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"I post great news, and tend to bash casuals&be negative on N4G. I also get banned pretty often :3"


i loved it. i generally hate superhero shit but this was great. hoping season 2 will start soon. #15
all right. this confirms it.

this will be the best E3 in a while. #4
i'll just sign this and get going. i hope it will live some day. #4
please be halo wars 2 #2
doctor who game is coning, it was confirmed a while ago. #2
as i suspected. it looks brown as fuck. at least AW had colours. #26
ha. what a casual. i once played 23 and half hours straight.

joking aside. these kinds of articles are really sad. if you are gonna game for a long time, you gotta stay hydrated and well fed while you do it. no energy drinks.

these kinds of cases have happened a lot lately! i hope gamers will learn from this.
RIP #6
literally_who.jpg #2
all aboard the fiddle filled ruse cruise #1
i don't honestly care one bit what some feminist or ANYONE thinks about this game.

Im gonna pay money for this and im gonna enjoy it. Been on this train from the very first thread that was on /v/.
Been actively reporting bugs and stuff too, from the test builds he puts up on his blog. #9
Im so ready for this game. i have been waiting it from the very first thread it had on /v/. #1
Maybe they will star off with italy, see how it goes, and then extend it to other countries, depending on how it goes. #2
no matter what happens, im never cancelling my pre-order. I'll buy anything from Kojima. I'm a loyal Kojima believer. #15
i hope its deus ex #1
i hate you crapcom and your bullshit excuses.

im still gonna get the game tho, i love DMC. #1
im starting to get fed up with this shit.

imagine you are in a room shakcled and every now and then Mac Walters or some other dude from bioware would come to that room, say something brief of the next mass effect game and leave after that, chuckling.

thats how i feel about this.
goddamn show us SOMETHING #10
oh my god i am so ready #16
yessssssss new steins gate anime and game. i needed these in my life. #2
one of my top 5 series.

will buy anything from SP #3
aight now im definitely trying this. i love halo, and this trailer really got me by surprise.

and dont ask how. there are tons of ways to play "region exclusive" games. #10
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