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"I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3"


you have no idea how long i have been waiting for this.
i hope its as good as UG2.
TGA here i come! #9
oh please please please! golden abyss was a really solid experience on ps vita. and i love uncharted! #1
>only in available in murrifatland and canada

why is europe always left in the shadows #6
smartphone gaming needs to die, imo. its the cancer killing the industry. #4
i really like FF7 but IMo its the worst 2D to 3D transition in video game history. #2
this has to happen. i want new missions so badly. #7
really hyped for this
i love doctor who! #3
cool. this could happen every now and then IMO.
just a couple of games here and there, forever yours to keep. #1
FINALLY! :3 #1
oh my god!
bring it on Dorito pope! see u at VGX! #12
not for me, nope.
hell, i would play NMH3 on ps4 if it was 480p and i would enjoy it. #5
anyone else enjoying AW right now?
got my copy 3 days ago. so far this has been awesome. #17
been playing it for 2 days now only with remote play
really good controls #4
i just want this shit to end as soon as possible.
tired of seeing worthless articles in gaming news sites. #4
bought day zero edition today! cant wait to play it later today. #7
i was looking forward to it! ;_; #17
one day.
just one day it would be so awesome if this console war bullshit would cease to exist. #10
i knew it
i KNEW IT. #20
blood dragon 2
calling it. #1
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