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I see what you mean, but as stated in PoSTedUP's comment - GT has always made you put a ton of hours into unlocking some of the cars. So if, lets say, the best car in the game takes 200 hours to unlock, that automatically makes it a result of the MTs?

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I hate to have to jump on this argument...but oh well.

@SuperLupe - 5.1.2

Your logic is sound, but then isn't Microsoft also copying off of Sony?

Microsoft is coming out with the most expensive system = just like the PS3.

Microsoft thinking they are the king of the mountain and can't lose their foothold in the home console industry = just like Sony with the PS3.

Microsoft is toting a bunch of exclusiv...

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But that $50 isn't just going towards online gaming.

That $50 gets broken up into various benefits that the PS4 owners will be getting other than just being able to play online; free games, cloud saves, auto-updates.

You can't say how much money from the PS+ is going towards the online play portion of the service.

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That stinks there will be no PS ports of the first two games, they are really good.

Luckily I was able to play them, but anyone who hasn't is missing out.

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Misleading post title. No official date has been confirmed.

I like the idea that the image Sony tweeted out would be some form of hidden release date secret, but that doesn't really make sense why they would secretively announce the release date. That is something they would be shouting out as loud as they could, not sending some cryptic message hidden within an image.

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Any game/movie/story could be better with a different ending. Yet, we were given the ending that the creators (Naughty Dog) felt was the correct one.

Personally, I wouldn't want the ending to change and honestly don't blame Joel for anything he did throughout the entire game.

Ellie became his daughter throughout their journey. He cares for her. He doesn't want her to get hurt. He couldn't protect his daughter, so he will protect Ellie. He doe...

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Or chop off 2/3 of the second PS3.

But do whatever you feel is right.

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Well...if you insist;

#10 - Infamous: Second Son
#11 - The Last of Us 2
#12 - #103 - Resistance 4

Sorry, I couldn't stop..

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The funny thing is...the article mentions that the information it has are features that are un-known of the PlayStation 4 - yet all of those features/aspects of the system have been know.

So really the article is just about various exciting things about the system. So I decided to add in another thing to be excited about the system.

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Some form of association between the idea of accessible and the universe of Dark Souls would be great.

From all we have seen, and have been told, Dark Souls 2 is just as hard as the original Dark Souls. So to make a game, possibly harder than Dark Souls, but make the world more understandable...I'm def all for that.

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#10 - Infamous: Second Son

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Unless I am missing something, on top of @Aad3rs78's point of Gaikai not being free, we still have no word on the online portion of the PS4 if it will be free or not.

You would hope that Sony would keep a good thing going and keep it free, but they are missing out on a TON of money. Just think...Microsoft revealed that there are 46 million Xbox Live accounts. [Source: 1851d ago 0 agree8 disagreeView comment

Two words:

Cognitive dissonance - psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously

They believe the game is great. The world tells them it is horrible. They are confused so they can do one of two things; agree with the world, or keep their own opinion of the game.
Normally the latter is more prone to happen when a person spends their own money on a game, so they are more likely to make themselves feel bette...

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Does this really matter to compare these two games? What is the point?

Even if you take away that they look very similar; they have many different aspects of each other - story, characters, weapons, levels and more.

So again I ask, why does this really matter?

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For an online service that started out so slow and behind its competition, the PSN is just as good as Xbox Live.

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Personally would like to see Infamous 3 or just some new, amazing IP.

But picture this...

The lights are dim, so dim that you care barely see the stage. A spotlight comes on as Kaz takes the stage waving to the crowd. He walks center stage and then the curtain behind him parts to reveal a giant screen.

He pulls the mic up to his mouth and say;
"Thank you everyone for coming tonight. I have something very important to tell you tha...

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Just admit it, the WiiU is going head-to-head with the Atari 2600. There is no denying that.

Every system is going again the Atari 2600

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You might want that - but it isn't going to happen. Proof? Look at Sony and Microsoft's online stores. They now have the ability to put any of their old games up onto that, so why allow people to play their old games for free? There is none. Plus now both companies own media streaming services where they can stream their entire back catalog to you...for a price.

Sadly, the days of backwards compatibility is long over.

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Realistic is not a term I would even attach to Far Cry 3. It is far from realistic.

- Being able to survive multiple, gruesome animal attacks (from bears, tigers, leopards, and alligators).
- Swimming to 100s of feet below the sea without the use of an oxygen tank. Not only would you run out of air, but you would be killed from the pressure.

Just two examples.

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