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"I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3"


of course you have to you casual. #10
what problems? i have a 3rd party app that works flawlessly. #3
cool. i would have really needed this kind of thing 2 months ago. #4
why do western people suck at "reviewing" these kinds of games? #6
omg who cares #2
nier #1
i simply cannot wait. grweat story, great writing, just like this one is going to have too. really awesome games! #6
serves him right #1
good. skyrim is shit. oblivion and morrowind are much better. #5
so theoretically this means, that with tiny little patches, original xbox could work too? #14
As much as i want to see this actually happen, i dont think this info is legit. Welp, guess we see during these 2 days i guess? #19
>FFXIII HD collection of 3 games for ps4/xbone
>Kingdom Hearts 3 and ALL kindom hearts games in one collection for ps4/xbone
>sleeping dogs 2
>new chrono game
>star ocean 5
>hitman 6

I feel like this would save the square segment of E3 for me #26
NOPE, just gonna buy MGSV, not a single shitty microtransaction dlc. i bet its cosmetic shit or something like that. #11
wow cool. i kinda would like a resistance collection for ps4 too. never really got around to play the series, even tho i have owned a ps3 since launch. maybe its time. #2
IF THIS HAPPENS im so glad that i am an idort owning both PS4 and Xbone. #7

oh wait you are serious. let me laugh even harder

mobile "gaming" is the cancer that's killing the industry. #6
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THIS IS FAKE. it uses music from another title (Legends of the Hidden Temple) + countless more things i cannot bother to list by now. EDIT: and the second video is fake as hell, you can even hear the "audience" sounds looping. #2
whoa i just tried it out and it really feels authentic! awesome experience! CANT WAIT TO PLAY THE FULL GAME! #2
okay im sold already. #4
I would personally love to play S1&2 in HD, and then finally experience 3. It has been too long please let this be true. #2
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