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Are you like the only Wii fanboy on this site man? Look, I enjoy the Wii, but don't be so delusional man.

And this is such a stupid article! WTF!

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I'll agree with Reach, but:

Alan wake - Decent game but huge disappointment. Repetitive gameplay, and the graphics were not that good.

SCC- Uh.. just uh.. and it's on PC as well.

ME1/2 - ME1 is on PC, and 2 is coming to PS3 early next year

Crackdown 2 - Come on man. A sequel that looks worse than the first one? Fail right there.

Fable III- Decent game, but again a disappoint...

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That would be bad, especially for 360 gamers who are already getting ripped off by MS with Live. Well, they do like to pay for stuff that is literally FREE on every other medium.

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Sad, but that's what happens on the 360.

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Call of Duty Killed Halo a long time ago. It seem 360 fanboys have chosen and they didn't choose Halo.

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Man, even if there's millions of player you're not playing with all of them! You're only playing with 8-16 people per match. Therefore, even if there's only 20k people playing KZ2 regularly, it's still pretty damn good and you won't have trouble finding games.

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Indeed they do not, but together they're bigger than NA which also doesn't = the world.

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I collect video games becuase I just love them. I don't do it for money or prestige or whatever. I just do it so I can have them and play them whenever I want.

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Whatever makes you sleep at night :D

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You guys do realize NA is the 360's strongest place (where it leads the PS3 by over 10 million units) and this is VGchartz (which is known for overestimating 360 numbers). I'm more interested in seeing the official WW numbers.

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And next year COD8 will launch big and so will 9 etc, etc. I'm certain the COD franchise will eventually surpass Mario as the best selling franchise. Then again, sales =/= quality. Still, that's some very impressive numbers!

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IMO, PS Move should by far be the better choice; however, since we're talking about the average consumer, I'm sure they'll be misled into thinking Kinect is better.

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I despise Kotaku. They're just... completely unprofessional.

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If it was exclusive it would have gotten more attention, it would be technically superior (if it was PS3 exclusive), and it would probably have had the backing of Sony or MS.

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If Kinect is not a success, I have a feeling MS is just gonna drop the Xbox brand. All signs point to that conclusion.

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Have you been living under a rock for the past few years? WTF is wrong with you man.

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Unfortunately I agree. Games released at the beginning of the year almost never have a chance at GOTY. I doubt games like GOW3, ME2, and SMG2 will be recognized as they'll be overshadowed by the newer releases. Then again, who knows, I may very well be wrong.

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I wonder if the 3DS will have as huge an impact... ah, who am I kidding, of course it will! And all the other systems are doing nicely to.

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haha, just in time for Christmas. Is it me, or is this more than a coincidence? LOL.

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Well, every game does tell you to give yourself elbow room... so I don't think they can sue. Still, I expect to see a LOT of kinect related injuries.

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