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Because obviously it was EA who sat with the writers at Bioware and demanded that the story ended as lame as possible.

I hate EA as much as the next guy but stop blaming them for Bioware's failure with Mass Effect 3. #10.1
What is people's beef with Dead Space 3? The entire series has been a horror/action hybrid and you're all only now noticing. The micro transactions had absolutely no impact on the average gamer I would imagine, since even on the hardest difficulty there was ample ammo.

I can't speak for the rest of the games on your list, but the hate Dead Space 3 gets is very much the result of a herd mentality caught in the "EA sucks" sentiment than any legitimate pr... #11.3
It was a good game with some awful design choices. The baked in textures were terrible and extra "missions" were nothing more than doing a level in reverse.

The gunplay was stellar though. I just don't see the need for Rage to become a new franchise for iD. #1
Does anyone actually believe him?

*Looks up at comments*

OK. Yes. Yes, plenty do. And wow!, I might add. #69
Ocarina of Time was a pushover. Now Majora's Mask. Beat that 100% without help. That's the true challenge, one I don't think I'd be able to do again. #8.1.2
Come on Nintendo, I know you want to port Super Metroid to PC without using emulation. God, I would kill 100 adorable puppies to have Nintendo's back catalog on the PC. #9
Nope. #34
I'm not advocating "It's crap" criticism. And I don't have a problem with you showing how much you love something here. Where is the hypocrisy? You seem like a temperamental prick. #7.2
It's ok for us to talk about why we dislike them. Otherwise this site would be filled with a bunch of losers circle jerking each other day and night to The Last of Us. #7.1
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Yup, it was always pretty awful. Never understood the reputation it had. #4
I'm pretty sure they've all been terrible. Oddly, I've never payed for any of them. They always came free with some hardware upgrade I purchased. I barely managed to beat AC II, that is I was in the process of moving and it was the only game I had installed to play. I should have read a book instead. #2
lol, that's a good article. Reminds me of Maddox harassing the I F***ing Love Science phonies. #12.2.1
What nobody considers is how the "real gamer" argument began in the first place. We can't help if a bunch of idiots co-opted it for their own agenda.

It all began when the moron reviewers would make bold claims about games when the history of gaming proved otherwise. It demonstrated a serious lack of history and knowledge with those who were supposed to be something of an authority on the subject.

Then the morons came in, misinterpreted it as... #12.1
Then get off the internet sweetie. The moment you open up a twitter account to communicate with your fanbase you open yourself up to criticism from around the world. And when you choose to engage those people in any way antagonistic you must realize you're an individual against an army.

The same thing happened to Phil Fish. But he wasn't a woman so we were not able to generate that extra social boo-hoo by labeling it sexism. Poor media. #20
Never even heard of it. #17
None of these games are even remotely like L.A. Noire, and how dare this author lump Blade Runner into the mix.

L.A. Noire was a broken POS that was 25% chase this guy until he stops running (I mean why bother? None of the chases were difficult and they always ended the same way.) 25% driving across the huge map only to be told you now need to drive to this other point, also across the huge map. And 50% trying to make logical connections between the evidence the characters... #2
Art by definition is NOT subjective. The reaction an individual has to the art is.

Anything man made, no matter how utilitarian, brings with it a certain degree of artistic merit. Whether you recognize it as such is a matter of opinion, much as you might still be of the opinion that the world is flat. By definition, you are wrong. #6.1.1
Gonna drop a mega-deuce on ya.

Clearly, games are not yet up to this artistic standard. #14.1
This BS again? #24
Sad but honest truth. Quantum Break doesn't appear to change the fact either. #1.5.2
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