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"I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3"


prey 2

please. it was in bug fixing phase when it got canceled. #6
cool! i actually did not even know about that. this further proves that i might even be right! :) #3
i hope that its an announcement that its gonna get support from konami, and konami will publish it. that would be the only good thing they could have done in a while.

hoping for console ports too. #2
no campaign no buy.

also; where are the WW1 games? #6
any cut content is still cut content. #8
people disagreeing with me like always.

i know how game maker works, and i can even provide you with Toby saying the same as i stated above. #5.1
as much as i want this to happen, no. undertale is made in GMS. game maker studio does not support compiling games to wii u just yet.

so no, this is not going to happen anytime soon because if Toby wanted this on wii u, he needs to rewrite the whole game.

however, GMS supports compiling to ps4, ps vita and xbox one so those are more likely to happen IF someone from sony or microsoft approaches Toby. #5
all these unlimited disagree works #11.1
this is a bit old news already but im pumped for a new conker. #11

also; aint no one gonna mod it since it has denuvo #4.1
i dont think it will be delayed, now that square is using denuvo in all of their latest games. #1.1
Its finally here... after all these years.

...but why does greg miller have to ruin this astonishing event? #5
Finally. reaction videos are pointless and stupid.
Their overall goal trying to trademark everything was just plain dumbass.

but yeah, this overall thing has been really hilarious to watch. i watched the live "countdown" of their subs dropping every second and there was no stop to it. it was kind of amusing. It was also fun to see all kinds of things on twitter that people had made from this ordeal. #2
Just announce it so i can die in peace without having to haunt as a ghost for Gaben #4
well, they didn't say anything about a revival in the FB post, just the site says that in the headline. #2.3.1
shenmue hd collection


pls. #2
well not for me. episodic hitman kinda makes sense, they said ages ago that they would add new missions in the game over time. #12
i dont think it will be that costly #4
just confirm hl3 already and i can die in peace #4
*sad airhorn sound* #2
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