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"Setting the bars high so people might as well set theirs low"


This looks quite nice! I would love to check this game back #19
The main thing is.....

no Nintendo listed... #1.1.1
This SHOULD NOT be on N4G anyway. The amount of stupidity in this article is to damn high. There are A LOT of Charles Kings in the game and then he says how he is also black and wears glasses. I never knew someone could be so dumb they think Ubisoft copied and scanned all Chicagoans. #1.1
loool last time I got a Shawarma, it was in Toronto and I ended up getting a fake $10 bill without knowing, later found out when I used it and I had to throw it away lool

Shawarmas spread bad luck :P #12.3.1
Quick question, to make it fair how would you know who is from Canada and who isnt? #19.1.1
Agreed! they revamped the stores in BCC as well so everything is much better, I used to have to go to Mississauga 4 SQ1 or yorkdale or eaton centre to shop. and of course we had the mansion party haha #12.2.1
It's not bad, they recently upgraded the malls finally and we did host the project x mansion party last week! loool #12.1.1
Yay! Hold up for my home in Brampton! (near toronto for those of you who dont know) #12
correction it is Man City who could spend their way to a championship, not Man U. #3.1.1
27501 #118
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FIrst prototype goes back to Fall 2010 which is long ago. Never knew, but anyway this looks promising, it's sleek as well, love it and day 1 for me if and when it comes out #1.1.3
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doubt it, if the PC version has the build from 2012 then I will be VERY VERY surprised. I am pretty sure the PS4 X1 and PC wil have the same build #1.1
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Now if ONLY the new COD had a REAL new engine and amazing graphics, the next BO3 zombies will be jar dropping. #1.1
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So if the cloud goes offline or breaks down, Titanfall isn't playable until MS bring it back up?

I hope the cloud doesn't go down then, it's almost like the SimCity fiasco last year. #1.1.1
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THIS is a console seller #1
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me! #170
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I use the 1TB 5400rpm one that is by HGST travel star and it's quite nice

I'd recommend it as well as it's also the company that made the 500gb ps4 hard deive #1.2
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yes i have #1.1
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Lmaoooo I'm done hahahahaha nice one Kurisu

Anyway I think milo plays will probably sell more on th ps4 anyway because of the better visuals and all that good stuff. #1.1.2
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No, just because he said it for the Sony people, doesn't mean they are the worst. Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and Playstation fanboys are ALL bad, you can't say one is worse than the other.

I'm sure Xbox fanboys downvoted the PS4 vid and so did PC and Nintendo and the same goes for this vid, PS, nintendo and pc fans downvoted.

ANd btw, YOU saying a company fanboy is the worst makes YOU a fanboy in the same degree. #1.1.3
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