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Doubt it, I'd guess they would price it at around 350 instead. Definitely not 400 tho

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The models look sexy

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The only shitty thing about these pictures are ingame screenshots as the textures and lighting effects blur the entire image but that will defiantly be fixed. The actual polygon count of the objects however looks pretty sick especially on the infested buildings. Remember tho its in development.

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Obvs it looks bad. Its in development you first want to get everything roughly layed out before you start to do specific details.

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The rumors don't match. The Wii U is 2x a 360 but then the nextbox is 6x the 360 but the wii u is 20 percent less powerful. Really, I doubt they're true at all. There's still a lot of planning being done on both systems atm, so nothing is concrete.

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Prolly just for cutscenes, going from 30 000 to 1 million doesn't happen in one generation. That would require 1.5 SPU's to work just on one character and that is just too much.

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This is on par with the 360 and Ps3? Thats a joke, for one thing the CPU is faster than the Ps3 and 360 and has one more core than a 360. The ram is twice as much and even for video games, half a gig of ram is a lot to consume. The rumored graphics card is also around 3-4 times stronger than that of the ps3 and 360 and the ram listed here is also faster than the ram we have in our current generation consoles. Although the console isn't a high end PC, it can still output native 1080p resol...

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