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"I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3"


one of my top 5 series.

will buy anything from SP #3
aight now im definitely trying this. i love halo, and this trailer really got me by surprise.

and dont ask how. there are tons of ways to play "region exclusive" games. #10
aight, i might as well try this. i love halo. #4
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petition mustard race at it again i see.

i mean come on. you have money to buy a 360€ part for PC but no money to buy a 360€ PS4 just to play that one game or multiple other games you petition so much for?

come on. #23
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type 0 is freaking awesome too #16
i saw this on twitter a while ago, i want it, but i really want the wolf among us S2 first... #2
This is like, the third time i see an article like this.

no, its not a game, its a tech demo. #3
ha, what a casual.
i used to play for 23 hours straight multiple times. #35
i would love a new infamous game. its one of my top 5 favorite gaming series ever. #21
it was always like it. #3
Based Phil Spencer strikes again.
Great news! #16
its a bit glitchly and frustrating at times, but yeah, its a pretty great game. #1
cool looks like i made the right choice to not buy oddworld last month. #15
i have been waiting for this! #1
i kinda knew this was gonna happen, somewhere deep in my heart.
but yeah, this actually makes a lot of sense since VR suff at valve, and presumably they are gonna show the source 2 engine too. #6
its the release date folks. FINALLY.
look around the .css file on the site, it reveals the words "releasedate" #9
for me, never no.
shit. i would play no more heroes 3 if it were 480p.
i do not care. #15
damn. thats a bit of a set back.
oh well we will get it eventually. #7
what the fug is that twitter url :D

anyway, im extremely excited for ME4. i hope we see a HD collection too.
I have always liked ME series. one of my fav's #6
Literally cancerous.
Mobile "gaming" should IMO die.
Everything about it is wrong. #5
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