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No Team Deathmatch, Not interested. #1.3
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lets not forget NTFS used in all PC based architecture, DX11 is confimred as option for devs to use so it should be an easy pc transitioning of games to PS4 plus PS4 dev kits being a PC based architecture will almost certainly come with Windows to aid ease of development. So looks as though Sony will use MS owned patent

Bluray isn't own by Sony and SKYPE is owned by MS....

Sony helped create Bluray along with few other leading companies who also have rig... #3.2.2
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Xbox One and Vita is bad enough for a name of a machine but nothing and i mean nothing in history of tech is more "NASTY" than the name "Wii" and "Wii U".

The Wii sounds like a name of a masturbation toy and Wii U sounds like a name of an escort agency. #1.5
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Good, they cannot miss out UK launch this fall. Xbox 360 has dominated the UK this gen. They cannot give Xbone any breathing space if they wanna reclaim this ex sony territory. #1.3
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Who is willing to wager that EA Games will be DRM...They probably pioneered it with Micro$oft that's why they have an exclusive partnership.

I was wondering why they have taken apart Online they can introduce DRM. #1.10
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So i'm guessing PS4 is the preferred leading console for the BF4 devs, as far as next gen consoles are concerned. Just as PS3 was for BF3 when they first showcased PS3 version first on consoles.

I'm surprised John Carnack is happy with the specs since he has always been talking about bringing more state of the art power for future consoles. Next Gen specs are not exactly state of the art of today.

@Enemy yeh GDDR5 will be a huge reason why PS4 could eas... #1.3
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Yeh and if it was COD devs everyone comes to hate on it despite allot of you's go and buy COD ever year. #1.12
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Success of Xbox 360 has made Microsoft very arrogant, just as success of PS1 & PS2 has made Sony arrogant, beginning of current gen.

If things are looking the way they are, M$ arrogance is what may be what Sony needs to reclaim there dominance as they once did. #1.30
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an average PSone game back in the day cost £20.
PS2 days it cost £30.
PS3 £40
Next gen will likely be £50.

So an average of £10 increase every generation. Its sad given the fact next gen is not a MASSIVE leap as they have been in previous gen such as PS1 to PS2/PS2 to PS3. Plus, the fact they are using PC based architecture comes easy transition between platforms. PC games still cost less than there console counterpart makes th... #1.3
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ahahahha funny title #1.1
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How does this compare with GTX 680? #3
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PS4 will dominate, possibly #1.3
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And Nvidia didnt wanna do business ahahaha. I bet there new portable SHIELD is gonna be a huge investment NOT. Nvidia could have made, huge profit from Sony and Microsoft. MS arleady paid 3 Billion to AMD to make them the chip. It didnt cost them anything. Nvidia should have gotten involved and made some profit, they certainly could make more money than that overpriced SHIELD nonesense. #1.2
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Well its the UK...XBOX 360 console is dominating in this country. #1.8
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Sony already have said that it would be up to the publishers and devs to have DRM and second hand block. Sony will not force it.

I'm more concerned at charging to play online at this point. #1.18
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Man , M$ has failed with Xbone. I'm just not excited one bit. Why is this. #1.3
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Oh oh! This News will put PC Warriors in Rage Mode. #1.1
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Fuck You Micro$oft. I'm moving to PS4. I want to play games not watch TV, i can do that on my TV and i rarely watch TV. I hope Micro$oft losses next gen and that's coming from a person that though Xbox 360 was overall better than PS3.

I want M$ to get butt hurt so that in three years down the line, they'd stop and think "damn, why didn't we build a machine with gaming in mind".

I've spoken to many people(lot of them 360 owners) a... #1.5
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ahahaha M$ has basically given the weak Wii U a lifeline from its life bar lol...M$ has also helped Sony rise its stocks and decrease there stock...
Is M$ giving out free money and Blowjobs too.

Those 15 exclusives M$ claimed they have, they better be descent. I hope none are Kinect but i know that isn't true.

Micro$oft has really messed up big time, it kinda looking like the Wii U scenario of unimpressed crap. At E3, they better make up big time... #1.2
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Beam us the poligans scotty. #1.7
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