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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

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Zangoose and Scizor are awesome. Don't forget Gyarados and Houndoom!

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I honestly hate the word gamer now a days. Because people are always like "You're not a real gamer if you don't do this or if you play that." When really who is anybody one to say that another person doesn't deserve that label. I mean honestly its just a stupid label nowadays, and taking so much passion in it kind of narrows you down to one type of person.

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Okay, it gets so much praise because of the comic book and the show's popularity.
I mean, think about it, what has it done that other story games haven't done before? There's games like Heavy Rain, and Mass Effect that deserve more praise. I mean all of sudden The walking Dead Game is called the savior of story games, why? Story games never died, they just have fallen in popularity. People treat this game like its the best thing ever made.

Oh yeah and by t...

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No walking dead game? That game so over-rated, it gets so much praise just because of the show.

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My List:
Last Of Us
Red Dead Redemption
Uncharted 2

and by the way, am I the only one who thinks the walking dead game is so overrated? I feel like it gets way to much praise just because of the TV show.

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Actually Chinatownwars sold horribly on DS, that's why Rockstar ported it to PSP and IOS. http://au.gamespot.com//new...

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What about Martian Manhunter, or Swamp Thing? They're fan favorites too.

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Harvest Moon!!!

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Yeah, but so did most of the characters on this list.

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No Samuel L. Jackson in San Andreas? He's was amazing.

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I think I remember the devs say that resistance 3 would be their last. So sadly we won't see any more... :(

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Definitely agree with Max Payne and Red Dead. Some of my personal choices are Journey (hard to name one specific moment), Twisted Metal 2(the main theme), Heavy Rain (the main theme, and oblivion (the wilderness theme).

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So what if it's a HD PS2? Which it isn't for the record, but it's portable. That's the whole idea, so it would be a portable ps2, except with completely different games and technology. I kind of just contradicted myself lol.

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Its sad that they're still stuck in their on loop. Ya action explosions are great, but I can already tell they're over doing it. I know that's one of the main aspects of battlefield, but I have a feeling its just gonna do a repeat of battlefield 3's story, boring characters with no personality. I can't even name one character from the story, I never could. I really hope this isn't the case with this one, but I doubt it.

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actually 2 gtas, IV and V are both in the ps3/xbox gen.

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Red Dead Redemption, only after my second playthrough for some reason. I guess I appreciated the game after replaying it, great game. And how can I forget the Journey ending, amazing experience.

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Twisted Metal anyone? No, just me? I loved the second one so much!

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Reminds me of the Resident evil 4 Japanese box art. It looked so much creepier. It reminded me of Blair Witch projects, when the English version just reminded me of a shoot em up.


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