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All reviews are biased in a sense, since they tend to reflect the reviewer's personal opinion.

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It is always better to wait for the official release to get better tech support and ease of updates.

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The list if for 2014, Halo releases 2015. Read carefully, fellas.

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yeah, its surprising how much bad press this game receives. it doesn't deserve it at all.

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What's worse, 1080p isn't even cutting edge technology now, its the middle echelon of mainstream. LOL gaming corporates, for try THIS HARD to make their games mass appealing.

Ubisoft's sort of gone out of proportion with Watch Dogs and buzz words though, that I agree.

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its true, we're at that stage where the flow of indies is excessive. its not a bad thing though.

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awesome. I did too!

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Thats true. Love their games. As a matter Press Play is one of the few Microsoft first party debs I really dig.

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Hi everyone, thanks for your comments.
They are hilarious, kind of made my day!
Just to clear out, the author of the article (which is me) is just 'reporting' and 'quoting'.
There is no fanboyism here, as a matter of fact, I'm more than happy to admit that I'm more inclined to the PS4 than the Xbone.

But that is irrelevant.

Then there's also the thing of:
more sales = more failures
no xbone ...

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Eco friendly is not the case. It should be eco-friendly "and" good quality. The quality of the cardboard package is pathetic.

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Nice read. For me, the main reason for not liking Machine for Pigs was that it just wasnt enjoyable enough.

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On the PC, PS4 and Xbone

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Really dug the way Joel dealt with Ellie

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You have to contact the publisher directly then. A few games dont support it.

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Please review the Xbox 360 relation

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