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Indeed man, the book is awesome! One of my all time favorites.

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I'd say the Helghast are a lot more recognizable than any of the ISA.

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If MS proves to me that Core games can indeed work on Kinect and actually delivers the game, I'll definitely reconsider my views. As of now, there's no way in hell I'm buying Kinect.

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Awesome! Can't wait.

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Lol MS is known for that. I love they advertise XBL as "free" yet you can't do sh!t with XBL Free. Pathetic.

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The capped pre-orders to lessen supply and increase demand.

Basically, they're trying to build hype around this false low supplies. Once the launch is over, I'm sure Retailers will have more than enough Kinects gathering dust.

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I predict decent to strong launch numbers and by next year Kinect will be collecting dust in the bargain bin. I really don't understand how this thing could possibly be the future of gaming. In fact, it's actually the other way around. Kinect limits games so much, and if this is the future then I guess I won't be gaming anymore.

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Well, Ps3 owners are known for demanding quality. Even when Sony does something wrong, we demand that they fix it, or give us something better.

We don't just mindlessly do whatever Sony tells us to do unlike a certain other group.

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FFvsXIII is really their last chance. If they mess it up by making it multiplat or rushing it, I'll be done for good with them.

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yea, sure

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okay, okay TWO 360 exclusives next year. Is that better? Now let's look at PS3:

Last Guardian
killzone 3
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Resistance 3
R&C All 4 One
Twisted Metal

And that's just off the top of my head. I'm probably missing quite a few. But yea, I think that proves my point.

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I've always thought games release on Tuesday and not Friday becuase Movies release on Fridays. IDK if that's why though.

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Yep, well that's what happens you when you throw 500 million down on ads. Imagine how many good exclusives they could have made with that money. Did Gears cost less than 20 million? So we could have had 20+ Gears caliber exclusives instead of this useless junk.

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They've probably never played any video games PERIOD. These guys should not be reviewing games and, honestly, their opinion is that last thing I would listen to.

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Ps3 games aren't known for selling huge launch numbers, they sell over a long period of time.

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Yep, VGchartz made this so add a few thousand to the PS3 and take a few thousand from the 360 and you should have numbers very similar to the real thing.

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Oh look, you know how to do mathz!! Good for you!

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Nice to see the Supreme Court siding with gamers. What a relieve. And some of this quotes are just hilarious! The Supreme Court is basically mocking these extremists! haha.

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You have to play it man, it's great. And these deleted scenes are so cool. I think they should have kept Ethan's black outs and Madison's backstory. I do, however, agree with taking out Shelby's scene and the father/son scene.

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