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SOOOOO let me guess EA is holding it back right? Oh wait bf3/4 on pc is 60 players well on current gen at the time and now with bf4 last gen it was 24! Wait what the pc version wasnt held back blasphemy!!!!

Its not being held back the game plays best with the current maps size and mechs at 6v6 have no clue why people cant figure that out. Yea 12v12 would be sweet but clearly the map size is to small for it.

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Im excited for destiny but how can you say "True Next Gen" when its also coming out to old consoles its automatically being held back because of this. Titanfall also for both. But with titanfall its a different dev for the 360 version. Still will be held back just cause devs arent going to have one version be majorly shitty compared to another(other than graphics).

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Who cares if its only MP. That doesn't automatically mean it should or has to have 60 players or 120. There the ones playing it there the ones MAKING it not you or me would it be cool to have 12v12 or what ever sure but it aint stopping me from buying it thats for damn sure.

The game should be good will it dont know if it sucks wont be from the low player count. Like most shooters it will be from balancing which people should be more worried about

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So more players is what makes a "Next Gen Game" Lol. BF4 must be the best game out there right now for next gen. Oh wait its a broken piece of shit. But wait BF5 must have more players then bf4 to be better right to make it more "Next Gen". Games are DESIGNED to be played with a certain amount of people its not being held back bf3 was 60 players on pc and only 24 on console and is a EA company so EA aint holding back and Respawn aint holding back.

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Hate to blow anyones mind but to say the Wii U has almost the same power is a joke. You would have to be the most ignorant person in the world to believe that.

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IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Someone that doesnt defend one console that they have no stock in.

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What i said is the 360 version will be the same as the PS3 version simple as that. Yes when someone asked him a question he said ps3 but technology wise the 360 and ps3 are very close and so if for some reason they dont look the same its just laziness on the devs.
Which I dont think there lazy since MGS is one of my fav series of alltime. I own both consoles and to say one is way better than the other when its not is dumb.

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Sorry to say it wouldnt look like dog crap. It would look almost identical. The PS3 is not some super power that had tech from 2012 in 2006 hate to break your heart. The biggest difference is bluray and if changing discs is that hard then your lazy.

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Its not a high end pc people were guessing it was. The game looks great but people need to get over this gen its 6-7 years old. With the shit out now it would even blow this out of the water and this looks amazing!

It was played on a pc with low end specs cause 6-7 year old tech is old.

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Gears Of War 3 does look great. But so does Uncharted 3. I have both consoles and played both betas. They BOTH looked Great. Why cant people just say that. I mean people saying gears 3 looks trash have NEVER played it. Same with people saying uncharted looks trashy.

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I own a 360 to (love both) and have played all the ps3 exclusives and still dont understand how or why the community's are small as fuck compared to other shooters.

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I could never understand why no one or at least not that many people play the online. It was and is my favorite online game this gen. It has it all no lag, glitches, and good game play. But for some reason people just didnt give it a chance.

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Lets see what you get from both

Deals on Weekly Bases- Both Have that
Demos- PSN+ Have 1 hour long ones that take hours to download(6.9gigs).
Patches- Takes secounds for 360 to download them even major ones. PS3 2-3 min
Online- You is free on PS3 if it wasnt i wouldnt of got it. 360 50 bucks but your online and cross game chat makes it more worth it.

I love my PS3 and I love how its free for online. But I use my 360 to talk with my f...

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did I say anything about graphics no. I said its a fun game. Also look at the cell shaded graphics out there borderlands, Prince of Persia and Crackdown this game looks fine.

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And if it doesn't sell then who cares it took them 12 MONTHS to make they had no time and had to rush. And everything that is being bashed is dumb the game and ALL its features were talked about for a long time I guess people expected alot more. Ive got 30 hours in the game and still having a blast. Some other people just want to play red dead for 100 hours and call of duty for 20 years me I like FUN games.

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basing that off what? A newspaper. If you haven't played the game then STFU its like bashing a movie when you have know clue what it is. Crackdown 2 is a fun game and ya it has no story like the first but guess what its FUN.

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Well then your just a person missing out on good games. Alan Wake is a fairly good game that got hype on the internet but not with anyone else. Crackdown 2 is just plan fun and Halo is a very well balanced game unlike top sh*t shooters like call of duty.

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