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That makes sense #50.1.1
Another case of downgrade, i cant belive you call this "massively improved", just because its brighter doesnt mean it looks better, just look at the old gif, its miles better than the new one, but people will be in denial like always #50
Cant wait ! #11
Yup, too much, i was hoping for a better deal, guess ill pass, like the mayority. #16
Im sorry but im pessimistic since the 2011 event of the PSN, and more recently this past december. #7.1.1
I can only imagine the PSN problems ahead of this, they cant handle a proper network now that we are paying $50 a year, and now they want to implement this service (which is going to fail) oh boy #7
And we know whos going to get more money ;) #2.2.1
Exactly ! #1.1.1
Just lame, theres no excuse, i cant connect and i wanted to get some items from Xur, god damn Sony ! #8
Wow, its happenining ! And for PS4? Damn, im ready ! #22
Fuck off Square, seriously >:/ #26
THAT Steam logo, good times ahead ;) #3
No, PS2 is. #16
Someone pls tell me wheres a deal involving the PS Plus membership #4
Those disagrees tell me that people are upset with you and they want to spend 25 buck on worms LOL #1.3
"PS Vita is for rather mature gamers" LOL ok #2.1.4
Looks simply amazing, my hype for this game is real now. The classes looks super fun, and the world seems huge. #10
In before Sony fans complaining about IGN review, what a shock! #10
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