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They're not hyped because it will look better than MGS4 and run better on the 360.

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I'm back like I left something and whoever is in 4th place try to have a Merry Christmas!

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ennywise, get the fuck outta here with your over 100 accounts, you piece of shit faggot!

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aztad, you should have put, "...if you go to any ps3 savvy forum..." ;)

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O. P. style is whats going to happen if Uncharted 3 tries to come out around that time. I think ND is going to push Uncharted 3 into 2012. They would be smart to do so.

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hat? Chubear, Gamestop was offering $100 trade in on PS2s towards the PS3 at launch. Thats a little tid-bit of info for you.

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ow, now thats!

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o they should just abandon the million + 360s sold there?

Edit: nycred, so you answer my question, with a question? You're a candle in the sun...not to bright.

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s both never an option?

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his will be the last time I post this because I think MS actually read my previous comment. Anyway, along with the games you mentioned, plus looking at the price of jumping ship onto PSN or PC gaming, people just feel that its cheaper to just spend $10 extra a year than spend $200 + for a entirely new and different option for their gaming fix.

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ah, the only thing that would obviously ruin it would be this cesspool of playslaves on n4g talking shit about it, when compared to the other versions, it turns out slightly flawed.

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h, so you bought it, rented it or stole it for the 360 you own and played it side by side?

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eah, Natsu, didn't you sale your 360? Beat it dummy!

Below: Whats worse than a 360 troll and PS3 troll, is one that saddles the fence!!

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f MS was to release a new console, the PS3 would fall even further down the totem pole. If MS released a console it would have high end pc specs, and upscaling capabilities that were reported a year or two ago. Thats even more reason for 3rd party devs to focus on what MS is doing, because once again they won't have to break their necks trying to figure out how to make a multiplat game for the PS3. Once again, the PS3 will be the lowest common denominator. So I suggest you all chill with ...

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hat's a Move?

Edit: Born in 1982? She look like she was born in 1962 lol.

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can see this being a real thrill seeking package for the ladies.

"Every freaking day, every freaking night, I want to freak you girl, your body so freaking tight!!!"

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which is the reason I didn't play the campaign and went straight online.

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Z3 looks ass to me, just my opinion though.

Edit: Yeah, that looks decent, even though its a bullshot.

And why do people say KZ represents "life-like" graphics? The color palette of the game makes that statement a lie. There isn't any place in the world with that type of dreary color to it. Add some color to the game and it won't look any different then any other games like it that are out or coming out. They could've just used black or...

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o and behold...

D without glasses? Not possible? Well, thats were early adopter's money is going towards. Research and development for 3D without glasses...on the big screens. Spend your life away early adopters, spend your life away. I've been called a poor bum for not wanting to spend such astronomical figures on an inconvenient experience. But who will be looked at as a sucker when 3D without glasses is available i...

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idn't Sony already say that there wouldn't be a PS4 and that MS and Nintendo will be moving forward?

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