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@ABizzel1 If you recall, the Wii CPU isn't bad at all. Let it be 11 years old but for one its based on the older architecture but by that sense, every CPU is usually based of some old architecture that got lots of changes to be improved. Plus the person who created the emulator for wii and gamecube actually said that although 360 runs at 3Ghz and has 2 threads, one of its cores is only 20 percent faster than one core from the wii. The wii isn't exactly 2 gamecube CPU's put togethe...

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Being 1.24Ghz isn't slow at all. For comparison, the person who created the emulator for the Wii on PC stated that core for core, xbox 360 is only 20 percent faster than the 729Mhz wii cpu. For refrence, the xbox 360 core has 2 threads each running at 1.6Ghz. The difference is the architecture, the Wii/Wii U cpu's have a extremely low CPU pipeline(4 or so stages) compared to PS3,360 which have roughly 20. So to do lets say a float multiplication on the Wii U cpu is actually much faste...

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According to other sites, it speeds up load times between apps so it shouldn't take forever to load them anymore. Other than that, no one really posted anything on the update so well have to wait for every fix/feature to be announced.

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Thats not exactly true. Super Mario Galaxy for one had many graphical techniques not done in any game. Its a super optimized game and looks really good especially for a underpowered console. If you take previous games from nintendo, they have done many things in regards to water simulation (mario sunshine), artistic depth of field (zelda skyward sword), perfect slicing like in metal gear rising (skyward sword), lots of relfections (galaxy), rim lighting (galaxy), etc. All in all, even if one ...

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@Neonridr Well thats not entirely true. The Wii U is more GPU based in terms of its architecture where as this gen is more CPU based. Being more powerful doesn't mean porting over will be easy simply because the architecture and design on the system is completely different. You could say its more different than Xbox's CPU and the cell.

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The idea is that having a lower frequency at which the CPU runs helps keep it cooler while also giving it more operations per cycle that can be done. In the end, Ghz barely gives us any understanding of the CPU as all CPU's on the market are at around 2.5+Ghz yet intels are far superior to ati's because of stuff like L1,L2,L3 cache as well as operations per cycle. All in all for a PowerPC this is actually very good but well have to get more info to truly know anything.

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Im not entirely sure about coding on consoles but GPGPU allows you to access the GPU as if it was a CPU in a sense that you have the ability to control every byte of memory on the GPU whether its shared,global,local,etc. What PS3 and 360 most likely use are shaders that give you a very limited amount of flexibility in terms of programming on the GPU. Sure they get the job done but you have to follow the pipeline created by the shaders. You can't do something drastically different without ...

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Have you ever tried programming before? Even on high end pc, you still need to "squeeze" as much as you can out of the pc to match the visual fidelity of consoles. You can't just be stupid, write some super unoptimized code as you go along with no written plan and expect a next gen looking game. You still need to create a pipeline that is efficient, doesn't waste memory, and doesn't waste computation on useless data to get a next gen looking game. Its not like having a n...

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@Hatsune-Miku Name me one mobile device thats more powerful than a wii u. Wii u has a gig of ram, its clock speeds and architecture out-competes any CPU on a mobile device (mobile device CPU's are less than 2GHz). You realize how small that is? Plus, no mobile device GPU comes even close to doing 1080P on a full 3d game (zombieU). Besides, if you say that, than the ps3 and 360 are complete and utter shit compared to mobile device specs which isn't even true. Btw, if you think 2-3 year...

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To everyone saying that the Wii U has a weak line up cause of prots or the graphics sucking compared to PC specs, for one thing, the wii u launch actually has a good load of exclusives. Far more than any previous console launch and some good ones too (ex: mario U, pikmin 3, nintendo land, the wonderful 101, bayonetta 2, etc.). As for specs, compare the specs needed to run battlefield 3 on pc and on ps3/360. Consoles have a mere 512mb of ram and still run it pretty respectively. Pc needs atlea...

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If they want a significant leap at a good price point so they don't fuck themselves over, guess you guys got a few more years of wait.

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4K resolution? Whatta joke. Even for PC's now to achieve a high quality game with 4K resolution requires way past 3000 dollars to build. Its not gonna happen, sony won't screw itself over again.

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Gamecube could connect with the gameboy way back. They first showed this idea and then they in a way integrated it with the DS and now theyre going full out with the wii U. So back to the point, yes they copied nintendo as nintendo did it way before the PS3 and even PSP existed.

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Not really in terms of graphical capability. The Wii U is built specifically to render 1080P in 60 frames a second with one tablet running. As far as I could tell, they have AA on also for both screens and it runs smoothly with advantages over the Ps3. The Ps3 runs 720P or lower upscaled to 1080P with no AA which looks worse than that of the Wii U. As for game play, they technically can, but its like the move. You don't get hardcore games built specifically to utilize the functionality of...

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Saying this is a stupid idea or a hardware patch is like saying kinect and playstation move are also hardware patches. As far as I know, both are successful so why should wii u's controller not be?

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The CPU is defiantly not the bottleneck. It has a Power7 which has 4 cores and 4 threads PER CORE. Thats 16 things running at the same time! Its faster than the i7 cpu's and those are used to test high end cards because they don't bottleneck. So a even faster CPU will definatly not bottleneck the GPU.

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Look at what other developers had to say. That it runs 1080p extremely easy. Consoles now can't do 1080p.

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I swear to god, one troll makes a post about it being underwhelming, how about everyone listens to the other 20 devs that said it surpasses current gen consoles by a lot.

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People need to chill holy. Like 20 other devs said that its way more powerful than the ps3 and 360. Then one "unnamed" dev says its less powerful than the ps3 and everyone goes crazy? First off its obviously a troll, second you got so many other quotes saying how good it is, why don't people take a look at what the devs had to say then.

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PS3 plus Vita will cost you 500+ dollars and no games will base their gameplay around such a feature as it is not standard. The other thing is that the graphics won't actually match that of a Wii U. The Wii U renders at better quality than the ps3 and all it has to do then is render on the tv and send a down scaled version on the controller. Since it is technically 1 render per frame not 2, and since the Wii U outpowers the Ps3 and 360 by what rumors are saying a factor of 4 or 5, it defi...

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