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Of course. It's a kid's blog.

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The truth is the score is way too low.

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Tidux ? Insider ?
People still trust them ?


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I loved Gone Home, but Jaffe is really unbearable.

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Awesome review.
Finally someone who talk about the MP of this game !

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100k Xbone are still too many.

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...but MS (sometime) can make him drink.

Ps sorry for the typo in my message (there is one "a" too many)

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The Xbone's sales are too high ... I still can't believe people are buying a this console after what M$ tried to do (against) us ...

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Is that article a joke or what ?

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It's awesome how much useless is this "article".

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I found the Vita's library way more interesting that the 3DS's one ...

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... and here we have a bunch of persons who think they understand "something".

Any questions ? Anyone wants ... You ?

Hi, my name is Someonelse and I would like know what exactly these people are doing ...

Hi Someoneelse, nice to meet you. Well, I can spend a bit of time talking about these people, starting from their background, their involution, but I think this would be a waste of time for the both of us ...


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It's a pretty bad idea, Nerdacy, use a picture from KZSF to talking (in a negative way) about the DLC.

Killzone will give to you for *free* new maps and will let you buy only nice (co-op pack) and cosmetic stuff, so basically one of the few game that will not milking you to continue to enjoy the game.

Ps the article is also pretty "dull".

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Hmm... no, Ryse is not the best looking game only because a couple of website say so.
Killzone is *easily* better in the overall, both in the tech compartment and art style.

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Shadwfall have one of the best MP. It's so addicting !!!

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One of the most stupid sentence I've ever read here.

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Another awesomely stupid, useless article.

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This is one of the most stupid "article" that I've seen here.

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Let me be honest : I don't give a sheep of Gamereactor.

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