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The 360's boost is finally dying down. And wow, both HD consoles are above the Wii. About time.

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Yep, 360 fans should really stand up and say something. Don't just sit there and take it as if nothing's wrong.

I can get both L4D and L4D2 as well as ALL the DLC for just 11 bucks on steam. The just FOUR more dollars than this one campaign on the 360. That right there is just a rip-off.

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Yea, I know. I sent you a PM with my Gamertag.

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I honestly didn't have much trouble with this one. Did it on my first try and every time I play the mission I always get the kill. It's pretty fun imo. Just falling down on an unsuspecting Elite and stabbing it in the back.

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So how do you turn your character around? How do you sprint for extended periods without having to run in place? How do you aim? How do throw grenades? How do you take cover? etc, etc, etc.

You NEED buttons unless you're doing incredibly simple on-rails games....which is exactly what Rare is doing.

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haha, he owned himself.

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So are you guys seriously looking forward to all those crappy shovelware games? Wow... the only way I'd buy Kinect is if MS actually shows something awesome. I really don't understand why people are buying this. It's so lame, but I guess people like being ripped off. Oh well, what can you do, ey.

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He's just a fanboy. We'll be paying the same amount and getting even more for our money. Also, we won't be paying to play online.

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Dude, the game is EIGHT years old. How the heck can you expect something awesome? It's looks GREAT for what it is and I can't wait to get the MoH limited edition only on PS3.

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Delusion at it's finest. Not even the PS2 got that far. MS is just dreaming, lol. In fact, while they've sold around 42 million, I'd be willing to bet their REAL install base is somewhere around 35 million since a LOT of 360s don't work anymore.

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MS will never get close to 100 million, lmao. They've been a bunch of Sony wannabes since the start. MS has never had their own identity, they always try to take it from the other Big 2. At first, they tried to emulate Sony, now they're going for Nintendo. Very sad.

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They should give them to the people with the highest trophy level first and then move down the list. Give the dedicated players a bigger opportunity.

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Yet I'm still not getting one. LOL. What is this, News for stockholders. Does this piece of crap selling well make you guys happy or something? It may sell, but I still don't see any games worth getting.

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It's all the 360's fault and you know it!! /s

LOL, anyways, from the review this game sounds horrible. I've never been interested in MMOs and I'll definitely will not go anywhere near this one.

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Apparently, selling over 60 million units isn't considered successful anymore. lol

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Yep, Exclusives get MUCH more attention and FFXIII could have sold better if it stayed exclusive since a lot of people didn't buy it becuase SE basically lied about everything and gave us a watered down game gimped so it could be done on 360.

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It's a LOT more than the Wii and PS Move require. I can play my Move/Wii 3 ft from my TV, in the dark, sitting comfortably down, with my floor cluttered. And they both work perfectly.

I cannot do any of that with Kinect and I simply have no space for it. It asks for too much.

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It's character with no personality. The Halo series is fun and all, but MC is not that great of a character.

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The average age of 360 fanboys is around 12-13, so I could care less what 360 fanboys think.

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Fact is, LBP2 is awesome and all, but it was coming out in the same month as COD, AC, and GT5. All three are amongst the biggest franchises around so it just wouldn't make sense to release LBP2 at the same time. Still, I'm kinda pissed off that they basically forfeited all the GOTY awards they would have won.

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