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Yea, I don't really like shopping there. All the employees feel like they have some superior knowledge and always try to persuade you to buy another game based on their opinion. #3.1
Yup, there is no denying that when it comes to exclusives, tech, and reliability, the PS3 has things locked up! #1
Great read. Have to agree that too much expensive titles with a expensive handheld don't yield a good mix #1
Very interesting to think of PlayStation without the traditional consoles. #1
Oh yikes, its down for me as well. #1
Freaking awesome pictures and they're high resolution! #1
How do you like the app over all though? #2
Some cool openings. Sounds like a good opportunity. #1
Hey Danta,

How is Ninja Gaiden? As hard as the console versions? I also ordered Uncharted, Rayman, and Lumines from Amazon with their "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" promotion. #2
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