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Yes #16
@Lolyta "Only if you are a Pokemon fan you will consider 3DS the best for you" You guys are on a RAMPAGE LMAO #4.2.3
"The Vita is best handheld period" ROFL this quote made my day thanks #4.2
Im talking about Dualshockers, not N4G so NO, i wont leave #8.1.1
How many time per week/day we need to see these "amazing" stories, i swear this site is a joke #8
Hes been doing this for months, hell idk maybe even years, its sad #1.1.5
Huh, no sorry but thats not gonna happen #7
Yup thats how it is, no matter how many people are still in denial, cough sony fanboys cough #8.2
The way i see things, i don't think this gen will be like the PS3 era where they drop on you a ton of AAA games, my guess is they are going to give you just one or two every year, and the rest just indies, arcades, etc. but thats just me. #19
I KNEW IT ! Thank god i sold mine a few days ago, R.I.P. in peace Vita you had a goo....bad run #21
What a sad life #2.1.1
I like very few genres, and for me im not missing awesome games on Vita cause in matter of tastes its all subjective my friend. You just need to look at the sales to see the Vita is nothing like the PSP, its a failure compared to its predecesor in terms of games, accessibility and sales...and that's not subjective. #2.1.2
Just sold my Vita after a poor E3 from Sony, definitely not worth it for me, years waiting for real AAA titles, and now its just a PS4 accessory full of indies, i did not buy a $250 portable console just to play indies, very few AAA titles and a lot of ports, hd remasters w/e, never buying another handheld from Sony unless they have a different approach, vita is nothing like the glorius PSP in its days and that´s just sad for me. #2
Not gonna happen #11
So Amazon=Gamestop? Huh interesting #1.1
31d ago by IIZANGETSUII | View comment | Well said
So true #1.1.1
Yup, thats pretty much it #16
I think Nintendo needs to be back at stage with a proper conference, that way they'll be able to have a better show than "digital events"

@ jonboi24 Exactly! #6.1
I can't do anything if you think Twilight Princess is HD #15.1.1
Trailer was beautiful, and the song, the SONG ! #4
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