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LMFAO, lack of games on the PS3? Yea man, now I'm definitely sure you never even owned a PS3. If you think the PS3 lacks games, I'd like to know what you think of the 360 which is getting a grand total of ONE good exclusive next year (Gears 3).

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Slant six just made a Socom spinoff. They are not "the SOCOM team." That would be Zipper who makes games exclusively on the PS3.

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I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you're may 12, 13 years old and this is the your first generation of gaming. That, or you're just one very delusional person.

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Yea, sure, whatever you say buddy. lol.

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That would be MS, since all evidence points to them.

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So wait, this is based on votes from the general public?

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Well, they did make the games so yea. But anyways, it's awesome to see that Devs are gamers themselves and just want to create the best experience for us.

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Did you just completely ignore btk's comment? The only thing that's been successful is their OS. Everything else has completely failed, and I'm pretty sure that if Kinect isn't a huge success, the Xbox brand will be dropped. Sure, it's sold quite a lot, but they have almost no first party, they don't have the money to buy third party exclusives (wasted on Kinect), the PS3 is rapidly catching up, and next year looks pretty much dead for the 360. Unless Kinect has a Wii...

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Keyword "to me." Maybe you don't like replaying it but many people do, including me. GOW is one of the best series ever!

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Nobody wants a new console yet. This generation, imo, has been the most expensive ever, and I doubt people are ready to jump on another console. The PS3 still isn't anywhere near maxed out and while the 360 was maxed out a long time ago, Kinect should give it extra time (even though it's a piece of crap).

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Honestly, 360 fanboys are the MOST delusional people I've even seen. Look at how Shutupandplay completely disregards the replies to his previous comment and once again states lies. How utterly pathetic,.

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I don't like saying 360 fanboy becuase I have an odd feeling it'll get taken down by the mods (it's happened before).

I wasn't referring to 360 fans such as yourself, I was referring to people like omega and that iMad, etc. Fanboys who keep saying that just becuase something sells more it's automatically better and dismiss anything that doesn't have huge sales even if it's a great game. Their logic is terribly flawed.

And no, I r...

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If this is true, then the PS3 is less than a million away. So much for never catching up, lol. So now that they may be tied for second, how about we stop playing sales and start playing games? Hopefully, 360 fans will finally open their eyes and realize sales =/= quality.

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I HATE friend codes. I really don't understand wtf Nintendo was thinking when they implemented that.

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I think Project Dark won't be anywhere near as good as Demon's Souls. I have a feeling that they're gonna make the game easier to appeal the 360 crowd. I'll be waiting for Demon's Souls 2.

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I honestly believe MS is investing too much on this thing. I'm sure it'll launch big, but I'm also pretty certain that negative word-of-mouth will slump sales. Sure, some games may be fun, but MS lacks one VERY important thing that Nintendo has... brand recognition.

Nintendo has always been the family friendly consoles so when the Wii launched with (at the time) pretty innovative Motion controls and at a very cheap price, people rushed out to get it.

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Dude, the only real effect of the having the previous game save is the council's fate and your character. Since the PS3 version is gonna have a recap in which you'll probably choose what happens to it. Problem solved.

And Dragon Age Origin's PS3 port was superior to the 360 version, so, again, I don't see your point, You're just still angry that the best and pretty much only reason left to own a 360 is coming to the PS3 in it's most complete form.

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They should make Kameo 2. I loved the first one.

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No, no, Kotaku slowed downed the footage, lol. just kidding. Anyways, can't wait to get GT5.

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Awesome, was afraid it wouldn't come out over here. Already pre-ordered mine. 007, DK Country returns, Epic Mickey, and this... what an awesome way to end the year for the Wii!

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