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...but I wasn't wowed by the demo either. Maybe it's just because I've been playing lots of great games recently (Heavy Rain, GOW III). I thought the graphics and gameplay of the demo were fine. Just something about it didn't excite me too much. Can't really elaborate as to what that was.

I guess I felt that the B&W screen effect was sorta neat, but it sorta made it hard for me to see what was going on. I liked the way they projected text and video onto the environments t...

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...due mainly to Geoff and Reggie's back and forth. The whole bit about "Zelda being there" (Are you going to have a guy like dressed in a costume walking around the show floor?) made me laugh.

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...the thing is, now you know you need two Moves to control a game like boxing or swordplay as seen in the demos, since the sub-controller has no way to recognize movement in space.

I wonder how many Move wands will come in the pack. I'm hoping two, otherwise this whole thing is going to get quite expensive fast.

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...though basically like a better version of the swordfighting game in Wii Sports Resort (or a lot like the fighting in Red Steel 2, which I played at the TGS).

My main problem (as an owner of all three systems), is that I didn't see any dramatically new PS Move experiences. All the stuff they are showing seems pretty similar to updated Wii software at this point (table tennis / mini games).

I'm looking forward to non-launch third party titles.

2813d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment how are you supposed to play with different configurations. Some games seem to require two Moves (sword fighting), some need one (LBP), and some need the subcontroller thing (SOCOM).

It's confusing to me. Does that mean each person needs to have two wands and a subcontroller to play all the games?

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I can't sign into PSN.

Also, Heavy Rain won't boot up and my trophies for that game do not seem to be in the menu anymore.


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...demo for almost 90 min straight. Was at the very end about to get the third and final sword when one of the slime spewing monsters attacked me. I was hitting the attack button so fast.

I died and the game brought me to the continue / main menu screen almost instantly (no pause). I thought I was still battling and accidentally hit the attack button and quit out of my demo :(


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...become visible once you beat the game(?)

When you start playing the game, all the trophies in the list are blacked out, so you can't tell what to do.

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...updated because it was mandatory.

I have had the game crash twice so far. First, during the crime scene after finding the evidence. Second, when I was navigating the chapters menu to replay a scene.

Something is up.

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Saints Row musical video better ("Where's my F*cking Car?")

This song sounds too much like Heart & Soul.

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I have certainly never met the man and do not wish to comment on his character as a person. However, I don't think that someone who drives to a shoot in a Ferrari or whatever type of car (evidenced when Geoff said "you drove here in a really nice car") is necessarily an "everyday consumer" as you put it.

This is an incredibly wealthy game designer. Let's be honest. He is a multi-millionaire.

I think he is an intelligent man and someone who has ...

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I don't see the Wii having nearly this much trouble in 2010-2011. I'm speaking as a gamer with all three next-gen systems here, but NSMB Wii continues to sell boatloads. With giant titles like Metroid and Galaxy 2 (not to mention Zelda Wii, which I think will come in the beginning part of '11), I don't think there's any reason to worry.

Certainly the new controllers from Sony and Microsoft will present a challenge. While system sales have been "down" for Nintendo rece...

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...but then you have problems such as the added hassle of buying the other half if you decide you want to play multiplayer after the fact (or vice versa). This wouldn't matter as much if games were all digitally distributed.

Also, game stores would be unlikely to use shelf space to stock two or more versions of a single piece of software.

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It seems sort of silly that both PSN and Xbox Live offer demos of arcade titles and Nintendo doesn't. I downloaded all the demos and enjoyed playing them over the holidays. I even bought World of Goo because the demo was really fun.

So, I would encourage Nintendo to continue offering Wii Ware demos in the future (even if it is only for selected titles).

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...go all the way up the hill in the back and discover the blood / tire tracks by the highway? That was the only thing I could see to do, cause after that the character said, "I should better go back to the office."

Also, I tried to do lots of different things to make the first scene end differently (win fight / lose fight / ignore her pleas), but she never gave me any info.

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...I have now played 4 different chapters ("scenes") from the game. It remains one of my most anticipated titles and one I will buy on launch day for certain.

I knew since I first experienced it that the controls would take some getting used to / be a love-hate for some players. However, I think the atmosphere, tension, and story are the selling points.

I consider this to be the next evolution of the classic point-and-click adventure games. Kudos to Sony...

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I first tried my code in the U.S. store and it gave me the same message. When I entered it in the EURO store it brought me to the download screen no problem.

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Nah, cause it's being released for PS3 only in Japan so that is bound to add a LOT of units to the Sony column.

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So happy I have my launch 60 gig. It's still the best out of them all. They should really just re-release that system since you can upgrade the HDD to whatever size you want anyway.

But, I'm sure it's hard to cut the production cost with that model with things like backwards compatibility and the card reader.

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Is it going to be free?

I hope so.

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