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Just stop Ubi, pls STOP ! #2
Prob $30 #18
And people were saying this will be a success for Sony LMAO #20
And what are you doing here then? LOL #13.2
"swinging back and forth" ROFL are you serious? #12.1.4
"It’s going to be hilarious watching those same folks eat their hat"

LMAO at this review #17
PS4s Ryse #7
Just got TR, incredible price for PS Plus members, and its a great game #4
True #7.3
@BLow @caseh Me and my friends are waiting for the PS Plus edition of this game that was delayed like a year, and on top of that had a terrible launch, and still no PS Plus Edition? Thats lame, we dont like racing games but as a distraction we said "hey would be cool if we race once in a while, because its free" So, NO im not going to rent it, and NO im not going to buy the full retail game, so dont jump into stupid conclusions.

If you are getting tired of the compl... #2.1.3
Same here, its pathetic now #2.1
Right above you #6.1
Lame #6
Well, its because some fanboys can't handle the truth, in this site more than others, and as you say "low-budget doesn't mean bad" ;) #15.1.1
Welp the vita is dead for many, but if you like indies, japanese games and low budget productions then its alive, as simple as that. #15
Not gonna happen #8
That makes sense #50.1.1
Another case of downgrade, i cant belive you call this "massively improved", just because its brighter doesnt mean it looks better, just look at the old gif, its miles better than the new one, but people will be in denial like always #50
Cant wait ! #11
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