Setting the bars high so people might as well set theirs low


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Honestly this game was so much fun

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Not bad, defiantly saves the glimmer that is 100 for the primary and 250 for the secondary, a shame this doesn't work for heavy though haha although it'd be crazy if it did!

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Yea I agree man, defiantly the armour and guns you choose 100% count and will make a difference

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This strike was not meant for level 12's haha I just did this for the first time with my mate and I was level 19 and damn this wasn't easy! Way harder than the Devil's Lair!

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Yea man t is awesome, love it!

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The new Salvage playlists starts today man! I cannot wait for this! Loving Destiny so far!

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I cannot wait for this game to come out man!

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Yes that is true, I am just so confused right now.

FIrst I read the blog and then think it is debunked, then I realize again SE isn't THAT stupid to not release it on PS4 and PC.

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MAN I am so confused right now, first I think it is a timed exclusive, then that debunks, and now more people say it is a timed and I don't know!!! I give up

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No mate, it isn't timed, I just read it on the tomb raider blog on tumblr. It IS an exclusive to the XBox One. A stupid move by SE. They say TR sold under their expectations and now they limit it to the X1. Unless MS is publishing it or they paid for the development costs, it is a stupid move by SE.

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Exactly! They said it would be an exclusive IN 2015. So my thoughts is it will come in 2016 early spring or summer.

MS were sneaky with that wording though, it didn`t fool me though.

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It is a timed exclusive, comes to PS4 and PC 3 months later

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This looks quite nice! I would love to check this game back

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The main thing is.....

no Nintendo listed...

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This SHOULD NOT be on N4G anyway. The amount of stupidity in this article is to damn high. There are A LOT of Charles Kings in the game and then he says how he is also black and wears glasses. I never knew someone could be so dumb they think Ubisoft copied and scanned all Chicagoans.

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loool last time I got a Shawarma, it was in Toronto and I ended up getting a fake $10 bill without knowing, later found out when I used it and I had to throw it away lool

Shawarmas spread bad luck :P

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Quick question, to make it fair how would you know who is from Canada and who isnt?

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Agreed! they revamped the stores in BCC as well so everything is much better, I used to have to go to Mississauga 4 SQ1 or yorkdale or eaton centre to shop. and of course we had the mansion party haha

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It's not bad, they recently upgraded the malls finally and we did host the project x mansion party last week! loool

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Yay! Hold up for my home in Brampton! (near toronto for those of you who dont know)

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