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"I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3"


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OMG seriously did not see this one coming!!!! gotta check this out!
i love swery! #4
oh my god.

the port no one asked. #3
sony in 4 hours right? #3
literally i was JUST browsing the site. #2
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i never do. if i always had looked the reviews of games, i would have missed multiple great games. i never trust reviews. #3
noice #3
october 10th... this is a really long shot but i really hope its deadly premonition sequel or prequel. #1
i have always hated anita. #16
fukken lol #5
fug yeah for finland! #1
would be really great. i would love to play this on my ps3 and vita. #2
i aint watching some feminist rant about anything.
i hate anita. #24
TGS #2.1
something bigger for ps4, perhaps. #12
dont worry phil, i have always hated you.
no. hes name isn't even worth to capitalize. #6
choke on it. #16
hardly any of those are even remotely scary.
sure, some of them are really good games, but not scary. #5
keep being delusional nintentoddlers. wii u has absolutely no games at this point, and nintendo is losing money really fast. #4
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