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"I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3"


Noice! #1
now this is great! #2
of course. its finnish quality. #1.1
I instantly thought about crash. omg awesome. #7
why do these people even bother. last week it was vacation locations. #2
It looks really nice, but it really makes me wonder why is there a PC on the left corner.

I can still trust them they are telling the truth. #11
Based Shuhei :3 always makes me smile. #1.1
i have played the beta on ps4 for some time now. its bretty gud. #7
Gonna get this game. Looks so much fun. Are the 4 anime movies included with the game? #1
YEAH! #4
oh. my. god. im way too hype for this gaem! #15
im so in! finished P3 actually couple of months ago. get hype! #2
well this definitely caught me off guard. #1
i knew this day would come :3 i would love to see what the PS4 has to offer for PS home. #6
where is thief? #2
But we already knew this. Oh well still getting punped and hyped for this! i love metal gear! #6
Inb4 mobile crap. i really hope not. #2
Goddammit i knew it was that mystery of the druids edit of that pic.
On topic: i don't think its actually coming. And i would hope it would not come. #7
Ive been waiting for this to happen, actually. #7
ah man i cant breathe! #9
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