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whoa after playing through that level, those pictures are creepy... #4
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Yea, the demo never really blew me away either, but I went out and bought it anyway.
Great production value (music, story, dialogue) infused with great technical achievements (gfx, animation, gameplay).

Rent or buy, the game as a whole is worth a try. #1.1
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LoL I now see how you Gamespot freaks react when you're playing a game...
"Oh crap, I see a hella lot of guys coming my way, I better save in case I die!"

wimps. #6
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Game or controller,
Game or controller,
I chose games.

Next year I will get the controller, here's to hoping they continue to further refine their implementation of rumble in previously released PS3 games. #1
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Yes, I somewhat agree with your gripe, sometimes I wonder why they post Mass Effect reviews in PS3 section...

I guess it's because the BD HD-DVD war closely parallels the 360 PS3 war in ways that it makes people hate each other.

Strange enough, although I am content with consoles fighting for supremacy, the high def format war to me is pure rubbish that hurts consumers. #18.4
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I have no grudge against the PS3, I only have one against people that write hate articles about it. :) #6
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Good point...
...which should be an alarming piece of information if you think about how much heat is supposed to be going OUT of the 360.

If it's not exiting the box, then all that heat is being trapped inside (probably within the gfx and cpu chips) and not being dissipated off of the heat sinks and out of the box like it should be, ultimately shortening it's life span and increasing the probability of seeing it RROD. #7.3
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OMG not this again, the results show that there is roughly no difference between horizontal and vertical.

Vertical has 1 degree higher peak, but 1 degree lower average, and they're missing a thermal image comparison of the backside view for the horizontal position. #6
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Maybe I should work for Ripten, they don't do nearly enough research or number crunching to make an accurate assessment.
They could have compared total world-wide sales within the time frame of more than 1 week, used more sales references than just VG chartz.
It's like they spent 10 minutes on this economics exercise...

If you're going to get paid to publish stuff like this, don't just do the kind of work that someone from their house can do looking on the web... #8
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With ratings and point scales people start touting things like:

Halo3 > Super Mario Galaxy > Uncharted

Which doesn't make sense because they are all completely different genres. #21.1
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It's not PC arrogance as you so want to believe Mr.T,
I (just as you) have played both console and PC games.
These games that were mentioned in the article are from the FPS genre.
So I think they should be reviewed against other FPS games.
Some of the best FPS games in the past have been on PC's (big suprise).
These more recent games on the 360 are lacking features that I've seen in previous games that date all the way back to Quake.

This over... #16.3
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1up #7.1
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I love this article because...
...Halo, HL2, and Bioshock for the 360 are all games that are not top tier games when comparing them to their PC counterparts (excluding Halo).

Why they scored perfect scores on the 360 is ridiculous. The experience I've had with HL, BF2, and UT for the PC was 10 times better than any one of these games.

You could also create and play custom made levels and mods for these games on your PC for free!

No 360 game offers this, and it makes me wonder w... #16
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They should throw in CoD4 or some kinda multiplayer game in there as R&C and Uncharted can be completed in a day. I finished Uncharted the day I bought it, yes it was that good, but can't keep going back to it over and over again for the entire winter time. Oh wait they have HL...great. #4.2
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Wait just a minute!
Ok, so now developers should make games a certain way (1up's way)
so that they will convince their 10 or less game reviewers to post
higher review scores on their cheesy little website?

This website grows more arrogant by the day... #12
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I'd have to say, out of all the big online game sites (IGN, Gamespot, 1up, Gamespy, Gamespot) that IGN seems to be the reviewer that I end up agreeing with the most. #31.1
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I'm suprised Valve didn't port the game over themselves...
...because don't they make just like 2 games every decade? #34
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Naw, this ain't no paid advertisement by Microsoft because there was no PS3 bashing in this article...

I liked this article, and wish more were written like this one. #1.3
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Hopefully they'll make a console versions of this game from the onset of their development.
It's not worth all that effort to make another one if only 10% of all the gamers in the world are going to be able to play it. #3
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The only thing to watch out for is that Eidos is the developer.
Although they've come out with some great concepts for franchises
like Tomb Raider and Hitman, their work on sequels is random.
Sometimes they make good ones, and sometimes it's utter rubbish.
It's just a warning to not get your hopes up too high. #13
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