getting Kinect! LMAO. Yea right.

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Well the 360 did have a redesign this year while the PS3 had it last year, so how about you shut up and play?

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Move = Vastly superior version of the Wii

Kinect = Newer version of Eyetoy.

The Move has proved itself, imo. It opens a whole new level of gameplay, especially since Sony isn't forcing it on us (they give you the option). It's precise, and can work with pretty much any type of game.

Kinect, so far, is an expensive piece of tech that does not work and can't do anything more than simple casual games that I ...

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Dude, no amount of money could possibly make Kinect look good. It's a piece of overpriced crap.

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SONY seriously underestimated Move's popularity. But there were no ads, nothing, who would have thought it would be this successful. It really is a great piece of tech and deserves all the sales it gets. Gonna pick up The Shoot, Time Crisis, and The Fight.

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