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This is probably the most horribly written story I have ever read. This is clearly an article written by someone still in high school. I get what you are trying to say but you're structure and format is terrible. You don't say last but not least and then start the next paragraph, Oh and before I forget. Let alone to actually write, to conclude this story.

Back on topic Sony's reveal wasn't that much different. We saw a couple of games yes, but Microsofts reve...

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This must be some high school kids English project. This is so horribly written and not even news it just tells us what we already know. Move along now nothing to see here.

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This is a very poorly written article....disregard this trash how did this even get approved.

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I have a profound love for torchlight because its so close to diablo. When I saw torchlight I absolutely fell in love with it because it was so similar and I felt like diablo 3 was never gonna come out. I've since been addicted to torchlight since day one!

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OMG I so need a key I've been up on torchlight since it was first announced!

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I'll pass on 3D it gives me a headache and makes my eyes hurt after about 30 minutes. It isn't that good anyway.

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looks interesting

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except HoN isn't a Dota 1.5.....HoN has completely different heroes than Dota except for a few ports and items. HoN sh*ts on LoL and BLC...

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He pointed out "easy portability between PC, Xbox 360" for 1 of two reasons. Reason 1 being that its fake because it doesn't mention any other system and acts like the others don't exist. Reason 2 he could be trolling saying its impossible to port from the PS3 because its so good but that's not important. I think this is fake. Take this with a grain of salt.

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This is not true, I currently work at gamestop and numbers are only a goal. I don't know what gamestop you worked in, but the one I work in is a very chill environment, 1 or 2 subs and a few reserves a day and your just fine. We don't bombard customers with reserves either... we get what we call walk-ins customers who come only to reserve games. It's about how you do your job not what you actually do.

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Actually they are already shipped out and on the way to retailers. My store gets the shipments a 1-3 weeks early

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You only agree to the contract when you make an online account. TANKZ FOR BEING TEH [email protected]

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I take it you didn't even bother to read the damn article. "Title Update ※, “DL Challenge Mode” will be delivered free of both." Which probably means, will both be free of charge.

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My face and my palm connected with such palpable force that the only thing preventing the resulting shock-wave from annihilating the planet was the deep sigh which followed.

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@1.1.6 Crysis 1 is still doing that.

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Eddie how ignorant do you sound. He isn't going to jail. It's a civil case... Sony is suing him for money. Lets not forget that it is money he doesn't and the courts wont let that happen. You can't sue someone for money they don't have. Which is why this case will fall into the dust. There was already a case in which "jailbreaking" phones was deemed legal and this will probably lead up to that.

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You sony fanboys are really something. Geohot never hacked the ps3 or anything for pirating purposes. Geohot hacked the ps3, i-products, etc.. for homebrew options. It is so that you can install your own custom programs on it. Stop being so butt hurt about your precious ps3. I bet all you iphone or ipod owners have them jailbroken so that you can steal your apps. That's still stealing too you know.

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Woah, that's really late in the year. Wasn't it usually around mid august?

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Sorry, I'm from Brooklyn and I talk nothing like this guy. I do use some slang but not to the extent he does. He takes it to a different level. But he is from the "hood". I give him props for making it up there but that's about it. Yea he should conduct himself properly but that's part of what gave him his fame. A gamer/ whatever he thinks he is, from the hood following his dream. I bet the first thing people thought when they saw his first videos were "look at this...

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