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Not one to comment about stuff like this, I dont particularly care about Gamergate or whatever that buzz was about, but seriously people defending this woman are a joke. She works for a family friendly company, and openly supports child pornography on social media, which is open for everyone on the web to see. If you cant see how that's fucked, you are fucked... simple as that.

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I was actually surprised when I saw the headline because if I'm honest Halo 3 in the MCC is broken.

Now did halo 3 have its share of issues, sure, but the game still felt playable. In MCC though, it adds even more issues with aiming and latency, so much so that I find MCC Halo 3 unenjoyable, and I played Halo 3 for years even after reach had come out.

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So having watched a lot of gameplay I think it's safe to say that for the competitive gamer this game is going to be a bust. I'm downloading the beta now so I can tell for myself, but with the auto aim being as it is, the game is going to be an arcade shooter about cooldowns rather than an experience like battlefield or the older battlefronts.

I was very excited about this game once it was announced especially with DICE at the helm. Now after seeing it in action I do...

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I am also someone who dislikes all of the Uncharted games. Didn't like Tomb Raider either. Guess I just don't enjoy action adventure games.

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This is the best article I've read on N4G in years.

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Have to disagree with you on the Star Wars notion. Imagine Sora and company going to Hoth, or Death Star 1 to encounter storm troopers possessed by heartless. There could be a light saber keyblade, and multiple boss battle possibilities with Darth, The Emeror, a Rancor, or even Boba Fett. We could get Luke, Han, Chewiee, or Leia as a companion. The setting would be literally perfect so I don't see why you think it doesn't belong in KH.

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Was very disappointed to not see anything about Scalebound. I know they said gamescon but I just don't want to wait!

Also the damn Metroid game. Nintendo plz!

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Anybody else see the multilayer and get reminded of quake?

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Not to hate on Bloodborne but Destiny calls its DLC "Expansions" as well and they are hardly that. Them using it puts me off a bit, as it sounds like a new marketing ploy.

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Top kek

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With what's been revealed tonight with Halo 5 myself and I think a large majority of the Halo community have our hopes up even higher now. The campaign is looking to be very interesting!

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As someone who bought this day 1 I feel used and abused.

Halo is my favorite gaming franchise, I hold it as highly as I do classics like Metroid and Zelda. It disgusts me that I was sold this shit, and I'm betting they knew it was shit when they shipped it. My hopes for Halo 5 have been crushed somewhat due to the whole fiasco, but I do have a bit of hope 343 will do us, the fans, some good. I mean after such a bad release they wouldn't dare do it again, right?

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I have yet to buy a single game physically for this next gen. While it's annoying that I can't trade them in anymore, it's nice that whenever I buy my games i have them "forever" now.

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Hated that sob. Took me like an hour to kill. Just gotta be patient with it and not get over zealous attacking!

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SP plays very well. That's the one thing they got right.

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Rankings or bust

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Cant agree with you on the whole AAA thing. I think its the smaller games that do the oversexualization way more. Games like Destiny, CoD, and Halo don't have exaggerated female's in them, and they're like the kings of AAA .

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I would give up a lot to be able to experience the entirety of the Halo games for the first time again. When I was a kid playing, my mind was blown away, and it has led me to my love of everything sci-fi.

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Someone doesn't know their roman numerals...

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I never played Half-Life 2 when it came out. Bought it back in 2013 and tried to play through it, and probably only got halfway. Nothing stood out to me, it was just a fast paced shooter where I went around shooting aliens, people, or zombies things for who knows why.

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