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Damn, not so many locations, this game needs to be as big as borderlands 2 if not, its going to fail hard time for me #12
It will be the biggest, but thats because theres not much coming out this year #5
Prob Xbox will come ahead in this one, less people buying the game for Xbox One (i guess) and a more reliable network #4
THAT Fox costume tho, can't wait for this game #7
Idc about anything else, just pls, PLS dont make it cross gen, enough with the ports, remasters and **** #22
The "art" of the game is improving quite a bit, im very happy about that :) #1
Cause this is a site full of ps fanboys, everything they see is good, even a dinasty warriors game lol #27.2
This is probably going to be a good game, just like Destiny, but definetely not a great one that's for sure #12
Nice month, keep rolling those indies....said no one ever #14
wow, just....bad #1.1.1
Fuck you EA #2
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Very nice, good job Sony :) #20
DAMN! This is huge for Wii U owners of Black Ops 2, LOL #6
Hopefully by christmas time, that what i like to think. #7
OMG, this is GOLD ! #6
They just keep doing bad things, damn #7
Why did they do that? I really wanted to see that, im disappointed #3
Yup its sad #18
So if i earned the trophies on the PS3 they will not be carry over my PS4 version? I have to go through all over again?? #8
OMG finally ! Thank you Sony ! #14
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