I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3


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no way. this was one of my favorites this year. so sad to see it go.

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got the game yesterday. the sidequests feel like actual story missions. when i exited adams apartment in the 2nd chapter i literally spent 2 hours exploring and doing sidequests

its amazing.

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>expecting anything to be free


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awesome game. hope episode 3 comes out soon. i've been trying to raise awareness towards this game as well. more people should really play it.

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literally who?

and who cares about something like this?

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It works just fine. Did you even read on how to install it?

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bethesda and quality control should never show up in one sentence

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well first of all its a video from polygon.

polygon tests children's reaction to violence by having a 4 year old play doom 4
oh that was an editor
oh no

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got the game today. everyone seems to be trashing the game so much, but now i can finally make my own judgement. downloading the patch as we speak.

hope this game is good campaign wise

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Finally. A human in the internet. graphics are the least important thing in games. if you cant play a game with "poor" graphics like PS1 or N64 era games then you dont like videogames.

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i just wanna say this;
Shawn did not wear that crash shirt at PSX for nothing.

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i actually posted an article about it earlier and it got approved, but it was deleted shortly after.

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now this is one of the reasons why im an idort.
i cant wait. i've been waiting for so long. love remedy!

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last E3 was great. i doubt this years E3 will top it but it will be enjoyable at least.

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it will become repetitive in like, 2-4 hours

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Fug digital. I like to actually own my games. We have seen that a digital only futute brings only pain, multiple times.

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No mans sky is gonna bomb so hard. i just know it.

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