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He's outed himself as a fanboy and a hypocrite. Lost all respect.

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Wow! Rockstar Games made a Rockstar game. Who'da thunk it!

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They 7.5ed it! Never forget.

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Can't wait for tomorrows "Why The PS4 Will Win Next-Gen" article.

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Mark Cerny can't fart without someone writing an article about it.

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I've got one of these. They're pretty good. Check out some of my yt vids in 720p of GTA IV and Skyrim if you want to see what it comes out like

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It will probably come out as a Gaikai/Azure version on next gen consoles. It might even run better because of the fact that it is streamed and not dependant on the PS360 hardware. That means they can put in an texture pack and other enhancements for the next gen cloud version.

I'm pretty confident we'll see Skyrim next gen, along with a lot of other current gen titles.

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The article was full of poor analysis.

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She ws born into a world where society had broken down. I'm surprised she can speak so well.

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It's too late for microsoft.

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Oh dear! Microsoft, what have you done?

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He shouldn't be so cynical about Sony. They know the used game market is good for the industry. Used game retailers are the only ones out there who know the value of the software. LA Noire is £7.50 or in 2 for £10 deals because that's what it is worth now. The publisher or platform holder should charge less than that for digital if they want used games to have less of an impact on their profits.

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I don't think anyone at Microsoft ever read the book "1984" by George Orwell.

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I cried. Literally. As an xbox fanboy for six years it put a lot of fears to bed. It was glorious.

Xbox, go home.

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Sony showed that microsoft are out of touch.

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Don't shoot the messenger.

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Sony are at #14 and X1 is #20 in the link The_Klank provided.

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It's the industry pointing a gun at its head and pulling the trigger. How can that in any way be pro?

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Video game publishers don't seem to understand the throwaway - or should I say giveaway - nature of the product they are making. The used game market is as much about getting rid of games you don't want as much as it is about getting bargains.

Also by stopping people from being able to gift games to friends and family - and to stop those people doing the same, they are creating less reasons to get a game - less reasons to risk buying a flop.

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