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You either lack reading comprehension skills or you didn't read the article, because similar conclusions were made in this article, in a less fanboy rage fashion of course.

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What if he wants to build a gaming PC sometime before 2025?

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It's possible to like something without liking every single aspect of it. I enjoyed the Uncharted games a lot, 2 and 3 in particular, it just so happens that a lot about the direction Naughty Dog is going with The Last of Us seems to be exactly the opposite of the things I didn't care for in Uncharted, which is a big reason why I am looking forward to the game so much.

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Since the shift to 3D, Zelda games have never been about challenging combat. OoT had a death counter, and most of my save files had a 0 in that count by the end. The puzzles in Wind Waker are fine.
I definitely had more trouble with OoT's puzzle's, but I was 8 when I played that vs. 12 when I played Wind Waker.
As for the overall quality of Wind Waker, it has far too much obviously cut content to make it the best Zelda game. If the HD remake restores the 2 or 3 dungeo...

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In the article, it clearly states that any game with new content or added features qualifies for the list. The technical terminology is irrelevant.

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You are somewhat correct. The list was "Iconic" multiplayer maps, not "best designed".

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"I don't like this game", does not equal: "This game is terrible." I really wish people would learn that distinction. It's perfectly valid to not like something for any number of reasons, but to say something is terrible simply because you don't like it is egotistical and ridiculous. There is such a thing as objective quality, even in an inherently subjective medium like video games. Things like game performance, visual fidelity (technically speaking, not artis...

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Don't be ridiculous, tons of games start out as an exclusive or timed exclusive then move on to other systems with sequels and have plenty of success.
Mass Effect
GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas
Demon's Souls
Final Fantasy several times
and many others.

A game made by Bungie with the marketing might of Activision, this game will do fine.

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It's not an end all be all list, it's just my personal opinion, and you're free to disagree with it. As for why Shenmue is not on the list, well I played the first one of the Dreamcast over 10 years ago and couldn't get into. I know it's probably a great game, but it just didn't grab me. Maybe I'll try it again someday.

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Only on N4G...

A sensationalist title that misrepresents the article, and people in the comments jumping to conclusions based on the title without actually reading it.

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It seemed absolutely nothing like Shadow Complex...

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Don't get me wrong, I hate Call of Duty as much as anyone, but how exactly is it dying? MW3 sold like 20 mil copies, and Activision is certainly going to release a new COD this year.

Based on the reception to MW3, I think it is definitely possible that COD sales start to decline, but it is a little too early to declare it dead.

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Yes you can, private is the only way to play with friends, but you still earn EXP.

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I have no idea where you are getting this "only with the power of kinect" line. Here are some direct quotes from Chris Priestly, a comunity manager at bioware, in an interview posted on gametrailers.

"Mass Effect 3 supports the Kinect, but does not support voice commands from other systems, such as headset microphones." Priestly clarified. "Kinect’s proprietary hardware and software allowed us to skip the research and development normally involved in ...

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I highly doubt a little known Japanese shooter will have any impact whatsoever on Mass Effect 3, regardless of whether they share one or two inconsequential gameplay features.
If you think anyone in their right minds would by a kinect just to yell "Liara, THROW!" instead of pressing a button, you are out your mind. Even if I already had a kinect I still wouldn't use this feature, and I figure most Mass Effect fans would be the same way, so I really don't see the bi...

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My understanding is, with the Kinect's built in voice recognition functionality, it was basically a situation where they were like "well it will take almost no time and effort to implement this, so why the hell not?" Developing a cross platform, cross device system would take more effort than the barely any it takes to use kinect for a feature most people probably don't care about.

Bottom line is, it seems like Bioware bashing has become a fad among "hi...

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There are reports from multiple websites stating that very reliable anonymous sources have said that both these consoles will be announced this year. I'm by no means taking this as confirmation, but I'm putting more stock in that the inane ramblings of Michael Pachter. Almost all of his predictions turn out to be wrong. He just states that new consoles won't release until 2014 as if it is fact, giving no reason or logic to back up that statement.

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Yeah, both those guys that named L.A. Noire their most overrated stated that it wasn't good as an open world game. Well, guess what? IT'S NOT AN OPEN WOLRD GAME. It is an adventure game in the vain of Monkey Island or Sam and Max that happens to take place in 1940s L.A. All these people that complain that it isn't GTA: 1940s were just expecting something that it isn't. People's lack of understanding for the fundamental of what the game is doesn't make it overrated.

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I don't know where this commonly held idea that the PS3 is so much more powerful than the 360 comes from, but it is inaccurate. They both have their pros and cons, and the Vita is not really on the level of either of them, hardware wise. It's definitely ahead of the Wii and last generation systems, but its not on the level of current gen hardware.

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At the top of the list I said only games I have played will be on the list. I haven't played Super Meat Boy.

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