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thank you Rockstar for not selling out to EA!!!

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Where in this article does it say that one version is superior to the other?!

It only talks about pre-sales numbers and that's it.

It is like the title of this article was re-worded to start a flame war!

On that note, I hope the PS3 version is on par or better because that's what I am buying it for.

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For your case, that's not your opponents cheating, that's you lagging. That phenomenon of you shooting a million bullets and doing little to no damage is a lag/networking issue. Take this advice from someone who has played FPS games for almost a decade now...

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I love Yahoo. I use them for email, games, and photos.
I hope they keep up the resistance just like Rockstar did against EA.
Just remember, without competition there is no freedom for us to choose.

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I didn't like the X-men costumes, but this guy looks badass!

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Funny enough, I view the 360 to be the darkside and PS3 to be the lightside.

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Wow, even the teenagers are quitting Gamespot, and going back to work for McDonalds now...I think that new Microsoft Exec just came from the fast food industry, so they probably rotate in cycles between jobs.

Video games to fast food, back to video games...

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Don't they have like 1TB hdd's out there already?
If this hdd was cheaper like let's say for $100,
then THAT would be news!

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This is an article based upon an article.
It's like putting a spin on a spin.
Like playing 'pass it down' and having the message change into something completely different at the end of the line.

Why not post the link to the actual USAtoday article?

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...will it be better than Dead or Alive?

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COD4 did not have a beta test period for the PS3, yet the final release turned out to be just as good as its 360 counterpart.

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This is an example of why 1UP is going bankrupt.
The average gamer is smarter than these sites think and
as you can see, taking bribes never works.

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What this guy doesn't realize is a Happy Meal a day won't keep the PS3's from going away...

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RBI Baseball all the way baby!
Big round fat dudes FTW!!

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Ever since that "officially confirmed" MGS4 is coming to 360 article was posted they quickly became another Gamespot & 1UP to me...

Too many outrageous unsupported biased claims from them = lose.

The End.

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...well that'll keep everyone quiet a little longer...

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Dear Commander,

Our squadron needs to order a batch of these PS3's for um, research... yea...

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...because seriously, it's getting out of hand already.

I agree with the author though, just thumbs up or thumbs down, tomato or rotten tomato, win or lose. No points, and instead the reviewer should have something at the end like:

"If you liked: game1, game2, or game3 then you would probably like this one too."

That would show that the reviewer actually has some knowledge base about games and would generate interest on games instead destroyin...

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i loved the demo and i am even thinking of buying this game, which is amazing considering that i don't even watch baseball!

i think this Sony Studio should help out the one that is making NBA 09' too!

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For me, it's the Asian martial arts theme clashing with the Shakespearean screenplay cut scenes that do not work well together.

Heavenly Sword also only scored a 7.5 in my book because of short game length and slightly above average game play mechanics.

The bar has also been further raised for single player games by ROTD & Uncharted.

I think Ninja Theory would be better off making a new franchise tailored to their strengths which are in game cut scen...

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