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I've really been enjoying Kirby and Goldeneye this past couple of months, so while the Wii may not have next gen graphics, it does have many great games and I personally do consider it a video game console, not a toy. This is one time I have to disagree with Mr. Cage. DK Country and Epic Mickey are coming out soon, and then Zelda next year is gonna be awesome!

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Reading the statements by these clearly deluded and moronic people make me sick. Honestly, they are so misinformed and uneducated! These are the people the make the world such a crappy place.

They talk of endless possibilities yet can't even come up with a single idea for a game that could work other than dancing, fitness, and mini games. And that guy saying he'd play "the dancing game" (doesn't even know the name LOL), just plain stupid to be honest.

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The game was nowhere near what was promised at first and that's why it's so disappointing. Whether you believe it or not, going multiplat did indeed hinder this game.

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I'll put this as simple as I possibly can. I could care less how much Kinect sells or how much MS makes, I AM NOT A STOCKHOLDER.

I bash Kinect becuase it's literally killing core gaming on the 360. Look at 2011. The only worthwhile 360 game is Gears 3 and that's it!!! Can't you see what Kinect is doing? Sure, it may be fun but trust me it grows old after an hour or so and then what? You're left with a console that no longer has the games you bought it for...

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The Wii has a lot of great titles man. I know the graphics aren't the best, but the Wii's always been pretty cheap so you can't really complain. There's plenty of core games and in fact, the Wii's having a better year than the 360 when it comes to core gaming! Surprising, I know, but it's true.

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You must be delusional cause we all know NA = the World!!! /s

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Why do 360 fanboys keep reading of the Specs?

Why not show us what Kinect can do with proof? Oh, that's right, there's no proof becuase Kinect can't do all that stuff. MS is selling you a device for $150 that you can find on PS2/3 for only 30 bucks. That right there is a rip-off.

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The Move has sold nearly 3 million WW without any major ad campaign. I think that's a lot more impressive than MS' approach.

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Uh, 360 fanboys... I just give up on you guys. You guys seem to have no logical reasoning skills.

Fact is, Move is nearing 3 million world wide and Sony didn't have to spend gazillions of dollars to get those sales.

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The Kinect videos and reviews are gonna be hilarious! Watching people making fools of themselves haha!!

Are you 360 guys gonna be uploading your Kinect videos?

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Almost always, I've had two 360 disks that were unplayable. Still, once you report it they send you another one almost ASAP so there's really no complaining from me.

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I don't have any problems with the update itself, but I can't renew my XBL subscription for some reason. I want to play Reach but can't cause my XBL ran out on the 1st, and now it won't let me update it. Is anyone having a similar problem?

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I may be wrong, but isn't NA GT's weakest territory? The game mostly sells huge in Europe and Japan where not everybody is a shooter obsessed moron.

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IGN's 10/10 Kinect is teh revolution review coming!! What a bunch of morons. IGN has been so out of touch with reality that it wouldn't really surprise me.

And honestly, casual gamers are really this dumb, so an this article will probably be helpful for them.

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@Kratos girl

What's so funny about being disabled? That's just plain rude of you.

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The only thing Kinect is good for is extending the 360's life span which will in turn mean that there won't be new consoles for a while. Other then that, it's just crap that destroying core gaming on the 360. Good thing I have a PS3.

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I personally didn't have much trouble with Mile High Club (at least not as much as others). Took me around 6 tries to do it.

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The 360 was AWESOME in 2006/2007, but after that it's just gone downhill. Now, MS is completely abandoning the core fanbase that got them to where they are today. PS3 is where real gaming is at now.

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All I want is a remastered Tenkaichi. That's it. Why can't they just give us something like that?

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It's actually pretty good. Simple, but fun. I enjoyed it.

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