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Disagree, the position of the thumb sticks is horrible on the DS4. I'll take an Xbox controller for sure.

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Does anyone really care about Indie games? I didn't get both next gen systems to play low budget games.

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Not lying, only a little. It only works with Sony TVs so it isn't a feature available to everyone.

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Not even, the PS4 can only do half of the things the PS3 can do.

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0.4% is a number Sony gave before release and before knowing the scale of the issue.

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Sony said of "shipped" console. This includes all of the console sitting at retailers waiting to be sold making the failure rate much higher for console in consumers hands. Most of those people that won their PS4 or were given away can't talk about it yet so there are probably a lot more.

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Seriously? Sony is the one who is on the brink of bankruptcy. I'm sure he would chose a more stable company.

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At least they do their 180s quickly.

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He is stating that you would be able to hear voice in your nice headset but you would have to also wear the cheap headset over the nice one to use the mic. You need to wear 2 headsets at once which is ridicules.

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Killzone looks horrible in comparison.

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I feel like I've heard this somewhere

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The point that you tried to make is that the difference between 1080P and 1080i is that one is 60fps and the other is 30fps. You have since gone back and researched the subject and are now regurgitating what you read since each post comes closer and closer to being correct.

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Kleptic - Wrong again, modern TVs still display a frame using progressive and Interlace. I have worked with major TV companies at my previous job at Best Buy Corporate office and this is how a frame is still displayed. The media determines the format that is sent and the capabilities of the player and display determine whether or not it is displayed at that resolution. You are right, 1080P requires more information to be which is why early HD TVs were 720P/1080i resolution but other than that...

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@Kleptic - Wrong, P is for Progressive and I is for Interlace. It is how the screen is refreshed using lines. Progressive is refreshed line by line and Interlace is every other line. Has nothing to do with the refresh rate.

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Current is not on dedicated servers

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The PS4 controller jack doesn't do surround sound.

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Actually I do have a clue, its what I do. I work in the colocation space and work with data centers and carrier hotels as well as network infrastructure. I'm not saying Sony can't provide the servers, I'm saying Sony/Rack Space/Gakai can't afford to replicate what Microsoft already has in place. If you are in the central U.S. and have to connect to dedicated servers on the west coast there is added latency or lag to transfer the information between you and the server. Where as...

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But is Sony providing the dedicated servers or the publishers? Data centers don't fit the rest of Sony's business model and could never be replicated on the scale of Microsoft's. Even if Sony provides servers now it will never compare to the capabilities of Microsoft.

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Having a dedicated server located across country and having a dedicated server 50 Miles away in one of Microsoft's hundreds of data centers across the country and world is different when latency is a concern.

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You should try sitting ON the couch. Much more enjoyable.

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