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The videos they have on the website also look and play really well.
BUT the one thing that I do is take their reviews (and PS3 vs 360 videos) with a grain of salt, an itsy-bitsy-teeney-weenie grain at that!

Oh and Kotaku are the biggest hypocrites ever!

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To Kotaku,

Do us all a favor and take down your pathetic website

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that's all i had to say.

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I also have a Nov 06 PS3 and have not experienced the freezing issues discussed in these posts at all.

The only issue that I had (which affected both PS3 & 360) was the game loading issue at startup that was solved by simply disabling the network and re-enabling it after the game loaded properly.

My thoughts on this whole loading issue is that it may not be console specific, but more of a setup issue. It would be really great to know what your system setup consi...

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"hundreds of thousands"
they aren't anticipating to sell millions of copies i guess?

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3 + 2 is still greater than 4, so am I missing something?

Spinning numbers and graphs again?
Why would you do such a ridiculous thing?

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i highly doubt GOW3 is not coming in 2009.

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360 is becoming like PC's where you have to do some kinda upgrade every year to play the latest games

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yea, i hate playing games for free too
just do what i do and roll the dice yea

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The movie ruled!

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Nice review skateboarder dude

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Are you serious?!
Um.....YES demo! either that or a beta, take your pick!

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Gamestop's numbers are mostly based upon pre-sales because you cannot just walk in and buy the game from them until Thursday. You would have to have been lucky to get 1 of the 10 available copies they had for the walk-in's these past couple of days... on the otherhand there were a TON of copies available at Bestbuy.

I'm sure if they tallied up the number sold throughout other retail stores they would more than surpass any game sold thus far.

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pure genius

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...that what goes around comes around.

Let's see how many sites stay open after they stop getting their monthly gratuity checks.

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thank you Rockstar for not selling out to EA!!!

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Where in this article does it say that one version is superior to the other?!

It only talks about pre-sales numbers and that's it.

It is like the title of this article was re-worded to start a flame war!

On that note, I hope the PS3 version is on par or better because that's what I am buying it for.

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For your case, that's not your opponents cheating, that's you lagging. That phenomenon of you shooting a million bullets and doing little to no damage is a lag/networking issue. Take this advice from someone who has played FPS games for almost a decade now...

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I love Yahoo. I use them for email, games, and photos.
I hope they keep up the resistance just like Rockstar did against EA.
Just remember, without competition there is no freedom for us to choose.

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I didn't like the X-men costumes, but this guy looks badass!

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