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Nice list, any of those would be welcomed back. #4
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Things happen, Microsoft stepped up and fixed the error. Everyone wins in the end. Glad this got resolved. Also glad Microsoft actually does ban the idiots that do deserve it. Whenever I come across someone that cheats or glitches I report them ASAP. #4
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Your not alone man, the Xbox 360 has the majority of the Battlefield 3 pre-orders. This is N4G, don't ever forget that. It's Xbox 360 all the way for me with anything that has online multiplayer. Especially with a Battlefield game that only has 4 person squad based chat. #15.1
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I guess those PS3 fans are having a slow gaming day? Could explain this article as a whole. #8
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Considering the North American market makes up the majority, I'd say it doesn't matter what it saved. Bottom line people were afraid to buy anything video game related. Nintendo made games okay to play again.

Having it called the Nintendo Entertainment System instead of having "video game" in the description was pure genius. #3.1.2
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Nintendo without a doubt. If it wasn't for Nintendo there wouldn't be a video game market as we know it today. They brought us out of the video game crash of the 1980's and it's thanks to their way of reinventing of themselves that we have so many interesting products. They aren't afraid to take risks. #3
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A motion device doesn't have to be the future. It all depends on different tastes. There are some games like Kinect Sports, Dance Central, Child Of Eden, Gunstringer and Rise Of Nightmares that are all very well done with Kinect.

No console/platform is without lame games, I could sit and list them all but I've got better things to do then feed an obviously jealous troll. #1.1
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I think it depends. I look at Elite as a Season Pass. You get DLC and all of those extra's for the price. So if your the type of COD player that usually buys all the DLC, then this edition actually saves you money.

I have my copy pre-ordered, but I play competitively and so this makes the most sense to me. It definitely isn't for everyone though. #6
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How is Microsoft neglecting Alan Wake or Crackdown? They both saw game releases last year. How often do people expect games to come out? These aren't COD games.

I would like to see new Kameo, Viva Pinata, Lost Odyssey and Perfect Dark games in the future though.

I think we heard something about Microsoft working on a Project Gotham Racing 5 as well, but they wouldn't announce it yet because it might take away from Forza 4's release. #33
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It was the most complete Gears ending to date. They closed off the story well. For the first time in a Gears game they had a beginning, middle and ending all in the same game.

There is no doubt this was the last part of the trilogy and we most likely wont see those characters again. If you were a particular fan of a character or two then you might not be happy, but I'm not going to spoil it. #8
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I wish these guys would just let their game do the talking. This is getting kind of sad and pathetic. #1
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I don't think we'll ever reach a time where physical media isn't offered as far as video games go. The main problem is the one that this article touches on, the other problem is that more and more companies are putting a cap limit on the amount of size you can use per month.

I will always choose physical media over download. I know I'm not alone either. #6
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I'm very excited about this game. It looks fantastic, it goes to show that a franchise can do a lot of games and still keep it fresh. We really only see one or two Zelda titles per generation. #1
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I never said exclusives were the only games that were ever overrated. I said the majority of the exclusives that we see are generally overrated, but there are some exceptions. It's obvious from sales and from what's popular as to what game types sell.

As for "friends" of mine, you don't fathom that people bought a PS3, which for a long time was the cheapest Blu Ray player available for that specific reason?

Hell I know people that use P... #60.1.1
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Maybe yours was defective? Mine worked flawlessly. It does just what they advertise it to do. Snap it on and calibrate it for the 2 minutes or whatever it was and then your good to go. #4.2
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I look at Elite like a Season Pass. If your into getting all the DLC then it's going to be a great thing for you because your actually going to save some money. If your not into spending all that extra cash on DLC then you don't have to get it at all.

It's optional. So of course it cant hurt gaming in the least. That's like saying optional 3-D or optional Kinect can hurt games. OPTIONAL. #8
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Well you don't NEED the DLC to complete the game, it's just like car collectors don't technically need thousands of cars, but they buy them anyway. It's an added option to people that want more content.

I ordered the Collectors Edition because it comes with more cars, I like variety. I'll probably get the season pass because I spent so much on Forza 3 cars that it's the best deal.

As for Season Passes in general, I think it's a go... #3.1
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To disclaim Xbox Live is what kills this article for me. As a person who owns all the consoles and who has done so every generation, I have to say XBL is simpler and I have more fun with it. Party chat is part of it, but it goes much deeper then that.

I'm not saying PSN sucks, but it's obvious Microsoft had a plan for online gaming all along and Sony kind of winged it. Also, I wouldn't discount a fair number of PS3 owners only having one for Blu Ray, I know that... #60
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Some of those aren't even out yet, how can we know what they will offer? I'm sure they will probably all be pretty good, but hard to say since they haven't come out yet. #2
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Definitely the best in the series, Gears Of War has supplanted Halo as far as I'm concerned. Gears 3 is the most complete game I've ever played, probably the most satisfying game since Zelda Ocarina Of Time. You get so much content for the price, 12-20 hour campaign, 2-4 person co-op for the campaign, standard online multiplayer, Horde 2.0 which is fantastic, I've already spent 20+ hours on it, and Beast Mode is really fantastic as well.

Props to Epic and Micros... #8
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